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Amal Clooney at the American Society of International Law in New York 22.10.2018

Amal Clooney gave a speech in support of the American Society of International Law in New York on October 22, 2018.

For the fall semester 2018/19, Amal Clooney is again engaged as visiting professor at Columbia Law School in New York.

Description of the course :

L6276 Human Rights Section 001, Fall 2018

This is a core course in the Law School’s human rights curriculum. After introducing the subject in the context of a case study on extraordinary rendition of terrorism suspects, the course examines the origins of the idea of rights from an historical, philosophical and analytical perspective. It then turns to the rise of the modern international human rights regime, including its origins and theoretical foundations, examines the basic international and regional human rights instruments and oversight and enforcement institutions, and considers remedies under both international and domestic law. The course considers the role of human rights law in the U.S. domestic system, as an example of the role of national law and institutions in securing human dignity. It also considers the human rights of women and refugees, the role of nongovernmental organizations in developing and protecting human rights, the relationship between international criminal law and international humanitarian law and human rights law, and the human rights responsibilities of business enterprises. The final segment of the course examines selected rights from a comparative perspective (including international, U.S., and other national approaches), including comparative approaches to such topics as the right to life and the death penalty, privacy, protection of economic and social rights, equality and privacy in the context of LGBT rights, and the protection of rights in counterterrorism efforts.

All the pictures via Dr William Kapfer

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16 thoughts on “Amal Clooney at the American Society of International Law in New York 22.10.2018

  1. @blogowner: it appears you have far too many* commenters on your blog if you don’t approve my mildly critical above posting. Should you insist on jumpy claps eulogies instead of well-measured sartorial criticism you might find yourself soon in an even smaller company than in this thread. To quote and adapt a famous song by the wonderful Eartha Kitt: ‘All by yourself’.

    *readjusting satire tag


  2. my inquisitive gossiper mind wants to ask: what is going on with Amal and George? why are they appearing anywhere togetehr anymore? Long time without them showing off any outings…. he is on a Halloween bash aline some articles i reads… i hope my silly susptitions are unfunded


  3. I hate to say it, but I think there is trouble in paradise with George and Amal. The fact that she was no where in site for the Halloween party, when she was clearly there last year seems strange. George is looking very thin and she is looking tired lately. He introduced himself at a recent event as “Amal’s Husband” which could be very telling in and by itself. They say fame is like a drug that can really change someone and it’s pretty obvious that Amal likes the spotlight, perhaps a bit more than George can handle anymore. Perhaps his near death experience had a big impact on him too. It almost seems mean that George would post his Halloween video with Rande and Cindy, with a clearly absent Amal. His tequila bottle was looking pretty low too. Perhaps I’m wrong, but I wouldn’t be surprised if things did not work out.


    1. ummm..i am wondering that too….it has been a long time since we seen them together anywhere…. not like they usually are it seems… it would be sad …really…


  4. To me, her face looks a bit different……her upper cheek and under eye area look fuller. It could be the lighting, but it looks like she has had filler injections in her lower eyelid and upper cheek….she doesn’t quite look like herself!!!!…’s evident in every photo here…..she normally has deep hollows under her eyes which she usually covers up with makeup, but this looks like more than makeup….. I guess will know if her face still looks this way in the upcoming photos.

    She has been slowly working on her lips with filler since she got married and it wouldn’t be surprising if she has moved on to her hollow lower eyelids.


  5. I like the dress in olive, I like that it’s made of viscose, and I like the front of the dress. Not so excited about the back of the dress – makes it impractical to wear to work or professional event, unless under a jacket.


  6. George fue y es un gran casanova, acostumbrado a las mujeres la bebida y las fiestas. Amal fue y es una gran profesional y una mujer seria que durante toda su vida ha demostrado solo trabajo. No parece una pareja muy compatible. En todo caso siempre apoyaré a esta gran mujer!


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