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Amal Clooney and Nadia Murad at the United Nations Security Council Chamber 21.09.2017

Amal Clooney with Nadia Murad attended the UN Security Council meeting on Thursday as the council voted to investigate ISIS war crimes following her campaign that sought justice for Yazidis and other minorities.

Because of the vote, UN investigators can now help Iraq collect evidence to build potential war crimes cases against ISIS.
The council unanimously passed a resolution that asks the UN to establish an investigative team to help Iraq preserve evidence ‘that may amount to war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide’ committed by the Islamic State group / Daesh.




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Amal Clooney wore


Pre-Fall 2017 suit and blouse


Alba Suede Block-Heel Pump

available here



Large Bancroft Leather Top Handle Satchel

in the color “Desert”

available here



Ortolan Tortoiseshell Gold Metal Arm sunglasses






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Amal Clooney…

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50 thoughts on “Amal Clooney and Nadia Murad at the United Nations Security Council Chamber 21.09.2017

  1. Love the 70s vibes suit! Good job bottega. It’s hard for me to say oh wow amal great style, when it’s just an entire look taken off the shelf/runway, but it is a very nice look. I like that she paired it with the nude suede boxy heel and similar tone for the bag.


  2. Nadia looks fantastic. She is gaining in confidence and speaking more. This is a young lady naturally beautiful and simply elegant. No need of makeup, extra hair an luxurious and flashy attire or jewelry. I just hope she can go to university if she wishes and works in what she wants. She deserves a bright future.
    Amal and her doesn’t seem in sync though. In most pics when they are together Amal is looking in the opposite direction, like uncomfortable and bored, and the rest of the times it seems like Amal seeks, prefers and enjoys the company of the famous and important politicians instead of being with Nadia and maybe mentor her. Nothing wrong with liking to be around the powerful people and be photographed with them I guess .. Is part of her job probably. But Nadia should get more attention. She is the real star. :- )


      1. You’re a real breath of fresh air, Jackson. I see she’s wearing the same dress she always does. Wouldn’t it be nice if Amal took her shopping?


      2. Jackson,

        You must be a man. Amy is asking who designed the outfit. Anyone can understand that from context. You seem very rude.


      3. @Jackson
        But, but, but the first this you said is, “I love her outfit.”
        Okay, new rules, yet again…
        You may comment on what Amal is wearing (provided your comments are glowing) but don’t you dare ask about anyone else – got it.
        I should start to write this shite down.
        Now, as to wanting to take Nadia shopping? I sincerely would. I would like to take her to a spa day too. Nothing disrespectful meant and I’m pretty damn sure it’s only you who thinks so.
        As far as ‘tongue in cheek’ , well, that’s a different way to put it. Maybe I’ll jot that down too.
        This is far more direct: You don’t even see the irony in any of your views and just how nasty you are.
        Now that’s noteworthy.

        Have a lovely day.


      1. Really now, who cares what Nadia was wearing. This was not a Paris runway; it was a meeting at the UN for a very important cause. And for some on the blog to say they wanted to take her shopping. I cannot believe how insulting that comment was. Why does anyone care what she wore or how many times she wore it. I answered tongue-in-cheek to Amy’s question because it was such a strange question given the thrust of what the two women were doing at the UN that day.


  3. Lovely outfit top to bottom and all accessories. Also like Nadia’s dress with the tights; looks easy and comfortable. They both look good.


  4. Well done to Amal and Nadia and all those moving the investigation forward. I’m just wondering where all those commenters who said her “pap walks” at the UN would amount to nothing are now. They’ve been incredibly silent since this past went up. The amount of work done behind the scenes to pull this stuff off is high. Glad to see Amal get another success under her belt while wearing such beautiful warm colors. I hope she never stops.


      1. I don’t think this was Amal’s doing. There are many forces at work in the UN. Not all of them have fashion blogs advertising their 0.00001% contribution.


      2. This was underway before Amal. It was not due to Amal. But it us always nice to see Amal’s looks. Also Amal’s PR does help.


  5. I don’t know the legal frameworks around these things – so if anyone can help I would be glad to hear it. Exactly WHY did it take the UN so long to actually agree that Daesh should be called to justice? I would have thought this should have been an immediate response. Yet all these mega wealthy and connected people stand around with this air of self -satisfaction has if they have just worked out that those who cause genocide, rape and hate should be punished. What a revelation! The victory belongs to Nadia and those like her for driving this cause and I hope they do have their chance in a court of law. The lawyers and UN officials should step back and put these people in the spotlight. Nadia Murad is an amazing woman and made the right decision to get Amal Clooney on her case. It is a sad reflection of our celebrity driven culture, that this makes the general news because of Amal’s celebrity marriage. There are many, many other human rights lawyers working on this case and similar cases – yet they don’t make the Daily Mail or BBC interviews. And I can’t believe that some of the posters on this site are asking What Nadia is wearing. #askhermore


    1. @Casual Observer
      I commend your comment but would like to add that the person above asking what Nadia is wearing was being facetious. What Amal is wearing is unimportant compared to Nadia’s plight, fashion blog notwithstanding.
      Also, in my opinion, with Amal’s money (and the press she’s getting),
      I would hope that she’d be helping Nadia and even buy her a few wardrobe essentials, but maybe that’s just me.
      I’d love to take Nadia shopping. She deserves it and so much, much more.


