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Amal Clooney was spotted leaving New York 10.11.2018

Amal Clooney along with his son were spotted at the exit of the hotel in new York.

Amal, dressed in a yellow leather jacket, jeans and black boots, carrying a year-old Alexander on his hands. Having noticed paparazzi, Amal Clooney tried to hide the face under the visor of a cap and quickly sat down with his son in a tinted vehicle.

Her mother Baria Alamuddin followed them.

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Amal Clooney wore

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Her mother Baria Alamuddin was in ALBERTA FERRETTI

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14 thoughts on “Amal Clooney was spotted leaving New York 10.11.2018

  1. The pics of her mom are not taken the same day. Look at what the body guard is wearing with Amal verses with her mother. Same person, completely different outfits.


  2. I think that it is Ella not Alexander whom Amal is holding. I am basing this on previous photos of the twins–including their size (length). Alexander was at least as long in photos taken some time ago.


  3. What is going on here? No news nothing. In Germany the newspapers are full of Crisis Clooneys. Amal is fed Update of Georgie‘s drinking etc. What is the Truth? Nati as you a always well informed and a relative of them, you must know the latest news


    1. i don’t see any crisis. He is busy finishing his series. She is ramping up a profitable public speaker career now and preparing a book Whenever is time for promotion, they will show up in love. Be patient :- ))


      1. Maybe they’re real people, not just images in a website. They have problems like everyone else. Albeit, they project a image of perfection, no one is perfect and no marriage is perfect. She’s not perfect, neither is she.


  4. It is winter in NYC and everyone seen in the pictures is wearing winter clothes except for poor Alexander or Ella or both. It is so irresponsible of heir mother to have them out of house/hotel even on such a short way to their car without any cappy on their heads, with knee long shorts and what is worst of all with their back free on such a cold day. The main thing obviously was that she was wearing a yellow!! leather jacket, long jeans and a cap.

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  5. If she didn’t want to be noticed by the paparazzi, then why is she wearing a neon yellow leather jacket? Do u know any other celebrity who hides from reporters by wearing bright yellow!! She’s hiding her face because she’s not wearing full makeup, not because she doesn’t want to get noticed.

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  6. could anyone tell us, what is going on there? I am missing the wonderful pics of the Clooneys and I want see loughing and happy people. Especially now – before Christmas

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  7. If you look at past outfits, she definitely has a thing for wearing bright yellow. I could say the same thing for her clunky, ridiculous looking shoes which take over her slim figure. She looks incredibly thin in those jeans. I find it amusing when people make comments about her not wanting to be noticed for what she wears because she clearly puts a lot of thought, not to mention money into it.

    I too am noticing that they have not appeared together at all lately, not even at the Halloween Party which would seem to be a big red flag. You have to wonder if they were ever really being themselves with each other given their diverse backgrounds including education, romances…once the over the top romance wears off, they are like everyone else.

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    1. I also love this look. It’s grunge and the stoplight yellow jacket -this color is a favorite of mine)- really adds a bit of style & flair to a simple outfit. I agree about the tired look…she has a new case where she is suing a French company involved with terrorists, but I also suspect something may be happening on the home front. I read a NE story in the checkout lane that stated that Amal is no longer staying at their mansion in the country, but in a rented apartment in London…


  8. Poor baby not dressed warmly enough! Even if coming from a heated house or apartment, you think they would pop a long coat or blanket over him for the transfer?! That’s what I do with my baby girl. That aside, this look is very much Amal at heart! She loves being a bit quirky….even if some of us would consider this outfit as Ugly!


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