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Amal and George Clooney at the American Film Institute Honors, aka the 46th AFI Life Achievement Award at Dolby Theatre in Hollywood 07.06.2018

Amal Clooney on Thursday paid unprecedented public tribute to her movie star husband George Clooney, calling him a gentleman, an amazing husband and father and the love of her life.

The human rights lawyer was addressing a star-studded lifetime achievement award ceremony in Hollywood for “Ocean’s Eleven” star Clooney.

But she said it was easier for her “to address a court on behalf of detainees than to speak publicly, as I am doing for the first time tonight, about my husband.”

First, he is a gentleman. He is a gentleman in every sense of the word and in a way that seems so rare these days and perhaps even outdated,” Amal said adding that George has never forgotten his Kentucky manners.

Amal Clooney cited examples of George’s gentlemanly conduct on his sets, including the time on the set of Confessions of a Dangerous Mind in Montreal, he “refused to wear a warm winter jacket unless every actor got the same one even though it was 40 degrees below zero.”

The second thing about George that Amal raised was his generosity. “He is generous with his time. He finds out about people who have suffered the same health issues as him and he writes to give them advice. He helps young people pursue their passion for film. He’ll visit an elderly lady at our local nursing home as he thinks it will make her day,” she said.

Referencing the famous story of George giving his “boys” a huge cash present, Amal said: “He must surely be the only person in the world to invite his 13 closest friends to dinner one night and give them a suitcase filled with $1 million in cash. But it must be said, the 14th closest friend is still upset about it.”

Amal’s third thing was George’s commitment to “good fights.” She listed his work in Sudan, work with the UN and more recently some of the survivors of the Parkland school shooting in their efforts to achieve gun control.

To illustrate George’s “moral conscience,” Amal read out a letter from famed newsman Walter Cronkite who said that the actor had “character and “class” and also “a thoroughly admirable lunatic courage, diving off the high board without knowing if there’s any water in the pool.”

Amal ended the speech by revealing how before she had met George at the age of 35, she had “become quite resigned to the idea that I was going to be a spinster.” She said that from those early days hiding from the press in her London flat she knew she “would never want to be with anyone else.”

She spoke of how George “is the person who has my complete admiration and also the person whose smile makes me melt every time,” and with her teary-eyed husband looking on, she added, “My love, what I have found with you is the great love I always hoped existed. And seeing you with our children, Ella and Alexander, is the greatest joy in my life.”

On the subject of children, Amal said that George fills their home with laughter and happiness even “before the children have worked out that ‘da-da’ is actually Batman, a talking fox and friends with Mary Poppins.” She concluded that by reiterating her pride in his accomplishments that “when our children find out not only what you have done, but who you are, they will be so proud of you too.”

A full transcript of Amal Clooney’s speech is below, followed by video from inside the event.

“Here are a few things you may not know about George. First, he is a gentleman. He is a gentleman in every sense of the word and in a way that seems so rare these days and perhaps even outdated. Everyone who knows him, even those who oppose him politically or who have quarrelled with him professionally, will tell you, he has not forgotten his Kentucky manners.

On every set I visit, I’m told by the crew that George sticks up for the most vulnerable. His security team told me that when shooting [Confessions of a Dangerous Mind] in Montreal, George refused to wear a warm winter jacket unless every actor got the same one even though it was 40 degrees below zero.

Now it’s true that George’s pranks, that we have heard about tonight, are an exception to his gentlemanly comportment. As Matt Damon found out when despite his rigorous workouts his trousers kept getting smaller, and tighter and tighter every time he appeared on George’s set.

But other than that, George is definitely a gentleman.

The second thing is that George is incredibly generous. He is generous with his time. He finds out about people who have suffered the same health issues as him and he writes to give them advice. He helps young people pursue their passion for film. He’ll visit an elderly lady at our local nursing home as he thinks it will make her day. He has a big heart and he puts it into everything he does, whether its making movies, hosting a fundraiser or often as quite often happens these days pranking our latest guest by using a nappy and a pot of Nutella. But George is generous in traditional ways too, by donating money to causes he believes in and spoiling loved ones. He must surely be the only person in the world to invite his 13 closest friends to dinner one night and give them a suitcase filled with $1 million in cash. But it must be said, the 14th closest friend is still upset about it.

