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Amal and George Clooney at Suberbicon after party in Venice, 02.09.2017

On Saturday, Amal and George Clooney made their first public event appearance since the June birth of their twins, Alexander and Ella, stepping out in Venice for the red carpet premiere for  Suburbicon, which George directed, co-produced and co-wrote alongside his longtime collaborators the Coen brothers.

Amal stole the show in a stunning lilac Atelier Versace gown — but her after-party look was just as eye-catching.  Charlotte Tilbury, who has been responsible for Amal’s glam on the trip, took to Instagram to share a photo of Amal’s post-premiere look: a tiered, brightly-colored one-shoulder minidress and metallic pumps.



Style Files

Amal Clooney wore

Haute couture green dress, circa 1968

$ 12796

available to buy here


The original dress was longer.



Mirrored clutch

available here on Ebay and on sale



Songe pumps

21 thoughts on “Amal and George Clooney at Suberbicon after party in Venice, 02.09.2017

  1. I don’t like the ruffled, one shoulder style or colour of this dress. I appreciate the vintage aspect but it’s just a 70s frock gone wrong in my eye. Love the shoes though.


  2. This can’t be possible each appearance she makes looks better than the one before! The color is amazing her glow is amazing !!! I am happy she shortened it so much better if u ask me! Now I’ll be honest I’m not a fan of Charlotte always making amal so harsh with makeup but from the looks here even her makeup is on point. Well done to the breast feeding amal!! Good choice


  3. This dress is GENIUS! It’s totally gorgeous and Amal looks wonderful in it. It’s the perfect dress to hide some weight gain. Both versions of the dress look great.


  4. At Home With George Clooney in Italy: Amal, the Twins, Politics and an Incendiary New Movie –

    ‘I’m a very good diaper guy’: George Clooney, 56, discusses parenting his new twins and how he proposed while revealing Amal, 39, got pregnant WITHOUT fertility drugs –

    Did she REALLY got pregnant without fertility treatment? I don´t believe it.


    1. Funny how all the floating questions were answered: 1) did they personally take in any Syrian refugees? Yes; 2) Did Amal use fertility treatments? No (and there’s a bridge I can sell you); 3) how did they ‘really’ meet? 4) Is Amal really as attention-hungry as she appears? Ok they didn’t ask but … never seen a camera she didn’t swoon over.


      1. I was thinking the same thing. Funny how he uses these articles to address all the floating questions. Control freak and image conscious or what! Must be a very insecure and self obsessed couple is all I got from that article. And I did not feel it was true, genuine or authentic. Felt very much like politalk (a politician talking). Do ppl actually believe what actors say and what goes to print…


  5. This was a “miss” fir me. I don’t like the colors, especially together. The style is just too flouncy for my taste. I think Charlotte has done a horrible job with her makeup in Venice. Harsh, too much contouring.,,,just too much of everything. What you see is the makeup. Makeup is supposed to enhance the beauty, not overtake it. I wonder why she’s doing this?


    1. Insecurity. Showmanship. Feeling trapped by your choices. I feel sorry for her. She reminds me of Melania Trump. There comes a price with marrying a rich old dumb narcissistic man. And you need to hide behind the glamorous gowns, heavy makeup and cosmetics in the hope you can conceal it from others and yourself. Give it another ten years.


      1. I meant I wonder why Charlotte has such the heavy hand in applying makeup on Amal. I love makeup, even dramatic makeup. But it’s all over her face. I thought the rule was if you do a heavy eye, no heavy lips and vice versa. It looks very 1980’s and ages her instead of enhancing her looks. I have to respectively disagree with you about this couple though. First, I don’t think George is any of this things. I don’t know him of course. I’ve seen him in interviews and I think he’s a riot. He comes from a small midwestern town, and I think brought up normal. I think he’s a hard worker, tons on volunteer work. I personally don’t follow his movies much, but I think he’s an honest okay guy.

        Same with her. Hard worker, close family is seems. Sure she loves that camera, and she hasn’t quite learned how to not act so “la-de-da look at me” quite yet. But I bet she’s pretty secure in who she is and her expectations of what she was getting into.


  6. Amal is very pretty in this dress. I prefer the short version which is lighter and less busy or frilly. I love those three shades or nuances green altogether and find the look itself young and modern.


  7. What I thought was interesting in the Hollywood Reporter was how George “answered” for Amal on some pretty personal issues. Why not let Amal speak for herself? Did her husband really have to tell the reporter that Amal did not take fertility drugs? Her biological history is no one’s business. Or that Her father was Druze but Amal was NOT religious? I notice that he failed to mention that her mother is muslim. Why? Is he so calculating that he thinks this might put people off his movie….or his next career in politics? I wonder if there are times when Amal wishes she could just kick back and hang out with friends instead of hangers on. Makeup artist, body guards, models, actors – does she miss the company of her profession?


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