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Amal Clooney meets UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres with Nadia Murad 10.03.2017

United Nations, New York, USA, 10 March 2017 – Amal Clooney Meets with Secretary-General Antonio Guterres today at the UN Headquarters in New York. Amal Clooney, is the Legal Representative for Nadia Murad Basee Taha and other Yazidi survivors and she is at UN to ask for justice for her clients.

It was also Nadia’s 24th birthday.



Style’s Files

Amal Clooney wears a navy pleated dress


year 1990 – 1999

was available here $800

with thanks to Maud for the ID !


Olimpia Intrecciato Small Shoulder Bag

available here at Barneys


12 thoughts on “Amal Clooney meets UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres with Nadia Murad 10.03.2017

    1. Agree. She really looks beautiful lately with some weight on her but the dress is wrong. So many of the styles were out of place for the seriousness of the past week.


  1. This dress is something my grandmother would wear. The fabric bow at the front is horrific. This dress does nothing for her – it’s all over the place.


    1. I thought John Galliano was fired a few years ago for his video of Anti-Semitic comments about Jews. Galliano was for the Nazis. Granted he was drunk but it was just disgusting


  2. Oh no, this is just not what I would imagine for a moment like this; a meeting. My initial thought was, “cocktail dress.” Paired with a Bobbie pin in the hair. Also, she looked awkward holding her purse. It’s kind of like the “sunglasses, clutch, designer bag”thing. Really? Are these really must haves to wear in court, in meetings, etc.? What happened to the classy suits female attorneys wear in court and classic brief cases with important documents? It’s such a great look. Respected and dignified. Project Runway is not the place here. This dress is all wrong and ruched gathered fabric. This is a big big miss!


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