6 thoughts on “Amal Clooney on Vanity Fair Italia 5th April 2017

  1. It is a shame, that we do not get new photos of Amal and her Family. Perhaps she is fed up with all the negative comments here and in the DM.


    1. I doubt Amal reads this blog or DM. I just cannot imagine why she would, especially to read the negative comments made about her such as criticizing her for wearing certain clothes in 80 degree weather in Los Angeles because it was not the season to wear the clothes or the comment about her babies having blond hair (which none of us know). Some of us go to this site to see the outfits she is wearing. I like seeing those.


      1. Jackson it looks like this blog is not serving the purposes for what you want it to be. We appreciate you stating your (repetitive ) grievances. Perhaps now is the the time in that case that you leave this site- maybe create your own? If all you do is complain about EVERYTHING then peach out bish. Just do it. Heck! We may follow you too!!:)


  2. Soos- If you look at the language you used in your response post to me you will see why Amal likely does not read this site. Not only is there veiled vulgarity but my reference to your criticism of what she wore in 80 degree weather in LA was, in my opinion, an example of why she probably would not be interested in what you had to say. I imagine that most people have not heard of Amal Clooney and those that have would not care if she wore a sleeveless top in 80 degree weather regardless of the season we were in so to criticize her and then to defend it by saying she wore lighter clothes in NY. Why do you care?


    1. I repeat to Jackson- OBVIOUSLY this blog is not serving the purpose of your wants and needs- evidenced by your multiple NAGS to most all of the poster comments. Since it is not doing what you want it to- instead of fighting about it and trying to make it fit your mold- why not just leave it. better yet go create your own and moderate it as you wish. Jackson- you like this we know it. 🙂


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