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Amal Clooney at Microsoft Business Forward event in Amsterdam 21.03.2018

Amal Clooney was present at Microsoft Business Forward in Amsterdam. She spoke about the Clooney Foundation for Justice and the power of technology to help shine a light on human rights issues.

“Businesses can do so much to effect positive social change”

More info here


Amal Clooney wore a vintage dress by LEONARD PARIS

Here a jumpsuit with the same print

I found a similar Léonard dress with another print but the shape is the same available here

With GIVENCHY pumps

13 thoughts on “Amal Clooney at Microsoft Business Forward event in Amsterdam 21.03.2018

  1. This is so early eighties. I like the dress but did Amal add shoulder pads or does it just look like it?
    I would love to have audio/video of this speaking engagement.


    1. You are right, looks like a shoulder padding to look more elegant. It looks exotic for an International Business Forum :- )
      I don’t think the video would be available because these conferences are very, very very expensive to attend (the speakers are nicely paid), not a material to post for free later on ;- )


  2. I’ve just seen indoor photos of the clooneys posing with other celebs and politicians indoors on your twitter feed. Seriously Amal, maybe you should save the midriff baring t shirts for working out. #labelsdontbuyclass


    1. Phvdh- You are the very reason that I believe (in this case, hope) that Amal does not read this blog. This was a march for gun control and you are concerned with a slice of Amal’s midriff showing. Your comments are beyond absurd. Frankly, you should be ashamed of yourself for missing what the march was all about.


      1. Why should I be ashamed? Jackson. Who are you to hold the moral high ground. This is a blog about clothes – I don’t think she was dressed appropriately for the serious nature of the event. Amal lives her life surrounded by bodyguards who carry guns, she shows up at a march dressed from head to toe in designer gear, is protected in her VIP celebrity area with the other VIPS and primps and poses throughout the event whenever a camera is near her. Furthermore, the Clooneys have publicly announced to the international media how they support the event and how much they have donated. That’s a choice motivated by self-interest and publicity seeking. If it was not – they would have done it quietly without fanfare. If they are not ashamed why should I be ashamed for a perfectly sound opinion that flashing your midriff is not classy. Last time I checked we are here to talk about clothes


  3. Cute pictures of Amal and George at the MARCH FOR OUR LIVES event in Washington D.C. “MSD STRONG”
    Amal with a black beanie and black tee. Several pictures from the event– March 24, 2018.


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