Amal and George Clooney Attend London Premiere of Armenian Genocide film The Promise 06.04.2017


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Amal and George Clooney with singer-songwriter Chris Cornell attended the London premiere of the Armenian genocide film The Promise.

Amal Clooney was not present on the red carpet.

Chris Cornell, who composed the theme song for the film, posted a photo on Twitter.

Elton John, Cher, Barbara Streisand, Andre Agassi, Sylvester Stalonner, Dean Cain and Leonardo DiCaprio have all expressed their support for the film.

The Promise,” which world-premiered at the Toronto Film Festival last September, will go on wide release in the U.S. on 2,000 screens via Open Road Films on April 21.

The roughly $100-million film is considered a breakthrough after several attempts to make a Hollywood film about the Armenian genocide failed during past decades.

“The Promise” centers on a love story involving a medical student (Oscar Isaac), a journalist (Christian Bale), and the Armenian woman (Charlotte Le Bon) who steals their hearts. All three find themselves grappling with the Ottomans’ decision to begin rounding up and persecuting Armenians.

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Style Files

Amal Clooney wore a


Cocktail-print cady midi dress

available here

with her DOLCE & GABBANA velvet clutch.


48 thoughts on “Amal and George Clooney Attend London Premiere of Armenian Genocide film The Promise 06.04.2017

  1. Sorry, I am not a fan of the dress to wear to a movie about Genocide. There is a time and place for everything…This is a “fun” dress with fun colors and drinks. Wear the dress at a fun cocktail party. This is a serious subject and not a time to draw attention to oneself. Amal manages to do that…. On the other hand, she looks healthy and pregnant….That is always a good look.


  2. absolutely agree with Katkan2. When it comes to dressing for the occasion Amal can often seem “tone deaf” to the subject matter of the occasion. She should have saved this one for summer in Lake Como or drinks in Malibu.


    • Amal does not really know how to dress for the occasion. The main theme in her dress style is to be almost always dressed up. In something very very expensive with a name label. You used to be able to appreciate her unique tastes, through her fashion choices early on in the marriage, but now she just seems to wear whatever the designers want her to strut. She has, to some degree, lost touch with true self.


  3. Amal can be so daft at times. Love the silhouette of this dress, but the pattern is not only horrific but so inappropriate for the occasion.


  4. She’s only human and she’s pregnant – with twins! I’m sure she’s wondering what she can fit into now – it’s a cute dress I wouldn’t wear it there maybe for a lunch or dinner with friends on a spring day 🙂


  5. (Nati, please, post this instead of my previous comment. I’ve corrected some mistakes. Thank you. If it pass the moderation,I want to say)

    Hi Nati, I follow the blog since the wedding, more or less. I always read each new post but I don’t write very much because of my bad English. Thanks for your incredible work, as I always say. Today I have an off topic question for you. I was surfing the Outnet web, looking at some dresses, just for fun, when one of them called my atention
    Am I or is it exact to the Gucci that Amal wore in NY? I remember I wrote that day because the outfit was love at first sight. In your opinion as fashion expert, how is this possible? It woudn’t have been a surprise for me to have find out a clon chinese, of course. But I think this case is different. Surely this is a case of Amal for less, haha. Kisses


  6. Amal looks good, the dress is fun, very feminine and pretty, but totally inappropriate for the occasion. A dark blue, simple and elegant dress would be right for a movie about genocide.


  7. I can’t imagine, when deciding what to wear to a London premiere of Armenian genocide, a person saying/thinking, “I know just the dress to wear, my dress with all the tropical drinks, martini’s, & cocktails.” It’s a conversation piece, a distraction, and it’s loud.


    • Jacklyn- Do you know what the other patrons were wearing, specifically the women? Perhaps they all wore this type of attire to a premiere about a love story.


      • Jackson, Amal is not the “other women”, she is herself, Amal Clooney, she could decide for herself what is appropriate to wear.


  8. Why isn’t appropriate? It is not a movie or a documentary on a genocide but a movie on a love story that happened during a terrible conflict… like Gone with the Wind, Doctor Shivago, ect. It’s a Hollywood film premier on a LOVE STORY. Comme on ladies! All this biaised negativity and criticism is to tiresome and boring. I love Nati’s great work but all those useless comments….No wonder less people want to comment anymore.

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      • Why can’t people have their own opinions without being attacked or being asked to defend their choice/belief? I personally don’t like the dress….. That is my opinion. You like the dress. Fine….That is your opinion. Let’s agree to disagree and move on……. I hope you have a lovely weekend….


    • Having an opinion about fashion choices, on a fashion blog, is boring because it doesn’t happen to agree with your opinion?? *chuckling*


  9. I agree with Manon B. I follow this blog from the start and it seems to me that the negative comments on Amal now predominante while in the beginning everything about Amal was good. A little more empathie for Amal would make this blog more interesting. Yes, she loves designer clothes, but isn’t that the reason why we all love this blog? Did you see the movie? If not, don’t judge about what she is wearing.

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  10. Did anyone see what the Kardashian’s and Cher wore to the movie premiere? Hardly drab stuff. It’ not a funeral or even a memorial: it’s a movie premiere about a love story that takes place during the Armenian genocide. Amal’s dress would not be my choice for the event, but I am not outraged either. I think it can be hard to find dresses that will fit during the last trimester. In my own pregnancies, I wore nonmaternity clothes, as the momma kind were hideous and expensive. I worked everyday and tried to find clothes that would look good and may have use after the fact. She didn’t walk the carpet, she’s trying to avoid attention by the press. So she wore a fun dress. Big friggin’ deal.


    • Are you suggesting that a woman who wears clothes and accessories worth around $10K can’t have clothing sent to her that fits her during her pregnancy? She is not the average working woman juggling picking up the kids from daycare, wearing sneakers on her commute home and stuffing microwave dinners just in time before she has to help her kids with their homework.


    • Maybe Amal had no other dress fitting her pregnancy, and she obviously does not wear maternity clothing but still high fashion dresses, which are a bit bigger than her usual dresses.And why not bringing a positive note?


  11. My two cents..
    Amal’s choice of dress (and yes, I’m sure it was her choice) would’ve been fine if not for the print.
    Cocktails connote a celebration, which, in my opinion, was not wise.
    If they’d been little teddy bears, it would have been juvenile. She’s had the problem of propriety more than a few times, for various reasons.
    I think that that is why some are unhappy with her preference.
    I also think that she was focusing on the idea that this was a movie premiere and not taking into account the context of the movie.
    To compare her to an over-the-top icon, Cher, is just silly.
    To compare her dress to what Kim Kardashian wore is utterly ludicrous. KK is pathetic.


  12. While Jackson’s comments may be off-putting to people, most often those that tend to make judgmental comments and assumptions about the Clooneys’ private decisions and motives without having any access to their private thoughts and decision making, I am grateful that Jackson continues to call people on them. Yes, everyone is entitled to comment on Amal’s fashion choices. Yes, one can rightfully bemoan choices that reflect a lack of personal style or a lack of concern for animals used to make snakeskin shoes or to decorate a dress with ostrich feathers. One can also can agree that you’re also free to ascribe motives and project your own thoughts onto Amal and George Clooney’s public appearances and public actions, but that doesn’t make the latter judgments and projections right, and to do so says more about the writers than about the Clooneys. My first and last comment. Just tired of reading the defensive bullying of Jackson, whoever he/she may be.


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    • The bullying you are talking about has taken on a mind of its own and I think has become a knee-jerk reaction for some. It’s really annoying and old at this point

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