Third, George picks good fights. Even before I knew him, I admired George’s commitment to taking up causes like exposing corruption in Sudan. And to taking moral stances like opposing the War in Iraq when it was far from popular to do so. Recently he worked with survivors of the Parkland school shooting on the campaign for gun control and he continues to mentor some of them today. He was even the UN’s messenger of peace, but the reality is he fights for what is right as a way of life. George shows us all what it is to have a moral conscience and how powerful it can be when combined with eloquence and courage. This aspect of George’s character was noted many years ago by Walter Cronkite, the famous newsman, who wrote George a letter that I found in our home. Here’s how it begins:

“Dear George, In the course of my chequered career I have encountered a fair number of movie stars. Most of them used their power badly, usually to prop up a frail ego. Some of them had style, not many had character, very few of them had any real class. You have character and you have class. You also have a thoroughly admirable lunatic courage, diving off the high board without knowing if there’s any water in the pool.

Walter was right and his words are all the more poignant at a time when many of us feel that character is lacking in some of the leaders we count on most.”

Although George modestly attributes much of the success we are celebrating here tonight to luck, I think it’s incredible talent and character that got him here. And these attributes also make him an amazing husband and father. I met George when I was 35 and starting to become quite resigned to the idea that I was going to be a spinster. Then we met and started hiding out in my London flat and very soon it felt like, no matter what happened, I would never want to be with anyone else.

I couldn’t sleep when we were apart and I’m told that I would display a particular grin and head-tilt when reading his text messages or the letters he would hide in my bag. Five years later, none of that has changed. He is the person who has my complete admiration and also the person whose smile makes me melt every time. My love, what I have found with you is the great love I always hoped existed. And seeing you with our children, Ella and Alexander, is the greatest joy in my life.

You fill our home with laughter and happiness and that’s even before the children have worked out that ‘da-da’ is actually Batman, a talking fox, and friends with Mary Poppins. I’m so proud of you, my love. Congratulations on this great honor that you’re receiving tonight. I’m proud of you, but I also know that when our children find out not only what you have done, but who you are, they will be so proud of you too.

Despite being one of the most celebrated couples in Hollywood after their 2014 marriage and the birth of twins a year ago, Amal and George Clooney rarely speak of their private life.

On Thursday, Clooney was the center of attention as an American Film Institute lifetime honoree. Friends ranging from former U.S. President Barack Obama to Julia Roberts and talk show host Jimmy Kimmel spoke of his wit, charm, generosity and work for causes including refugees in the Darfur region of Sudan and victims of the 2010 Haiti earthquake.

“He always looks better than me, does the whole gray hair thing better than me, may be more debonair than me,” joked Obama, appearing by video. “He is a good man, a good friend, a good citizen, and an outstanding maker of films.”

Via Hollywood Reporter

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Amal Clooney wore a beautiful bespoke silk dress by PRADA

Emily Blunt wore in the past a pink Prada dress with train. Amal and Emily are close friends.

with JIMMY CHOO Cate clutch

And AQUAZZURA First Kiss sandals

Available here

With kunzite and diamond earrings by STEPHEN RUSSEL

Hair and make-up by ROD ORTEGA with CHARLOTTE TILBURY products

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87 thoughts on “Amal and George Clooney at the American Film Institute Honors, aka the 46th AFI Life Achievement Award at Dolby Theatre in Hollywood 07.06.2018

  1. What a wonderful tribute to George. Well deserved, I’d say. I know lots of people didn’t like her ensemble, but I think it’s pretty great! Unusual and daring. I love the Clooneys.

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      1. Actors bring a lot of feelings, happiness, entertainement and impressions to us – why do they get Oscars? Gin I do not understand your arguement.


