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Amal and George Clooney dining at Alle Darsene, Italy 15.08.2017

Amal and George Clooney have been spotted  week dining with friends  and security guard at one of their favourite restaurants Le Darsene restaurant in Bellagio, Italy.

The couple looked very happy and comfortable as they sipped red wine and enjoyed some food together as they chatted with friends and at one point embraced in a passionate kiss while at the table with the friends and bodyguard.


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37 thoughts on “Amal and George Clooney dining at Alle Darsene, Italy 15.08.2017

      1. Don’t sweat it, Nati. I don’t feel that the correction was necessary, especially in the tone delivered.
        You do a great job running this site and we know all the work you put into it.
        Thank you!

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  1. Amal and George look always nice, but almost always look to me like some advert (fashion/tequila/travel industry) or an excerpt from a movie, posing for the cameras and acting, i.e. never real and natural.


    1. You read my mind. Why is it when Amal does not want to be seen pregnant and heavy, she disappears and no one can find a photo of her or take a photo of her. But, once they’re ready to start the PR roll, the love, the kisses and laughter are on full display.


  2. I hate PDA’s in public when people are with friends, or doing it in front of friends. Who wants to sit and watch that? “See how we love each other so much….do you see, do you see?” gag.


  3. Wow…first a tennis outfit we can actually afford, minimal make up and now she is wearing an outfit she has worn before???? Amazing!!!! 😃

    I am looking forward to the Venice Film festival that begins on August 30… Suburbicon will be shown, so I am expecting Amal to wear something amazing on the Red Carpet…..


  4. They love these “public acts of affection” yet are hardly ever seen dining out on their own. It’s usually kissing in front of friends, bodyguards….and cameras etc. In fact they are photographed in Lake Como in the same restaurants, in practically the same poses, year after year, God I would hate to be the “third wheel” on one of their dinner dates.


    1. I don’t think you have to worry about being a third wheel on a dinner date with them. What other restaurants in Lake Como should they go to?


      1. Unfortunately, to your utter dismay, you won’t be invited either. But, I’m sure you would love to be near Amal and George.


      2. Jackson- she was not expressing actual worry; rather, the phrase “I would hate to” is used to express her opinion regarding the topic she is topic she is touching on- that being, Her opinion on what it would feel like to be across table with people showing PDA and kissing for or in front of the cameras.


    2. I think that photographers are being called to the shoot. It would be almost impossible to take these perfect and loving (and awkward) pictures of both in such an exclusive restaurant that takes care of important celebrities. Their PDA typically happens when they are around her family as if they are ok with photographers. You don’t see any complains or lawsuits from them, right? This PDA, restaurants and photos are part of both careers path.. Casually there is a movie coming up soon that would benefit … and probably soon she will have a new client too.. It looks like a very well done PR session.


      1. @Coco

        Of course, these photos are prearranged. They would no longer eat there with the continued (and by continue, I mean George with every woman he’s been with in the past/present) personal intrusions. George has a brand, a movie coming out and Amal also has her interests including making bank from designers. I, personally, don’t have a problem with any of that and also have no problem with calling it what it is.


  5. Awwwwww love it!!!!! So I love god bless them what a perfect match – nat any idea who dinner was with wasn’t that Tariq with them


  6. They sure have a lot of time for such frequent dinner outings considering they have newborn twins. Guess Amal is slimming down and starving for media attention ofhe fashion choices.


      1. Nati, do you know if Darina is still connected with the Bulgarian mafia and Tarek joined them or are they completely away from that scene. Darina’s stepmother, who inherited all the wealth after Darina’s father was shot in the street, the stepmother, now lives in the USA and has a company in the film industry and they sort of buy the old former block busters actors.


      2. 🙂 Claudia – does anyone ever lose their connections with the mafia…? 😉

        Does anyone here believe all of Amal and George’s money is ‘clean’ money…? And that all of their ‘connections’ are wholesome connections….? Or that they are unawares of the goings on of the people they surround themselves with….?

        “A pretty face and fine clothes do not make character”.


  7. I’m surprised they spend so many evenings having fancy restaurant dinners away from their new babies. And to all the other moms who are going to blast me for my opinion- saying “parents need a break there’s nothing wrong with it etc etc” – my opinion that I’ve just expressed stays the same. They seem to be spending many evenings away at dinner, and it is surprising and I don’t agree.


      1. As we all know, babies do not always sleep all through the night and wake up frequently. I do have kids, and I don’t behave such as this.


  8. More pictures seem to be added….why can’t she have these outfits altered to be the correct length? Both this outfit and the above green Maxi dress seem to have too much material that drags on the ground. I’m pretty sure she can afford to have these clothes altered to fit appropriately.


  9. Amal should have had the length of the pants shortened. The pants are overwhelming her. The outfit looks OK from the front but terrible from the back. Her bra is showing and the pants look odd around her butt. The shoes don’t go with the outfit at all. Amal usually wears lovely clothes but her shoes are mostly wrong for the outfits.


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