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Amal Clooney spotted with parents leaving restaurant in Sardinia 28.06.2018

Amal and George Clooney have roped in their parents to help with childcare, and enjoy the Italian sunshine, as the group were seen headed out for dinner.

Amal Clooney was spotted leaving the restaurant Il Marino di Puntaldia in Sardinia wearing Monse striped pants and Tibi top.

Style Files

Amal Clooney wore a

TIBI top

MONSE striped wide silk pants

Sold out

With PACO RABANNE shoes not confirmed

10 thoughts on “Amal Clooney spotted with parents leaving restaurant in Sardinia 28.06.2018

  1. Like the whole outfit except for the shoes. Baria looks regal. Why is the waitress bowing like a servant in the old days? How ridiculous!


    1. Bowing like that in some countries is merely a sign of respect or appreciation- it’s not meant for peasants or one person better than the other – it’s no big deal


      1. Oh my god! Am I the only one that notices how scary skinny she is? That’s not normal, even for a thin person. Poor thing. She needs some kind of therapy. Im not saying it to be mean but she’s dangerously underweight. You can’t hide behind hair extensions forever. For gods sakes someone needs to help her.


  2. She looks like one of those men who walks on stilts at the circus, ridiculous looking pants. However, I love her mother’s outfit and color.


  3. I’m seriously loving everything about Amal’s outfit and look. She looks cute with her minimal make-up vacation look, hair down, and fun stripe pants & black cut-out top. It’s sweet how they chose Sardinia to be a family summer vacation to gather at one location. Making special memories as a family. Family is everything. And special for Ella & Alexander to spend time with the grandparents. ❤️

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