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In conversation with Amal and Nick Clooney Luminato festival in Toronto 23.06.2018

Friday night marked the international human rights lawyer’s first appearance in (and first ever visit to) Toronto. Amal Clooney was here as part of Luminato, the city’s international arts festival, in an event in partnership with the Economic Club of Canada. Sophie Gregoire Trudeau opened the evening.

Speaking “in conversation with” her father-in-law, veteran broadcaster Nick Clooney, Amal Clooney touched on a highlight reel of some of the world issues she has championed, including the refugee crisis, the March For Our Lives movement, fighting sexual violence against women and the freedom of the press. She also weighed in on the U.S. separation of immigrant children from their families.

“It’s shameful. It’s not just illegal, it’s immoral,” said Lebanese-British Clooney, before attacking the recent executive order signed by U.S. President Donald Trump for “not solving the problem” and continuing the “zero tolerance” policy, which she said is “really zero humanity.”

“I am a refugee,” Amal Clooney said to a pin-drop quiet Roy Thomson Hall. “If I had not had a hand extended to me by the U.K. government when my family was escaping the war in Lebanon, I wouldn’t have been able to grow up in a safe environment, get the education I have, or do any of the things that I have done.”

And then, to loud applause from the sold-out crowd: “I am so grateful to have been able to enter a country that showed compassion to me. I wish that were happening in more places around the world.”

“Before, I had a flat in Notting Hill, and George would say ‘but the door opens onto the street!’” she laughed. “The paparazzi would be right outside.” Of course, when she chose that apartment, because of its proximity to her favourite Italian restaurant and Portobello Market, she couldn’t have dreamed she’d one day have paparazzi following her every move. “Hey, I’ve seen that movie,” Nick quipped, referring to the 1999 rom-com Notting Hill about a man who falls in love with a famous celebrity and instantly gets pushed into the spotlight. “Things changed quite dramatically,” Amal conceded.

Style Files

Amal Clooney wore an OSCAR DE LA RENTA

Polka Dot Day Dress


Available here


All pictures via Twitter feed

14 thoughts on “In conversation with Amal and Nick Clooney Luminato festival in Toronto 23.06.2018

  1. Everything was on point . I d love to see her wearing more from Oscar de la renta , It suits her .
    You could easily see the wonderful bond between her & her father in law .

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  2. The dress is quite nice. as others have mentioned, Amal does well in classic wear. I would suggest to her to get professional coaching regarding stage presence etc.

    Re: her statements during conference–I also read highlights from another article–folks who have a public platform have a responsibility to speak responsibly. By this, I mean to provide truthful and complete information regardless of their viewpoint. We all can agree that the separation of children from their parents is not a good thing to do as part of any immigration control policy, but it is not responsible not to mention that the policy of separating children from parents began under the Obama administration. This information was reported recently by a major TV network. It is also important to mention that the Obama administration kept unaccompanied minors in detention for years, which is also not good border control policy. When salient pieces of information are omitted, the question of politics always comes up.

    And, as hideous as what is happening with immigration policy, there are plenty of examples of worse treatment of immigrants in the world: Look at what Algeria is doing. And look at the human rights violations in Turkey-thousands of academics, journalists and others who are seeking democracy have been rounded up, jailed and are being executed. Saudi Arabia-with US backing- is systematically killing off the Yemeni people by (bombing them and) starving them to death. Who speaks for the Yemini children who are slowly starving to death? Amal had an opportunity to do so in her conversation.

    So, as deplorable as the current immigration policy in the US is, I think in comparison with what is going on in other countries, public platforms are better used to mention these human rights situations. I am wondering why Amal has not done so?

    I think if Amal wants to consider herself as a human rights maven and advocate that she needs to think globally and have the courage to address human rights issues in countries like Turkey and Saudi Arabia.


    1. I agree with you Jamie. I’ve mentioned this a few times, but I wish she’d also speak up about the treatment of Palestinians. That said, the Clooneys appear to be liberal, not progressive. There’s a difference. Progressives challenge the status quo to make things better, while liberals strive to maintain the status quo, but with more humane positions.


      1. That’s true. The immigration separation law is not new (Obama’s time) and there is a reason why she did hide it.. The Clooneys are 100% Obama/Hillary supporters which means they are not quite as liberals as they say. They avoid confrontational posture towards large economic institutions or countries (eg, Saudi Arabia where she has clients) and politicians (including Democrats) depend on large company funds like any politician..
        Amal is slowly transition from law into the political world, and she will speak when and how it favors their political agenda. You guys don’t see this shift? really ?


  3. She looks SO MUCH BETTER when she smiles naturally (like most humans) rather than the preening, camera-hunting, coy, coquettish-fakery that she often exhibits in front of the cameras.


  4. Jamie, Debbie, Lady, you are wrong.
    Per “In defending its “zero tolerance” border policy that has caused the separation of families, the Trump administration has argued that the Obama and Bush administrations did this too. That’s misleading. Experts say there were some separations under previous administrations, but no blanket policy to prosecute parents and, therefore, separate them from their children.

    “Bush and Obama did not have policies that resulted in the mass separation of parents and children like we’re seeing under the current administration,” Sarah Pierce, a policy analyst with the Migration Policy Institute, told us.


    1. Hi Nancy:
      My source was NBC-if anything they tend to skew information left versus right- During the Obama administration, there was a huge influx of unaccompanied minors; Obama placed these thousands of kids in detention and there they sit till today. Trump has been in office 1 1/2 years and he is being held responsible for this too. This misrepresentation of the facts is very unfortunate.

      BTW, there is no blanket policy to prosecute parents…please remember that many parents are entering illegally, that is, not at established ports of entry where they can request asylum, and that puts them on a different track for how they are handled. Homeland Security and ICE are following the law which may seem harsh, but it is what it is. Even so, I personally do not like seeing little ones separated from their parents.

      I am going to say something that others here make take umbrage with, but the fact is that all of the people entering illegally are somehow being construed as having noble aims -without question-and ICE & DHS & HHS are construed as ignoble. This is unfortunate. What DHS is saying about child trafficking and children being used as a way of a non related adult entering the country etc is true. The various agencies are trying to sort things out thru use of DNA etc and that takes time. I will agree that the various processes should have been better organized, but I don’t fault them for following the law.

      You know, just because someone wants to enter the US doesn’t mean that they can. There is no right to do so. I had a relative who entered a port of entry as an immigrant to the US legally and who did not pass the medical exam. She was not admitted and was rerouted to another country. Right now, there is a case of a former judge from Lithuania whose request for asylum has been denied by the U.S. She fears for her life if she is returned to her native land. I have read about her case and don’t understand why the State Dept. is denying her request. All I can say is that any country has the right to determine who enters their country and sometimes the answer is

      Finally, those who bear responsibility for not solving the immigration issue is Congress. They need to compromise and pass legislation that is in the best interest of the U.S.


  5. Spot on Jamie. Sorry, Lady – Progressives do nothing but make things worse. All they care about is money. Love this dress on her. She looks sophisticated without looking boring.


  6. I love her dress completely. The length, the color, the collar, the belt. It was spot on for this event. She has terrible posture and a very awkward walk.

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  7. Oh My! This dress! Utterly gorgeous on her! Make up, hair, and dress: all so beautiful! Repeat(s) on the great shoes, too!


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