  2. OK, so the words that Amal uses are sweet and gushing, but let’s remember that she’s speaking in front of an audience. Also, I’m sure they love each other, but would she say the same things or feel the same way about George if he was dirt poor? Or, for example, what if George ends up suffering from some illness that takes him out of the limelight – would she still be as enamoured by him? Their relationship has never been put to the test – they have always had a better than average environment to fall in love and exist together. So many divorced couples I know would still be married and “in love” if their relationship had never encountered hardship.

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    1. BTW, my comment isn’t just about George and Amal, but any couple who is wealthy, especially when one party is extremely wealthy or popular, while the other party is not. Another example would be Prince Harry and Meghan. If money was taken out of the equation, would the couples have even existed as such? The relationship they have can never be the same as the relationship that, say, two young penniless students would have, who try to make it together *in spite of* lack of means to do so. True love endures tests. If George had decided to give away all of his wealth to humanitarian organizations and to live a humble middle class or even impoverished lifestyle, away from Hollywood, would Amal even have wanted to get to know him in the first place? It’s one thing to have a friend invite you to meet someone famous at his palatial residence in the lap of luxury and a completely other thing to have a friend invite you to the local homeless shelter.

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      1. Lady u make a great point I don’t disagree with your general statement about couples – however I do want to point out that the Alamuddin family is affluent – Amal has had many suitors and dated a few who were richer than George – ( well the George when they married not the Casmigo deal post wedding ) Amals family interacted with celebs before she met George – amals Mom is very well known and they grew up with affluent people around them. And honestly they interacted with many more influential people than George did actually – heads of state, international royalty etc.

        Sure the ability to whisk away on a safari on a private jet , luxury etc helped this situation – but I would say they are extremely in love at the core.

        We can’t judge and say if he was dirt poor or fell to illness how she would be the same way if we fell in a somewhat similar situation with our spouses – we all have ups and downs .

        Lastly , to some people that is all superficial and they could care less- sadly look at kate spade and Anthony Bourdain – they had millions and everything we may hope to desire and that wasn’t good enough.

        I felt Amals speech was from
        The heart . And that’s how she is in person – hence him liking it and putting a ring on it.


      2. I don’t think so, I truly believe it’s harder to go on a relationship with a celebrity than to share your life with a normal person from middle class ! Imagine yourself at her place : pressure, spotlight, paparazzi &…
        The proof is that many celebrities ended up with divorce .
        I admire George & Amal , they make me believe in love , In finding the right partner & sharing your life with the man you’ve been dreaming of


      3. They definitely met and fell in love in an environment of wealth, charm and fame. So far, her marriage to George has brought her wealth, fame, all the clothes money could buy and two kids. Of course George is an overall nice guy and they have some charitable causes in common so it makes it easier to fall in love and keep the relationship going for as long as possible….who wouldn’t?


      4. Lady- I still do not understand the purpose of your post. You seem to be insinuating that if George was poor she would have said something different but that was not the purpose of the event. It was to honor his work and she decided to make her comments about him personal.


      5. @ Jamie Soos already confirmed that Amal was dating Eric Schmidt in a previous post. I can 1000% confirm that Amal was on his yacht. Before Amalalooney Jackson makes some creepy comment, yes, I do know with absolute certainty that Amal was on Eric Schmidt’s yacht. For all the Alamuddins, PR people etc. they also know that Amal was on Eric’s yacht and they dated, for how long, I don’t know.

        George “fell” for Amal because Amal didn’t play hard to get, she really was hard to get. NO one in this WORLD thinks as highly of Amal, as Amal. Honestly, Amal could be a dating coach if the barrister racket didn’t work out. She nailed it, to get a man who has it all, think you have it all. By the way, Amal interacts with the cameras, it’s so blatantly obvious, how highly she thinks of herself and how much she loves this attention. It must be so tiring to be her friend… I should know.


