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Amal and George Clooney hit the red carpet at the 74th Venice Film Festival 02.09.2017

Amal and George Clooney were all smiles today at the Venice Film Festival as they arrived for the premiere for the crime comedy Suburbicon, which George directed, co-produced and co-wrote alongside his longtime collaborators the Coen brothers.
The outing marks the first time Georg and his human-rights lawyer wife have made a public event appearance since the birth of their twins Alexander and Ella on June 6.

Amal wore a stunning lilac Atelier Versace gown and her hair curled up into a faux bob. She accessorized with drop pearl earrings. George, meanwhile, kept things classic in a tux.

Another video can be watch here

Style Files

Amal Clooney wore


 lilac silk chiffon gown with ruched bodice and flowing skirt


Same color as in the Versace ad with Lady Gaga




First Kiss Leather Ankle Strap Sandals

available here

~ $750



Make-up by Charlotte Tilbury


Hairstyle by Rod Ortega


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32 thoughts on “Amal and George Clooney hit the red carpet at the 74th Venice Film Festival 02.09.2017

  1. I never am into the faux bob hair look on anyone. I do love the colour of the dress- my favourite shade! however, I find that the style and cut of the dress itself is kind of basic, and has been done many times. I do not like the bust section and the way the straps turn into the empire waist cut.

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      1. I agree with the pageant-y look of the gown. Not a fan of that strip of fabric that makes up the shoulder straps and then underlines the bust. Also, her lip color is way too dark, and I don’t think the hair style really goes with the outfit.


  2. Amal is statuesque in this dress for sure. It is very feminine but I prefer the pale yellow one she wore in Cannes to this one and same for earrings. Her hair is gorgeous! How doest it stays in place? Once again, she is striking, graceful and regal.


  3. Well I think she did have the babies she is literally bursting out of this dress boob wise which only makes sense if you are breast feeding, unless she had a boob job and I don’t think so why go to do much trouble in this day and age! Surrogates are quite common now!


    1. If you remember back to august – September last year before she was pregnant, many were claiming she had had a boob job. I think she did because the size difference was very noticeable back then.


  4. I am so happy to see Amal out and about again now that the twins are here. All of her looks this summer have been casually elegant and her red carpet style is on point. In my opinion, she has hit it out of the park each time( an American expression!) I am hoping we see a lot more of her and her style.


  5. Also want to add that it cannot be easy to step in and out of boats in Venice while in heels and long gowns yet she does this gracefully. I would stumble around even if I was wearing flats😂😂😂


  6. Absolutely stunning —— old Hollywood ! Love love love her look especially the lilac — and the faux bob thank god she didn’t do the long hair down for this gown nailed it look of the year hands down


  7. In this photo, you can see how similar they look. The shape of the head is almost a completely identical. From the jaw, to long face and ears. Yowzers!


  8. She looks breathtaking. Only one diss – she needs to soften the make-up. Check out the photo of her in Venice (black dress) before they got married. She looks years younger and much more fresh.


  9. Amal looked very pretty in that color of dress. The only thing I didn’t like was that fabric piece under the breast…it was weird to me. I am not so sure about her hair…..I think she was going for some “old Hollywood” look, but for me it aged her a bit. I much preferred the hairstyle from other night where she had part of her hair pinned back and off her face. The make up was Ok…but I again prefer the less is more look. Overall, this was my favorite look of this week. There are more pictures on…..
    Search for George Clooney…today they are leaving Venice with their babies. Love seeing them haul those baby carriers….


  10. I don’t know why she reminds me of Maria Callas with this hair. Just as I was thinking that her biggest asset which gives her usually allure is her hair. It’s not the best thing she could have done because her big nose shows more. Dress is nice, you can’t go wrong with Versace.


  11. Dress is gorgeous and so flattering ! The lower tummy is soft, and as Amal carried low and wide, this is smart especially with all the pleating. She is enjoying her bigger busy thanks to breast feeding. I hope she keeps a few extra pounds– it suits her.
    I think her makeup a bit too harsh for the dress and am undecided on her hair. Part of me would have liked a soft updo. But agree that the dress needed her hair off her shoulders. But she looks so happy, who really cares!


  12. Beautiful dress. She nails every outfit. Not my favourite hair but nice she tried something different. I think the makeup is too aging in her! She looked incredible in the tennis photos recently with very little makeup. I wish she would try it more. Though I guess the photographs might need the extra layer of makeup to turn out?


  13. Must give it to her and her stylist she looks stunning and very stylish (most of the time). It looks like she has had, amongst other things, a breast augmentation. Time will tell if that is actually the case. So many commentators believe they used a surrogate. If they did they should have just admitted to it.


  14. They are doing a remake of Notting hill. She is Julia Roberts and he is Hugh Grant alias William Thacker. This is what it looks like to me. She was the nobody who married a celebrity and she is turning it all upside down. Now she looks like the star and he looks like her escort. She’s an attention stealer. He will have to be very in love or he’ll get irritated sooner or later.


  15. Grecian Goddess in pale, dreamy violet!!! What I so admire about Amal is that she’s not at all afraid to be unique. She breaks some fashion rules very successfully, and some don’t like this but I Love it. The Mavens of Fashion seem to think this way: long flowy gown Must equal long flowy hair. Pale violet color Must require a soft lip. Well, Why long hair when Amal has Gorgeous, shorter, swingy waves full of body? Why a restrained lip color when Amal pulls off a vivid, deep lip color that also contrasts so beautifully with her pastel gown? As for her makeup “aging” her, I say Nay!!! It deepens her beauty. She’s now a mother of two children and a happily married woman, as well as a lawyer at the top of her career. She needn’t look like a 20 year old ingenue – how Boring! Her face will age well. She has strong features and an almost Overabundance of beauty. I think she will continue to gracefully and daringly carry all that in Her Way. Bravo!!!!


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