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Amal and George Clooney at Caproni’s on the River in Maysville 07.09.2017

Caproni’s on the River restaurant shared some pictures with George and Amal Clooney.

“They were wonderful,” Lexington businessman Jerry Lundergan said Friday about a private family dinner for the family of movie star George Clooney and his wife, Amal, Monday night at Caproni’s on the River in Maysville.

About 75 people were present, including George’s parents, Nick and Nina Clooney, who live in nearby Augusta, said Lundergan, who owns Caproni’s.

Lundergan, a former state representative and chairman of the Kentucky Democratic Party, said Nick and Nina Clooney are regular customers at the restaurant and “George has been eating there since he was a boy.”

Style Files

Amal Clooney wore

sheer palazzo pants

available here on Farfetch

with a black crop top.




39 thoughts on “Amal and George Clooney at Caproni’s on the River in Maysville 07.09.2017

    1. Seems like G has been wounded with his last movies, not just this one. He rewrote the Coen’s script to suit his political ideology and intentions. Mixing politics and entertaining ( movies ultimate goal is simply to entertain ) is a well known risk. He made his bed so..
      But he is not financially wounded, he sold his multimillionaire tequila business and his wife is doing great promoting fashion :- ))))
      He will try again ;- ) but maybe the Coens will not let him touch their scripts again :- )


    2. He certainly can come across as vile, myopic, elitist and arrogant. Not good form. He is similar to Trump in many ways – just keeps it more polished and controlled when he can. I changed my view of George after the Sony email leaks. In those emails, he came across as needy, insecure, demanding and entitled. If you removed his fame and money – he’d be nothing but a loud mouthed overconfident smug old man. I don’t understand how a young, intelligent, educated, professional woman chose to be with a man so vain and self absorbed.


      1. yes his emails were a shocker haha, but that’s why is so important for celebrities to use PR and control the media to portray a beautiful image. You never know how they really are. Celebrities have a prefabricated image to sell something, a movie, fashion, a book, a speech, political ideas, anything…
        Also they should not complain about leaks because she was part of the attorney team that defended the famous “wikiLeaks founder”. One cannot defend one “leak” and later condemn the emails just because it did affect him negatively. I mean, they do of course, but …hummm


      2. Maria, the answer to your question is easy, the fame and power that comes with marrying a handsome celebrity. That can be priceless.
        Both might look very different without any chemistry but they have the same goals and passion that involves having full public attention whatever they go and do. Nothing wrong with it but that’s how they do and will stick together and that’s how she did morph into a street super model and a famous public speaker. It is a smart plan :- ) and is working ;- )


      3. @ Maria: Amal hit the jackpot with George – she got money and fame … and nice homes, nice high fashion, nice hairstylists, nice makeup professionals … very nice is her life since she married George and stopped working, but is now hailed as world class attorney. Check her expensive wardrobe at the United Nations Security Council Chamber 21.09.2017 (in this blog) … I remember the last UN fashion week, this yellow dress …


    1. Donnie, I agree. The pants are hideous and she looks hideous in them. Enough with the slavery to fashion Amal. You’ve lost respect as a professional woman.


  1. Those pants are so tacky! How am I on a blog dedicated to a woman who is worshipped for her editorial fashion decisions? These pants are £1,303?!?! Ladies, style is not dictated by the amount of money in your bank accounts or the celebrity and fame that comes with free clothing – this just authenticates that true elegance, taste and style comes from within and doesn’t have a dollar tag attached to it.


    1. Calm down :- ) This is not about style but about the brands she wears. The goal is not if they fit or how she looks like but about convincing you/us to go ahead and buy these brands ;- ) it doesn’t matter if they are from the runaway or vintage. All items, jewelry, hats, sunglasses, shoes,etc have a “signature” and a website for you to order it and you wil “look like” your idol … :- ))) The high level fashion industry is for the famous celebrities to wear and in… and for you to order later. :- ))) It is like street fashion runaway and the audience is us seeing the pictures. Photographers are called, photos approved and photos sent to all mags. It is a high dollar fashion marketing trend and it works very well. Have you ever seen her wearing something with no brand (after she married of course) ? I doubt she likes everything she wears…but it is a well paid job and an easy one. Nothing wrong with it. ;- )))


    2. I don´t find the pants tacky, but overdressed and too expensive – this a small and simple restaurant, not a luxury location. Love the blouses!


      1. @Coco you’re hilarious! Very true.

        @Caroline if you don’t find those pants tacky, not sure what to tell you. I would almost assume only those but the visually impaired would find those pants horrid.


      2. @ Jen and everyone here – these pants are in fact NOT pants, but SHORTS – she is wearing a pair of decent shorts; I like the fabric which is probably silk, and yes, these pants/shorts don´t look tacky to me. What makes them looking very strange (tacky to some) and completely inappropriate is the context: a small, plain restaurant in Kentucky – this is not Monaco or Palm Springs where extravagant fashion is always right because of the place.
        Her midriff is showing – this is tacky, because of the context.

        @ Coco, you are funny! And again my thoughts exactly!


    3. Well that is very true. You often see people with the worth taste in circles where money is no object. I think some of us with slightly more modest budgets have to be more selective with our budget so sometimes we have better taste sincexwe can only buy a limited number of pieces.


  2. I hate those pants and I’m getting tired of that see throuh fachion trend. Those pants look horrible on the model and although Amal usually wear her clothes better than any model, I doubt they look good on her. She looks very happy to be there and to be part of George’s great family.


  3. Hi Nati, just wondering are these your pictures? Did not see them published in any newspaper and there was no photography credits mentioned?

    I have been stopping by your blog on and off since clooney and Amal started dating and you have so much material even private pictures from her younger days, so I started wondering maybe you have special access! Do you perhaps know Amal personally?


      1. Just curious: how did you even know about Amal before she met George? Or did you only notice her after their relationship became public?


    1. I wonder if “attractive” was the criteria she used to wear them. I’m guessing she’s more of a “they were free, available and designer wear” kinda gal.


  4. Just plain weird. They are just so out of the realm of ordinary clothing. Maybe ok for a cocktail party but not at all appropriate for this occasion. Bad choice 😦


  5. Not a good look – maybe we have a normal person who threw the lightest thing on as she tries to balance new motherhood been there done that:). I am amused how she wears to camouflage her belly – sigh her post preg stomach is my goal


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