      6. Hi Soos,
        Thanks for your thoughtful reply. Well, the Alamuddins may have been wealthy, but they never had the sheer amount of wealth that George has, nor did they have the fame of George (not even Amal). Before George dated Amal, no one really knew who she was, outside of her professional circles, family, and friends. The marriage has benefitted her and the rest of her family quite a lot. Just look at how Tala is capitalizing on the fame with her brand. I’m not saying that all of that is bad, per se, but just pointing out the facts. Of course a person will feel positively about someone who has changed his/her life for the better. She has a fantastic life now – all the hired help that a person could want, multiple homes in nice locations, high end designer everything, and fame. The only thing that they have to worry about are the occasional paparazzi encounters, but even that seems to be controlled quite well.

        As for her previous suitors – well, those relationships didn’t work out for some reason. Maybe the men were jerks. I’m not saying that she couldn’t have married another wealthy dude but that marrying George has definitely had its advantages for her, which she appreciates. However, would she have married George if he had no fortune or fame? No. Nor do I think that she would have married him if she had to change his diapers every day and live like a recluse. Especially given her prior dating record, if it is true that she dated many wealthy men before. Wealth seems to be key to her choices. There are literally millions of eligible men who have the same wealth as the Alamaddins – so she could have married one of them. In this case, she chose to concentrate her energies on snagging someone vastly wealthier and famous.

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      7. There’s some genuine affection there but it’s all based in narcissism because they think they’re some sort of power couple together.

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    2. Lady – I do not understand the purpose of your post. What difference does it make if George is rich or poor? That was not the purpose of the event. She was asked to make a tribute and she did and made it personal to complement the other tributes being made. Who cares if George is rich or poor for this event.

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      1. @ Nati it’s common knowledge that Eric and his wife have an open marriage and live separate lives. If you do a search on your posts, Soos confirms Amal dated Eric Schmidt. I don’t really see the point in hiding it, Eric dated many women and Amal likes older, wealthy men? What’s the problem?


      2. @Lady I don’t disagree with you – if it was not GEORGE CLOONEY himself etc. I mean I don’t think AMAL ALAMUDDIN would marry someone with not even as associates degree from a community college as her spouse – definitely his status was part of the attraction ( hey it’s sexy to me too lol).

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      3. @ Soos – George Clooney never graduated from college. His intellectual capacity is surely vastly overshadowed by his wealth and fame.

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  3. Amal’s tribute to George was beautiful, a bit too mushy here and there, but overall very moving and genuine. Light pink is a good color on her (she wore a similar shade – the shimmery pink Roland Mouret mini dress some years ago with beautiful fabric but not the best dress silouhette) but this prada dress is too busy……first the fabric is too wrinkly for the cameras. And, between the strapless bow, shimmery fabric, high slit, two skirt lengths and sequin embellishments, it has too much going on! Plus her shoulder blades stick out from back view and it’s unflattering to her butt which is already too flat to begin with.

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  4. She looked amazing SO GORGEOUS- once again whenever Charlotte tillsbury herself stays away from the makeup application Amal looks radiant natural and gorgeous – Christina should always do her makeup.


  5. Loved the speech overall, it was very sweet, and the dress too, but disappointed she used the word “spinster.” It just makes me feel as though she’s still very much defined by her marriage to George and even though she purports to be a feminist she’ll use a traditionally derogatory word to define women that are unmarried after “a certain age.” Her wording in the Vogue article was much better, but here it sounds like George “saved” her from “spinsterhood.”


    1. Totally agree! I cringed when I heard her say that. It represents one of Amal strong insecurities since it’s not the first time she has mentioned her getting married late in a public speech. It’s time for her to let go it since she’s now been married for 5 years and it’s recurring theme with her.

      For a professional woman of Amal’s global influence to publicly announce that she considered herself doomed to be a spinster for life simply because she was not married by her mid 30’s, in this regard, Amal serves as poor and sad role model to all of the other women in the world who value freedom, independence and self-made success, especially in these modern times. This is true regardless of a woman’s cultural background!! It’s very backward thinking!! My aunt met the love of her life at 58 years old. That was after she put herself through medical school during her late 40’s. Now she is happily married to a very successful man who worships the ground she walks on to no less extent than how George treats Amal. I’m not saying you have to wait til 58, but let’s be realistic, Amal, on how a woman should view herself if not married by one’s mid-thirties, particularly a woman who is educated and successful in her own right. It wouldn’t surprise me if that comment also offended some of single celebrity females in the industry, including those who were there that day.

