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Amal Clooney at the Pennsylvania Conference for Women in Philadelphia 12.10.2018

Amal Clooney said Friday her work bringing war criminals to trial could soon shift to battling the businesses that support the Islamic State (ISIS) militants.

Now that the United Nations’ international investigation into ISIS for possible war crimes, crimes against humanity or genocide, Amal Clooney said she and her client, ISIS sex trafficking survivor Nadia Murad, are expanding their efforts.

Speaking to an estimated 10,000 attendees at the Pennsylvania Conference for Women in Philadelphia, Amal Clooney said, “We are also looking at going after companies that supported ISIS.” She specifically named the oil industry during a speech and the wide-ranging Q&A that followed.

The mention, while mostly unsurprising, could still ring alarm bells for business and government here and abroad. If Amal Clooney, who triumphed when the U.N. voted to approve an investigation into ISIS, mirrors that success with Big Oil as a target, it could add to the disruption the industry already experiences at the hands of ISIS. Attacks in oil-rich countries, which the Islamic State has claimed responsibility for, are tied to market fluctuations.

Turning her attention back to her adopted U.S. home and the crowded Pennsylvania Convention Center, Amal Clooney commended American women for doing their part to make an impact.

“Voting and electing good leaders or becoming leaders yourselves, you’re obviously going to make a big difference,” she said, echoing earlier comments made by Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney. “It is just about trying to make a difference even in one life and standing up for injustice when you see it.”

In a city and state notable for its rich history, we are also aware of the desire and need to achieve more equality in government leadership. And this year, we have seen women making history here—with more women running for office and a record number winning in the primaries,” he said. “This is great news, but we still have a long way to go.”

That long way, at least for Amal Clooney, involves a change in how government leaders handle accusations of sexual harassment and assault.

“Survivors in any country deserve the chance to look their abusers in the eye and for history to record what has happened to them,” she said, before taking a shot at President Donald Trump. “That means the president of a country should not publicly ridicule a women who courageously comes forward to allege abuse.”

“And it means the leader of the senate should not assure constituents that he would ‘plow right through’ her testimony,” she continued.

Voicing support for the #MeToo movement, she added the results of the campaign should be not just a willingness from women to speak openly about their experiences with harassment and assault, “but also that those in power are listening.”


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Amal Clooney wore a dress by PAULE KA Spring/Summer 2019

With LE VIAN black diamonds stud earrings

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And peep toe suede pumps

Hair and makeup by ROD ORTEGA

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16 thoughts on “Amal Clooney at the Pennsylvania Conference for Women in Philadelphia 12.10.2018

  1. 1. Love the hair – so young and fresh and little wild love she embracing her natural curls
    2. Amal – I respect you have an opinion about trump and his joke comments – I wish you would take the time to comment on native Lebanon and the crooked politicians comments there – how trash is built up around jokes for weeks sickening people because of bribes and lack of leadership . Come on Amal use your voice !!


    1. i do agree with your comment, why she doesn’t help her own country more ? instead of getting involved in american politics ?
      She has the ability and the resources to do it, and Lebanon needs help, more than the US.


      1. I have also wondered about what Amal chooses to comment on publicly. For sure, there are human rights issues in Great Britain,her home country, but I have never heard her making any comments about these. And,most recently, there is the disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi…news outlets, human rights advocates, elected officials have all made public statements on his disappearance and presumed death. But nothing from Amal or the Clooney Center for Justice either. Another poster made an observation about her having possible plans to enter politics and that could be the reason why. I chuckle as I write this, but since she would enter the US as an immigrant, she should be more circumspect on criticizing Trump publicly as he may try to “intervene” in her immigration efforts!


      2. She’s a Lebanese no matter where she grew up her parents and family take pride in that and say it themselves she is Lebanese and proud


  2. Nati, I really hope you post this…. no one knows exactly IF and WHEN Amal’s “people” contact you either directly or indirectly through the comments section. But, why do you still maintain this blog when she slammed you in her Vogue interview? She says that she doesn’t want her fashion to be analyzed and focused on but she SPENDS an exorbitant amount of time, money and energy into her fashion and appearance? Ha, she spins around like a peacock trying to get a glamour shot with every camera but gets so “upset” for being noticed. Your readership is smarter than this… c’mon.


  3. Jessi, you make a very valid point.
    Amal obviously follows your Blog or why even mention it? It seems she only wants people to say nice things about her. Amal, when you are a public figure then you have to except that people are going to comment on your style or lack of depending on the outfit. Chill out.


  4. Her comments in Vogue about people talking about her clothes were not necessarily pointed at Nati, but newspapers and magazines–InStyle, the DM, etc– who comment on what she wears and not what she says. Nati does both extremely well.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Find it hard to understand why she comments on what people say about her fashion yet she aligns herself with some of the biggest names in fashion and oh yeah- she hosted the met gala the biggest event of them all lol


  5. I love her dress, but actually like it better with a wide belt like the model wore, I don’t like the suede pumps with the dress. Perhaps leather, or I think black pump would have looked better. Her hair was great!!


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