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Amal and George Clooney spotted arriving for dinner in Venice, 01.09.2017

Amal and George were joined by Grant and Lysa Heslov as they enjoyed a bite to eat at Da Ivo restaurant after attending a private event as part of the Venice Film Festival.

Suburbicon is set to premiere on Saturday night (September 2) at Venice Film Festival.

Style Files

Amal Clooney wore a

MISSONI blue dress

from the Resort ’18 collection
Strapless Fringe Gown

This Missoni gown features a sweetheart strapless neckline, corset bodice construction, and a fringe detailed skirt.

was available here

This MISSONI dress is available at Bergdorf Goodman here

And you can rent this dress here at Armarium

MISSONI sandals

GUCCI earrings from the Cruise collection

Here similar earrings by Gucci

Margo Crinkled Metallic Minaudière

was available here


Make-up by Charlotte Tilbury and hairstyle by Rod Ortega.


Pictures via Justjared

34 thoughts on “Amal and George Clooney spotted arriving for dinner in Venice, 01.09.2017

    1. ??? It is so obvious that she gave birth when you see these pics and in the tennis outfits ! It was only 3 months ago and she still has a stomach bump, which is cute actually 🙂 . She is just like most women who don’t put on more kilos than necessary during their pregnancy. My daughter-in-law was just like her after she gave birth to twins !

      As for the comments I read about nose job, face job ….she didn’t do any ! You miss the talent of a make-up artist. They can make you look gorgeous when you look exhausted !

      Wow ! Some people are either bored, either jealous, either frustrated…. come on !
      She did gave birth ! Any of us who gave birth can’t miss the signs such as her stomach and
      breast !

      She looks gorgeous ! I love both dresses !

      Thank you Nati ! Good job !


    2. Six weeks after the birth of my first baby, I was in a tight, black little black dress. With the help of spanx, my stomach looked flat. I can definitely tell she was pregnant. She still has a little belly, more meat on her bones and huge boobs.


    3. I agree. It would be a stretch for one baby…maybe I could agree – but twins?! No way. That is not a small baby bump – that is at most a little bloating from a glass of water or a meal. Also we have seen her lifting the babies in baskets – none of my friends who had c-sections were allowed to lift that much for months after birth.


      1. Where did you read that she had a c-section ?
        It is an option when babies are in distress. It is absolutely not systematic….

        I am really amazed to read speculations about her belly bump 😂😂😂….. for one baby, twins … I personally weighted less after giving birth to a big ( almost 5 kg ) baby than before being pregnant, but I still had stretched skin around my belly, and it took 2 months to disappear with physio and gym.
        My daughter-in-law gave birth to twins, both of them weighted less than my son, and her stretched skin came back to normal in 3 months with physio, gym and tennis (because no c-section)

        And there are also many counter examples of course. You can’t make a case a generality. Each woman is different, each pregnancy is different.


      2. At Anna7, yes I am making an assumption that she had a c-section IF she was actually pregnant (which I’m still not convinced on…I really think a surrogate was possibly used). But if she did deliver twins I’d be surprised if it was done naturally. Not sure what country you are in or how long ago your sister delivered twins naturally but given I had a high chance of having twins I researched heavily and spoke to many leading medical experts about whether natural birth would be possible. Across USA and UK the preference is to do a c-section for twins because it is a much higher risk pregnancy and birth. Often it is dangerous for a woman to go full-term with twins anyways. Especially if so petite like Amal. So that’s what I’m basing my assumption off.


      3. We live in France, and my daughter-in-law didnt go full term. It was 15 years ago, but my niece and a friend of mine delivered twins ( not full term) last year and this year, with no c-section.
        Everything went well … Including recovery …
        We are very aware here of c-section being done abusively by obstetricians who makes much more money that way. So, it seems it is only done when a pregnancy is at high risk or when the babies are in distress.


  1. Everything is perfect and she is glowing! Her skin is perfect, the dress is a dream, those shoes….wow, just luscious. Her earrings are to die for. Bravo Amal. Nobody can do things better than you! And Thanks Nati for your great job.


  2. Her best photographs are when they are not straight on shots but rather side angeled shots where you don’t see the severe jawline and the overly arched Joan Crawford eyebrows. She used a similar angle in the office profile image where her hand is obscuring her chin and jaw. She looked more feminine and soft.


  3. WOW! She delivered. Amal looks amazing. Again, she needs to lighten up on the make-up. Other than that she knocked it out of the park.


  4. Don´t like dress/make up/shoes/jewelry – look all garish and very “Look at me”. Don´t like her staring directly into the camera and posing/looking like a doll.


  5. I know this is a blog about what she wears – but as this is also a blog for intelligent women so I would like to pose a question. Why does Amal give permission to have her face and body used as a billboard by make-up artists and hairdressers to sell their product? I’m referring to the instagram shots. She could easily ask them to keep this private. Instead she encourages it.


    1. Obviously there is a win-win (business) relationship here – Amal getting prof. make up and hair done, and the make-up artists and hairdressers getting a lot of media attention for little work and expenses. They are her “friends” … really? As long as she is the famous Mrs Clooney, beautiful and rich, surely!


  6. That picture of Clooney giggling looks VERY, VERY odd. Sorry. He just looks like an ape. She should have married someone from her background. This guy is just very inappropriate. Can’t stand him…


  7. I wonder if those drop earrings are by Kenneth jay labe. I saw some today on a website exactly like then by Kenneth jay lane but they were two circles not three and has the same pearl pattern


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