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      1. We should not be surprised, since it did not even took 24 hours after the wedding, that the official announcement came that she was to be called Mrs Clooney from then on.

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      1. The word spinster is used in the law and unfortunately (still) shows up in medical reports too.

        “SPINSTER. An addition given, in legal writings, to a woman who never was married.” Lovel. on Wills, 269.

        Sexism is alive and well…


      2. It’s okay, that word is an old fashioned English word, and it was an insult for unmarried women. Picture Miss Havisham from Dickens’ Great Expectations: alone, unwanted, miserable in a ruined house—that’s the stereotype. It was a fate you had to escape from. It’s not used much anymore, especially now that women are more independent and free from expectations that they must get married to be happy, that if you’re not married at a certain point you’re a failure. This is why I’m disappointed she brought it back, so to speak, in a public forum.

        She should be more careful with her word choice as she’s looked up to by women.

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      3. Jamie et al- I don’t understand what all the hoopla is around a word Amal used. She was talking about herself, in a self-deprecating humorous way. It has been reported that she has a great sense of humor and she was smiling when she made the comment. She did not use the word spinster as a proclamation of all single women over a certain age. It is regretful that so many people feel assaulted by her use of the word when it had nothing to do with any of the single or even married women on this blog.


  6. For me. Amal’s dress did not work in so many ways…I see her as a ‘Winter’ and pink is not in her color palette. I could see her wear a deep cherry color, but not pink. The dress design is strange. Because Amal likes to show her legs, I can see the appeal of the design to her, but otherwise it looks as if the cutters in a design house were all given some fabric and told to cut a pattern piece of their choice and then someone sewed it all together. Even given the design of the dress, the fit is off-particularly the top. I am wondering if the top was taped to her as I can’t see how with the off- the- shoulder design it would stay up.

    As already mentioned elsewhere here, she is too thin.

    Re: Amal’s speech, what struck me was George’s reaction. That was not acting.

    The only thing that puzzles me about something in the speech and things both George and Amal have said is that they appear not to have any difficulty sharing their terms of endearment for each other with millions of people, but won’t release a photo of their babies. George is also on a Youtube stating that they didn’t do IVF, so what is the problem with releasing a photo of the kids?


    1. Two adults talking about one another is quite different from sharing photos of minors, particularly how the photos might be used by others. I respect their desire for privacy. I know the age of majority in Europe (for research) is generally 16 and I respect parents decisions about their children until the children are of age to decide for themselves.


      1. If they want privacy, why does George continually talk about the twins and flash photos of them at events and on TV interviews etc.? BTW, it is normal for parents to talk about their kids and share photos…look at Jimmy Kimmel, Maks & Peta, the Royals…


      2. Jamie- Sharing photos is based on parental decision making, not the public’s interest in voyeurism or what others do. If George and Amal have decided not to present photos of their children to the public in my book that needs to be respected. It really is none of our business what they choose to do or why. Kind of common sense don’t you think?


  7. Honestly. what struck me is how Amal’s dress was dangerouslt close to falling off her. It was too low cut! This was one of her worst looks.

    I agree with everything Lady stated. I don’t believe Amal had many suitors and while her family is wealthy, Amal probably didn’t show up to work or the UN in haute couture. There’s a marked change in her appearance (and I don’t mean plastic surgery. I’m not convinced about that because her makeup is exceptional most of the time.) and work ethic since marrying Clooney. Most attorneys work more than 60 hour work weeks and have little time for vacation. But everytime I turn around, Amal is jetting around the world with Clooney. I admire both George and Amal for the causes they support. But I would like to see Amal continue practicing law, especially since she worked so hard to get where she is and I strongly believe that her work is very important!

