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Amal Clooney at Vanderbilt University for the Nichols-Chancellor’s Medal in Nashville 10.05.2018

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Amal Clooney urged young students at Vanderbilt University to have courage, citing some of the human rights cases she has worked on, because it inspires others and creates rights for future generations.

The human rights lawyer spoke Thursday in Nashville, Tennessee, for senior day, a part of the university’s commencement activities. She was given the school’s Nichols-Chancellor’s Medal.

She used examples of courageous people including Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr. and the Vanderbilt students who took part in sit-ins during the Civil Rights era to fight for equal rights.

“A hundred years ago there would have been few women here at the Vanderbilt commencement,” Clooney said. “Sixty years ago there would have been no African-American students in the senior day audience. There is still much to do but it is thanks to the courageous people who’ve come before us that we have the rights that we have today including courageous students who were right here on this campus.”

She also told the stories of two clients she had represented, including a Yazidi woman who was kidnapped by militants in Iraq and a female journalist who was arrested after reporting on corruption by the president of Azerbaijan. But she said more courage is needed around the world.

“At a time when the LGBT community in every continent struggles for equal rights, freedom from imprisonment and even death, we need courage,” Clooney said. “At a time when more journalists are in prison around the world than at any time in the last three decades, and even here at home the media is under attack from the White House, we need courage. And at a time when our politicians try to conflate the terms refugee and terrorist and make us fear one another, we need courage.”

Clooney admitted that she had never been to Tennessee before, but said her husband, George Clooney, told her the university had a good basketball team in the Vanderbilt Commodores.


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43 thoughts on “Amal Clooney at Vanderbilt University for the Nichols-Chancellor’s Medal in Nashville 10.05.2018

    1. Painful to watch her hopping down the path to the royal wedding. She’s so terribly attention seeking. It’s nauseating


      1. Nati yes, it was painful. The dress itself was beautiful but I’ll fitting. It made her look like she had a wide waist. But my lord, her eyes darting for the cameras, primping, and playing with her hair. She always has to be center of attention. It’s so … tiresome and tacky.


    2. Watching Amal walk down the procession was cringe-worthy. The way she was beaming in the glory of the cameras and her ‘peasants’ it’s all about her 100% of the time.


  1. What a terrific presentation. She really knows how to read her audience in preparing what she wants to communicate. We lived in a troubled time and I always appreciate her thinking and what she does (or plans) to remedy different crises.


  2. I liked what she had to say, although it’s not anything novel. BTW, it wasn’t too long ago that Tennesseans (including some folks in Nashville) got their panties in a wad because Jimmy Naifeh (Lebanese-American), Speaker of the Tennessee House of Representatives, wanted to introduce a graduated income tax for the state (which is much more progressive than sales tax). I remember some conservative idiots trying to delegitimize his campaign by pointing out that his ancestry was “Arab” (and I guess trying to insinuate ulterior to motives to him, even though he was just trying to introduce a fairer state tax policy).


  3. I am surprised at some of the previous comments of Amal’s attendance and deportment at the Met Ball and after parties.
    As this speech to Vandy graduates show, she is a thoughtful, well-educated and spoken woman who has many passions. among them are equal rights, freedom in most regards and yes, fashion and fun. Why should she or any woman for that matter, not have several sides to their being?
    If anyone sees the film/documentary RBG for Ruth Bader Ginsburg, you will find this Supreme Court Justice full of surprises. She is a fierce liberal, who works out mightily, was friends with the most conservative judge on the court (Scalia) and loves fashion.
    I’m sure George Clooney was attracted to Amal’s brain, beauty and ability to have fun and party.I doubt he, nor most men, would be attracted to a one-note person In other words, Amal and all women/persons are full and complicated human beings. Enjoying a party should not diminish one’s intellectual credentials unless behavior is illegal or dangerous.
    As humans, we are many-sided, and that is all to the good.
    I am sad to see vociferous critics invade this space, but it is to Nati’s generous spirit and devotion to freedom that all views are respected and represented.
    We are all complicated human beings–with assets and deficits. The big point we we can’t fit into a cookie cutter. Most of us try our best–like Amal– to fit all the pieces of our life puzzle into its frame.

