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Amal and George Clooney spotted going out in New York 06.04.2018

Amal and George Clooney looked so chic for their night out!

The couple were spotted as they stepped out of their home on Friday night (April 6) in New York City.

Amal looked stunning in a bright yellow coat paired with neutral thigh high boots while George opted for a classic suit.

Style Files

Amal Clooney wore a

LANVIN yellow Alpaca wool coat from the Pre Fall 18 collection 2998 Euros


Black Lizard Compact Clutch


Available here

BALMAIN over knee boots ?

This look reminds me the catwalk of Versace

31 thoughts on “Amal and George Clooney spotted going out in New York 06.04.2018

      1. The berett the jacket those leather boots all of it was a train wreck PUT TOGETHER it didn’t even speak to her cute quirky side we all adore it was just terrible – hey we win some we lose some

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  1. Amal looks stunning but I cannot imagine what it must feel like to be stalked by cameras whenever you step out a door. You can see by the sheer volume of photos Nati posts of Amal that the cameras just kept on clicking. And no, I do not believe that she or George contacted the people with cameras. I’ve gone back and read comments by Princess Diana who said the photographers hunted her down and were unrelenting.


    1. maybe George is sick of her parade with photographers, but she ain’t. She loves paparazzi and being on the mags cover. That’s her dream and new career.
      Otherwise, again,, she would dress like a regular woman but she can’t, she needs to get attention.


      1. Agree with you Armanda totally! All’ these people worrying about rich people and do not give a dime about the point and the homeless.


    2. The greatest teachers have the capacity to learn. You claim to be a ‘professor’ do you have the ability to learn? You claim to know everything about Amal, your idol- tress, is it a possibility or rather a probability you don’t? You also seem old, the way you write projects an older man, maybe too set in your ways to learn?

      Take advice from your idol, Amal, and learn something new sir.


  2. She certainly must be modeling clothes for designers. Nobody in their right mind, no matter how rich needs that many coats or not much wardrobe. I’ve never seen her in the same thing twice.


  3. Stalked Jackson? You must be joking! This is a planned PAPARAZZI walk. She walks out of the door advertising a fashion product she is usually seen in once. The pages of this blog show that. She’s been worked on by stylists and hairdressers to make the short trip to the car. These photos are not showing a regular celebrity couple going about their business and being stalked by photographers. This is planned and choreographed. How do I know this? Well how do you explain how for weeks and weeks they are never seen in public – do you think they stay indoors 24/7? They are photographed when they want to be. They love it. Any why Amal puts her head down in that coy demure manner as if she is so surprised to see them when her fashion PR team probably calls them in advance s something only she can explain. You can stay in luxury hotels and apartment buildings with secure lobbies and access to underground car parks when your movements are not monitored. Their front door is right on the sidewalk – because they want to be seen. Princess Diana also tipped off the press when she needed them to photograph her – for heavens sake she took her story to the journalist Andrew Morton. When Amal is photographed without the benefits of a glamour squad and just going about her business – then she is being stalked. These last few days have been a fashion parade.


    1. Totally spot on Causal Observer.
      This is a working parade to send a message to the audience.
      It is fascinating to watch the PR work.


      1. I agree with perfumered. Nati, your blog was deliberately mentioned in that vogue article as a way to say ‘thank you’.


  4. The color and coat is beautiful. I also love the boots, but not together. Amal looks beautiful and happy. George looks handsome, per usual.


  5. I love when she wears bright colors- I think they complement her so well! Wish the boots were black though- beige and bright yellow not a great combination in my opinion. George always looks perfect when in a suit💕💕💕


  6. I really don’t know how they can stand having all those flashes of light from cameras on their eyes, without them going insane, or agoraphobic, in terms of not having a lot of privacy. It’s a completely different level of zen that they muster just to get to a restaurant. Kudos to them for handling it. I know that it comes part of their celebrity, but a part of me feels sad that they cannot go anywhere on foot without somebody documenting their every movement.


  7. I loved these Blamian boots on Kendall Jenner (Google: Kendall Jenner Zillah dress) not on Amal. This coat looks like an expensive easter potatoe sack. The yellow with the beige and black are not a good match. I happen to dislake everything she wears as she allways seem classicaly overdressed.


  8. She looks stunning in the bold colors she wears – the boots are awesome but totally clash so makes me wonder what she was wearing under that most likely paired up with her outfit


  9. Too much of that yellow and black (like the outfit the model for the coat is wearing) risks making anyone look like a bumblebee. Maybe that’s why she wore the boots in that beige color. Honestly, I don’t see anything wrong with pairing that neutral beige with any other color, even that bold yellow. The earrings look interesting – a pop of cobalt blue. Doesn’t really go with the rest of her outfit, unless her outfit underneath the coat has some blue in it.


  10. I find it remarkable that so many people on this blog KNOW Amal’s motives. You are making presumptions based on such limited data that what you believe you know doesn’t carry any weight. There are 365 days in a year. I suggest you go through a year of Nati’s blog for one year and count the actual days, not photos, that Amal was posted. If any of you presented photos of yourself 50 times in a year it would be presumptuous of anyone to state unequivocally that anyone KNEW YOUR MOTIVES. It is speculation at best, which is fun, but it does not translate into KNOWING anything as fact. You are modeling yourself after Donald Trump who seeks one source and pretends to know everything about everyone. And you sound like him in some of your accusations. Get a grip.


      1. Hey Jackson, you just stick with the theory that Amal doesn’t know about this blog. Keep on that track luv, despite the evidence in the vogue article (and common sense before that).


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