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    1. I can’t understand how she is a working lawyer and a globetrotting “style icon” simultaneously – surely the law firm makes demands on her time and her presence?

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  8. I’m perplexed by a few of things:

    1. Why couldn’t he answer a simple question as to how Amal and Meghan are friends?

    2. Why wasn’t his sister there?

    3. Why the emphasis on past anectodes in Amal’s speech?

    4. Where was his supposed best mate Brad Pitt?

    5. Did his in-laws attend this event celebrating GC’s supposed “life achievement”?

    These inconsistencies make me doubt the image projected. What we see is very controlled; they have a strangle hold over the narrative which makes my cynical self wonder – what is it you are hiding?!?

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    1. Maria- I do not understand your questions. What is a best mate? What question about how Amal and Meghan Markle are alleged friends? What inconsistencies are you referring to?

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      1. Oh I remember a red carpet interviewer asked George how do Amal and Meghan know each other and George said he cannot tell he’s not allowed or something silly and everyone kind of went nuts about that.


      2. The first clip Nati has posted above – the interviewer asks about the connection and George shuts it down. Why not just give an honest answer? What are they hiding?

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  9. Pink is definitely Amal’s colour, I Love her make up as its soft and shimmery and also love her outfit. She is glowing at this busy stage in her life. I think George and Amal are trying to keep the children out of the limelight for as long as possible. Thank you for the gorgeous photos

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  10. Clues to the Meghan Markle connection and the inroads into the royal family: Alison Bell, Prince Edward’s former flame, is Baria Alamuddin’s PR partner, and Jack Brooksbank, Princess Eugenie’s fiancé, is brand ambassador for George Clooney’s beverages.


  11. Wonderful, they celebrate their love.
    I wish them all the best.
    AC looks adorable and both so happy together.
    Her speech seems very “Hollywood” to me but reached its target.

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  12. Soos, Nati and others: are you talking about Eric Schmidt, the former CEO of Google? What on earth does he have to do with the tribute that Amal gave to her husband at the event celebrating his work? The title of the blog post is about that. What she wore seems to fit; who someone slept with seems ridiculous. And really, why do you care?

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  13. Amal’s speech struck me as the sort of speech a political wife gives when asking people to vote for her husband during a presidential campaign. All the anecdotes were a rehash of what had already been publicly reported. For example the visit the Sonning nursing home, the million dollar pay off to his 13 friends etc etc. Clearly some of these gestures were intended to enhance Clooney’s public persona – otherwise, they would have kept them private. It reminds me how those “secret” charity visits from Princess Diana would somehow always get leaked to the media – yet somehow Diana was able to keep her affair with James Hewitt under wraps for year after year. It called media manipulation. The speech was calculated and controlled to position this as the greatest love story of all time and George and Amal as the glamorous Jack and Jackie Kennedy of their era. Did Amal really just happen to come across a decades old letter to George from Walter Conkrite? (spelling?) to quote from the speech? And why was there NO mention of the foundation he has set up? Is it because some of the money goes to Syria and Lebanon and not all to the USA?

    I agree with other posters (some who imply they know her) that Amal loves herself to distraction and loves the fame to a startling degree. Nothing wrong with self confidence (provided it’s not fuelled by self-delusion) – let’s remember we’re all here for the clothes and the outings. The Clooney’s are working really hard to present this image – but as we have all seen in the last week – public images don’t always match the private reality.

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  14. I’ve always been suspect of PDA’s and verbal PDA’s even more so. “My love”. Gag me. I didn’t like the outfit, thevstyle or the color. The pink was too muted for winter coloring. I liked her eye makeup, though.


  15. But George Clooney ist very handsome, attractive with wonderful brown eyes – he does not need to be rich. Every woman I know likes him and frankly: do you think Amal would earn such a hype and would be in every newspaper with a husband like Eric Schmdit. Nobody is interested in such a normal office – looking man. Except women who are addicted to money, because he is a billonaire.
    The most attractive accessory of Amal is George…….
    Nevertheless she is pretty, she has wonderful legs, etc. etc. but there a lots of very beautiful ladies.George makes her shine


  16. Amazing couple so much in love and Amal speech about George made me cry tear of happiness to witness so much love in her speech about her life with George. A match made in heaven .

