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Amal Clooney spotted in Chanel in New York 28.03.2018

Amal Clooney once again proved her enviable work wardrobe as she stepped out in New York City on Thursday – wearing a classic bouclé skirt suit and matching pointed heels. The human rights lawyer, who has just been confirmed to be working on a very high-profile case representing two journalists jailed in Myanmar, certainly looked like she meant business in her sixties-inspired co-ordinating power suit, which she teamed with a white tote bag, dark sunglasses and her signature flowing brunette locks.

Style Files

Amal Clooney wore a tweed suit by CHANEL

Chanel Metallic Tweed Skirt Suit Beige in Natural



Black and Copper Gold Oversized Sunglasses with Shimmer Suede Detailing

375 euros

Available here


Imogen pumps

Sold out


Pilgrim de Jour bag

With VANLELES earrings

Fancy intense yellow diamond earrings

Cushion cut 5 carats set white diamonds micropave and platinum

22 thoughts on “Amal Clooney spotted in Chanel in New York 28.03.2018

    1. I wish she’d cut about three inches off her hair. It’s stringy at the ends and doesn’t look fresh but very dated. Her hair is a major security blanket for sure.

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  1. She looks perfect and I love these glasses.
    Nat I saw a picture of Their twins on a family friends Facebook ( her aunt) and they have ELLA in this glasses lol u may need to start an Ella Clooney blog soon hahaha 🙂 adorable


  2. This pretty suit seems to be a Chanel.?
    Chanel two piece suit -Pinterest.
    Also found similar/same at Lyst- Chanel Metallic Tweed Skirt Suit Beige in Natural. ..
    Seems to be currently unavailable.

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  3. Did you guys notice Amal’s body guard? This guy is following with her in the previous pictures. I think that is appropriate and called for.


    1. That’s not a body guard he’s her driver – he’s actually trained in the Lebanese forces but is it her guard his name is ISSA AND he is in the process of moving to Los Angeles driving for the Clooney’s there too


  4. Does anyone know when celebs get vintage pieces wouldnthey do permanent alterations to it? My mom always did temp only and I wonder if that’s the thing


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