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    1. sr – your comment is well written and I completely agree with you! Amal has always loved fashion and she is at a point in her career and life that she can afford high fashion and have designers bring her clothing from their most current lines. How wonderful this would be for ANYONE who loves clothing! I admire her so much for her ability to balance work, home life, traveling internationally, being in the spotlight – I’m exhausted just listing all these things! And big thank you to Nati for this blog about Amal’s fashion. I check here first to see updates and you do such a great job! I hope you’ll continue to keep this blog going!

      Liked by 1 person

    2. I don’t think it’s Amal love of fashion that is being critized. I love fashion too…a lot….but there is a time and place for even your fashion choices. It’s one thing to use your clothes to convey a message about who you are….and Amal does just that….she loves the camera attention and over the years her facial expressions and rubway strut along with her fashion choices are primarily geared to grab camera attention. When she speaks at the UN, for instance, she does not use her fashion choices to convey her passion for the cause. She only uses fashion to grab camera attention. What you wear and how you wear it reflects your thoughts of urself and who you really are inside. Wearing a bright canary color with gold shoes and a trail behind the gown is Amal’s way of expressing her inner self….that she thinks she is also royalty. As lovely as the color is and as much as the outfit stands out, it screams “Im just as good as royalty. In fact, I am actually better than royalty!”

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  4. I’d like to call on AMAL to immediately address the UN and begin an independent investigation into the killings at the Gaza border against innocent and unarmed protestors – many who were children and shot in the back. Amal you have the voice please use it. I know immediate family members of AMAL do occasionally review this site and I implore you to take action and help be the voice. Not asking to take political or religious sides – but an investigation into the inhuman actions occurring.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. And we all know that won’t happen. This is exactly what I meant by my hopes clashing with her aspirations. It’s just worlds apart between what she could do, given her training and connections – to what she chooses to do – silly things like host the MetGala and give speeches at Vanderbilt. It’s mostly empty and vacuous behaviours. She’s got access to this incredible PR machine and has a Law degree – she could do so much. For the Gaza Strip, for the Cyprian cause…so much work and so little action by those who can.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. She allegedly flaked out on helping the Palestinians. For that reason, I continue to think that she is more image than substance.


  5. You can see her pelvic bones under the dress. Doesn‘t look good. Her hair should be trimed.
    But I like her make up and her smile.


  6. I am distressed over the upheaval of Amal’s dress on the red carpet and inside the Met. I think she made the right decision to go with the more dramatic outfit, but when quickly changed to the Tom Ford piece, well, while beautiful, seemed piggish, Yes, perhaps she was worried about the tin foil top tearing, but it seems a bit too selfish. Amal, take this as a learning lesson. Before this you had not put a foot wrong, but here I fear you did. Maybe as a co-chair you saw the Quinn number as more dramatic– as it was–but then to suddenly change seems odd and a bit impervious. I don’t think this is your usual operandi, but maybe because you were cohost, thought it ok. Nope. two changes, yes, three no. Rookie mistake???????


    1. I thought it was awful of Wintour to advertise she got changed in the gift shop. What an awful way to humiliate a person by going public with that. Why mention it all, unless you intended it as a slap down?

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    2. Maybe the Quinn dress with its train was not made to be sit with. The foil could be damaged when folded and the dress would have needed too much space.

      I think AC is mostly interested in fantastic pics. And from this point of view her fashion choices for this event were a big success for her image.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. The only person “empowered” here was Amal, with ready access to three amazing couture outfits on one night as a host!! No other woman on the planet was empowered by this ostentatious display of access and wealth.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes I are right and look back everyone (Jackson) at my walker posts where I said before it was announced or mentioned anywhere that amal and Baria were invited to the royal wedding . I can’t wait

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  7. Amal looked beautiful in the bright yellow outfit and hat she wore at the Royal Wedding of Harry & Meghan today. Pretty netting hung from her hat. She definitely stood out in the bright sunshine yellow. You can spot her in every photo because of the bright color; especially the aerial views from inside the church. George wore a light grey suit and looked great, too.


  8. …..on Yahoo.com there is a beautiful photo taken of George & Amal before the ceremony of Harry & Meghan. It is taken outside and a really nice closeup of George & Amal. She is in bright yellow and George in light grey.


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