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  17. You know, after watching her behave like a 15 year old girl in front of those cameras, I have officially lost some respect for her. For someone that is supposed to be so intelligent, she just looked ridiculous. Moving her head all around, flipping her hair, posing this way and that, looking up and down trying to be coy and flirt for the photographers ..,,oh my god.

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    1. I can see your point of view I am not saying you are totally wrong – but she was at a wonderful event for her husband – she looked great – she was ready to speak publically – she had an extra spring in her step and a confidence boost –

      If she were a man and was brave – cocky – confident no one would think twice.

      Get it amal. You get it girl!


      1. Also wanted to add when I get my hair colored and styled and slapped on some lip gloss my entire familybcannot approach me for a week without tossing roses at my feet first. Lol confidence boosts are amazing.

        Let’s not discuss when I get those spanx on and head to an important board meeting …. I’m unstoppable 😏

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    2. Lulu- I have to say that the basis of your evaluation that resulted in a loss of respect seems rather shallow to me. Please describe a 15 year old girl and her behavior talking about her husband.


      1. I’m talking about when she was standing for all the photographs , posing this way and that. She looked silly and acted like a teenage girl.

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      1. I agree with @vhhps that this thread has been very entertaining….and after reading it today, I looked up the conference in Toronto that is referenced by Sabrina in her post. The website states that the “renowned” human rights attorney, Amal Clooney, will be interviewed by Nick Clooney (George’s dad). Since Nick had a career as a journalist, he knows about principles and pragmatics of objectivity in interviews–you can’t interview someone you know, much less a family member. I am speechless after reading this.

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  18. ‘Style is what you are,’ declared the American writer Truman Capote. What is Amal really? I don´t know her personally, I know only the image she wants to project, how she wants to be seen. What is her style? Does she have a personal style? Amal appears to be a woman who loves to wear very expensive, fashionable and even eccentric clothes, looking glamorous like a Vogue model. Maybe all of this is her particular „style“?

    Is Amal a style icon? Having a defined signature look is very much a prerequisite to becoming a style icon. The signature look is the flagship look of the personal style. It should represent its core elements, the essence of one´s style, all in one outfit. It is a clear definition of what concept/character a person stands for. Not a wishy-washy concept that is a little bit of everything and therefore not really anything.
    Again: Is Amal a style icon? No, because her style is not really defined, she is simply a fashion lover, fortunately having the means to get any dress she likes.

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    1. It seems that there’s been a very recent, misdirected tweak to what was formerly a good nose job.
      Too much refinement causes it to look longer than before.


    2. I don’t think she has had a nose job, at least not since she met Clooney. Makeup can do wonders. You will often see profile photos of her where you can see her huge nose and receding chin and droopy outer brows. There is even apic in this event one where she is talking to jennifer Aniston and another where she is facing Clooney and u can see her unattractive profile.


  19. She looks masculine Im sorry.
    The outfit is ok she has worn nicer more flattering ones
    Her speech was similar to a politician’s wife’s speech and note the photos of Amal Clooney with George in the background against the American flag. It all seems quite predictable where they are attempting to head to in the near future.
    I am not really impressed by her public speaking. If you want to see a stellar speech given by a wife go to You Tube and find Princess Mary of Denmark (also a lawyer) giving a speech about her husband on his 50th birthday. Now that is class, composure, intelligence and wit.

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    1. I do think they r planning a political career. During their interview at this event, the interviewer commented on George’s age, and Amal slipped and blurted out that he has many more years as he has many great things he needs to do. It came off as arrogance and “full of herself.”

      Liked by 1 person

  20. My understanding is that she is. The reference to her legal background was an aside comment and it doesn’t matter. I was merely giving my opinion as to the quality of Princess Mary’s delivery and its content in comparison to Amal Clooney who is constantly in the public spotlight and it would seem constantly seeks out the public’s attention and adulation.


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