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Amal Clooney spotted in Beverly Hills, 06.10.2017

Amal Clooney was spotted at Skin Care Salon in Beverly Hills in the past days. In a casual look she wore a black tee with ripped jeans and metallic wedge loafers.


Style Files

Amal Clooney wore a black tee with her

ZANZAN Ortolan sunglasses

Similar style available here



Metallic PACO RABANNE wedge Creeper

More information here





were available here

and a BALENCIAGA “Day” bag in tan

pre-owned available here



27 thoughts on “Amal Clooney spotted in Beverly Hills, 06.10.2017

    1. The shoes are totally ridiculous but she has to wear something to stand out for the paps since she can’t just walk around looking like a normal person as them she wont get noticed.


      1. The shoes are not a “quirky” choice, Paco Rabanne and his last fall collection 2017 is the choice, regardless of the color, elegance or taste, it is “show and sell”. I am sure there are many “quirky” choices out there but they don’t come with an ostentatious tag.
        I did always like Paco and his originality but these shoes, not even my 17 yrs old (real “quirky”) daughter, would wear them :- ))))) but a check could change her mind ;- )))
        By the way Amal looks very skinny here, very different from the previous party day with the metallic dress.


      2. I don’t care who designed them – I would never wear those shoes. They aren’t even “cool,” just tacky. Thanks for the responses. I particularly appreciated the comment “show and sell.”


      3. Yes indeed she has work silver shoes before. One was a Nicholas kirkwood pump and she also owned some silver oxfords but those worked. These look ostentatious!


  1. Unfortunately these hideous ripped jeans and ridiculous silver shoes don´t enhance Amal´s beauty – vulgarity is never flattering.


      1. Nati3873 …how can you tell thats the Balenciaga day bag just from the pictures? There are only side shots???


  2. @esr,
    Do you know if Amal helped Geoffrey Robertson draft the opinion that convinced the European Parliament to go ahead with the vote on public sanctions of the individuals complicit in the murder of Sergei Magnitsky?


  3. I’m liking her slightly fuller figure post babies. She looks super great. Even better than when she was super skinny. She looks very healthy and like a really cute mom.

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