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Amal Clooney spotted leaving her appartment in SoHo 11.04.2018

Amal Clooney donned a floral skirt while heading to work on Wednesday (April 11) in New York City.


Amal Clooney wore a skirt by DOLCEANDGABBANA

Available here, here and here

With her DIOR Bar bag

FERRAGAMO sunglasses

Available here

Thank you to Debora Grossi for the ID

VANLELES earrings


Giglio pumps in black and white

Thanks to Debora Grossi for the ID

Complete this look with this cashmere top available here

18 thoughts on “Amal Clooney spotted leaving her appartment in SoHo 11.04.2018

  1. I like how Amal always carries the Dior bag and does not change bags as frequently as she changes the rest of her wardrobe. Do you think she returned and got a refund on the twins? Considering the Paps catch her going in & our daily.. we haven’t seen the babies in forever!

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  2. Such a beautiful floral design – surely these expensive designers could have matched the pattern at the seams – or is that not trendy these days?


  3. I love that the interview was about her work. Who would have thought that Vogue would have a human rights lawyer as their cover girl. Usually the only non- model/actress covers are First Ladies. I love it!

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  4. I must say this work trip amal stepped up the professional attire to a 10 – she hasn’t missed a day without having that awesome catalog work attire- this was a well planned out wardrobe zone !

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  5. One thing i dont get: Why is Amal staying in such a place? I meant.. she has body guards, her outfits are worth at least 10K, each time (minus the jewelry), she has safety concerns, but yet, she is exposing herself so much at this rather low security building… it doesn’t even look very clean in front it.. i mean.. she could stay on a hotel or a more secure place and still be able to be photographed. Why so much exposure and such low key accommodations, which really dont match the outfits she is wearing?? It’s not like they can’t afford it!

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    1. Omg this place has a setback and weird entrance for those used to a more suburban house but trust me this is is no way small inside not cheap !!! It’s huge and high security and very highly sought after area


      1. Yeah agree with Soos. That house is much more than what looks like from outside. The area is expensive and houses inside luxurious. No low key at all !!


      2. i see what i see .. hard to see the high security there, one little door with a mail hole..unless it opens up inside to a concierge with a door person asking your pass to go in. Note that i am saying this about security… i just cant see security to a on the street front looks like anyone could just get in or come to her and one body guard could not do much.


  6. She looks great. I’m also concerned for her security in that particular home. Did anyone else notice the abandoned backpack by the tree in the picture? Not good.


    1. you are only concern about her ? if is a bomb and that’s what you are afraid, what about the rest of humans ? are they less important than her?
      On the other hand, don’t you see more garbage bags around trees ?


  7. It’s not warm in NYC and hasn’t been warm. She always dresses summer like when she comes to the USA. A fish out of water. And you can see that all people in photo have hats, coats, and cold attire. One thing is for sure…Amal wants you to see her outfit and she wants it photographed for all to see.


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