      1. I do agree about these important and famous people in the UN are doing a lot of talking, getting together, mingling while declaring something we all know for a while. I don’t see actions and plans following these agreements to make sure the barbaric actions will not happen again. These are just political words and pictures of happy politicians except maybe Nadia, she could probably be wondering .. ” and what is next..?”
        About someone here asking what Nadia was wearing, I was not surprised. This was blog was created for fashion, with brands, style, price, accessories, jewelry, shoes, etc that’s why is called amal alamuddin style, it wasn’t made for politics or law, even though amal is carefully choosing cases, like Nadia’s, that will expose her internationally and will take her directly to the UN, which is a step away and higher from her visits to the ECHR.
        I really hope something good will come for Nadia and all victims and something will be indeed done to prevent future victims again….maybe one day, but today, I hear only words..


  6. I don’t think you will find a soul in the U.N that disagree about the topic in question but is yet to see any strategic plan to put all the wonderful words and ideas in practice, for once. These people seems to enjoy more the gathering and mingling than working into a resolution… I don’t mean to be a party pooper but.. Seems another chance to call the press for just another elegant speech.
    I again think that Nadia should be given more attention. She doesn’t have the connections, money, career and high fashion wardrobe but she has the heart and warm needed to be more credible and perhaps do more. My bet and hopes are on her ;- ))


    1. Coco- Please explain exactly what Nadia did to bring this to the UN. Several people seem to want to give her the sole credit for what took place but I cannot find anything on the Internet that explains the steps she took, the contacts she made, and the individual work she did by herself. Who reached out to who?


      1. Allow me to tell you Jackson what Nadia did to bring this to the UN. She lived the experience. She endured the experience. And she survived the experience. And at great cost to herself she did not run from the experience but has put herself on the line to advocate for her community.


      2. Amal reached out to Nadia. I’m sure Amal clearly explained the exposure they would (both) get prior to their contractual arrangement. Symbiotic relationship. Both their needs have been met.

        But again – there are others like Nadia that have brought this same issue to the world’s attention. It belittles everyone else who worked tirelessly on this issue prior to Nadia being ‘discovered’ by Amal.

        The difference is that Amal didn’t approach the others and hence the other victims don’t get the publicity and misplaced recognition Nadia does. They also don’t get to be Amal’s pet pony for the week.


      3. Jackson your comment is beyond ridicilous. Nadia lives in Germany. Do you believe that she contacted Amal or the office in London? Who would have given her the telephone number? It is more likely, that Amal contacted Nadia and not the other way round. Nadia was kidnapped and raped by the IS, not Amal, but Amal managed to turn herself into the victim, when she said, that she received death threats after she took the case on. I am sure, that Nadia did not need Amal because anybody else would have done it and maybe not strutting around in designer clothes.

        Maybe you can explain to me, why Amal took this to the UN. We all know who is behind the IS and we also know that Amal and her family know these people. Why did she not go to them? Why does she not try to stop it right at the source? Not enough publicity?

        Furthermore in Germany IS fighters, leaders and supporters are taken to court and, if convicted, are locked up. Not a word so far from precious Amal.


      4. Ladies, again, there is no point on debating Jackson’s opinion and rude tone. When someone mind is set in just one way constantly, there has to be a reason, maybe is a family member, a staff member, maybe from Baria’s PR agency.. maybe is even being paid to say always Amal is perfect. Who knows.. Now you see how irrelevant is to answer to this kind of person? ;- )
        This blog started like an adoration to Clooney’s fiancée/wife style because, before, she really didn’t have any “style”, barely makeup, no jewelry, no brands, no fashion, not even the superbskinny type and the model style walk.. But along the way, seems like the money bought the style, the brands, the pictures, and links to buy everything she is wearing, like an advertising poster. That’s okay, I guess, is business, but Jackson might just be another piece on this fashion/PR/politics/celebrity business… So why bother?


      5. Hi Nati,

        Unless you are related to Jackson or the Clooneys in any way, I dont see why you are offended. Maria did mention “Clooney empire” and I wouldn’t have said better, it is a powerful family PR/marketing/politics machinery and is fascinating to observe ..
        :- )


  7. This is prob only the second time I found amal wardrobe matching the occasion and weather !!!! It’s def nothing I would ever wear but expect to see this on an attorney in such an environment – every single thing she has worn AFTER BIRTH HAS BEEN SPOT ON EXCEPT FOR THOSE GOD AWFUL WHITE PANTS IN KENTUCKY A FEW WEEKS AGO. She is a multi millionaire now – I doubt she gives a sheeesh about anything I just said lol ;))) xoxo


    1. Yes, this is a beautiful photo but that cannot be her. It is not an image of a human rights barrister, and that is what she says she is, isn’t it? This is the classic image of a publicity, a model showing the latest autum design maybe for a fashion store, similar to the ones we see in magazines or advertising. Nothing wrong with a model photo, but that’s not a barrister working hard for victims of war, injustice, persecution etc.
      No I don’t think that’s her.. ;- )


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