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Amal Clooney at International Woman’s Day event at the UN headquarter in New York

Amal Clooney celebrated the International Woman’s Day organised by the UK mission at the UN  in New York on March 8th 2017.

Style Files

Amal Clooney was in BOTTEGA VENETA

Cruise Collection 2017-2018

  • Velvet devore dress
  • Cashmere coat in dusty rose
  • Roma bag

and the BOTTEGA VENETA bag is avaialble here


CAD$ 6,916

The BOTTEGA VENETA coat is available here

The pumps are by JENNIFER CHAMANDI

Lorenzo Leather Pumps

are available here  at Browns



22 thoughts on “Amal Clooney at International Woman’s Day event at the UN headquarter in New York

  1. I am so impressed with her work. Her impassioned presentation at the UN was excellent and so important (in my opinion) so I am just baffled why bloggers are commenting on the size of her lips. We have so many critical issues in the world and when individuals talk about them and what needs to be done it is what they say and not the size of mouth that seems where the focus should be.

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    1. I am so impressed with her work. Her impassioned presentation at the UN was excellent and so important (in my opinion) so I am just baffled why she dresses, preens, has a glam team on hand for a work day. It’s not the Oscars. We have so many critical issues in the world and when she allows her vanity to interfere with her work, she actively encourages talk about her clothes and appearance rather than where the focus should be.


    2. It’s not nice to shame (or “bully” as you’ve previously put it) people for discussing this on a “style” site. How about we post our opinions without criticizing other bloggers?


  2. She is lovely and chic. Most importantly, she is fantastic and her work is instrumental for so any people in a world which is more and more troubled and harsh.

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  3. Hi Jackson, I agree with you and if this was a political blog I would be solely focusing on her professional activities – however this context is about her style – and that includes hair, make-up, cosmetic procedures etc. Lets flip YOUR argument around for arguments sake. If the focus should be only on her message and her client why does AMAL focus so much attention and time on arranging to borrow an outfit from a designer and getting her hair and makeup professionally done. After all, she is just going to her place of work. Who get’s their make up and hair done just for a work day. If my focus is drawn to these things it is only because Amal puts so much time into them. As we speak every freebie outfit she has…literally…. paraded in will be on the social media sites of the design house. That’s not a “coincidence” – that’s all prearranged.


    1. I don’t agree with you. I didn’t post the ID for the yellow coat and preferred to wait. For me it was a question of respect for all ISIS victims. Amal mentionned for the first time also the other minorites Assyrians, Christians, etc. Perhaps the yellow color was too flashy for the occasion, but the cause was more important than Amal’s clothes. Victims need justice.


      1. You didnt post it which shows sensitivity and wisdom on your behalf Nati; it doesn’t change the fact Amal still wore it to draw attention to herself.


    2. I totally agree with you, Casual observer. This is not a political blog. This is about style and style pretty much only. There is no editorial on what Amal said and half of what she said on Security Counsel intervention is highly unlikely and until ISIS is a state ICJ and ICC are both just out. There is no State actor as of yet, which is needed and defined in both thesis of ICJ and ICC.

      Further, I do think that when there is an invitation for politics there is also drilling down to the actual truth and in a utopia Amal’s statements are agreed by the vast majority, yet implementation has no direct or even a convoluted path in the very brief barely cited manner enumerated. I see it as a press jaunt.

      I very much agree that if she were truly doing a service for her client more than mere PR, then she would not be so concerned with clothing, hair, style, makeup, and Pap walks. She called the press in each instance that is over a 90% certainty.

      PR is important, she is keeping the issue top of mind. This is all I see, public relations and no real legal ground work. No creation of basis in fact because where is ISIS as a state? Justice would come more swiftly in a Iraq court where both subject matter and personal jurisdiction exists and justice can be handed out. Amal cannot play in a setting she does not have the ability to practice law.

      Finally, there are thousands of much more famous and successful people in NYC during her romp who had much less press or no press. You see them at the Yale Club or Harvard Club etc and barely know they were in town. Heck, Obama and Michelle were seen three times more at the Harvard Club then you did in the press and he was in NYC during the same time.


      1. I agree. Her oratory skills are at best at middle school level – though an improvement on previous presentations.

        The content of her speech could have been written by a fifth grader. Indeed, I heard a fifth grade debate last week that espoused similar naive ideals about the capabilities of the UN, not embedded in the realism of the ways of the world.

        She is very ‘young’ at law for her 40 years and it shows.


  4. Hi ,
    I agree with you Casual Observer each time ,
    You are intelligent on your opinion , on your observer and your comment .
    Congratulations !
    The Amal ‘s lips are more size , more big , I think


  5. I wouldn’t fault her for having her hair and makeup done before she goes to an event covered by the press. Wouldn’t most women have their hair and make-up done if they knew they were going to have their photo taken by a gazillion cameras? (I slap on a little even before I go to the grocery store.) As well, if she arrived au natural, headlines would read that she’s deathly ill or on the verge of a mental break down or aging terribly or having marriage problems, etc.

    Also, I wouldn’t shame bloggers for discussing her clothing and make-up since this is a fashion site (hence the word “style” in the title.)

    Anyway, she looks fabulous and this is one of my favourite outfits I’ve seen on her. She is crazy photogenic and seems like an outstanding person.


    1. Normally there is not a ton of press in the UN gallery. This is only for Amal and the prearranged Pap show. I know PR helps but it is ridiculous at this time.


    2. That’s not fair to all the working women out there who attend work daily, minus the glam team. Politicians, lawyers, doctors, journalists, world leaders etc, all sorts of women in the public eye who attend work without their hair, nails and make up immaculately done. These sorts of attitudes and behaviours set unrealistic high standards for young women especially and are unattainable in the daily work lives of women. They are also simply a waste of good money that could be better invested elsewhere. No one has ever insinuated that Amal attend work in a potato sac but there is something in between high fashion and potato sacs that can be elegant, classy and sophisticated without teetering on presenting oneself as a fashion whore and detracting from one’s own work. She disrespects herself and takes women backwards.

      Gorbachev once said he didn’t want his birthmark removed from his face as it would give rise to speculation he was vain and not serious about his work. Wise man.


      1. Exactly! If HRC had to look perfect every moment of every day then she could never function as Secretary of State much less trying to President.


  6. Whoa, $7,000 for a handbag. Whew! At one time, her entire ensemble used to bee $10,000. Now that’s just for the purse. I’m sorry, that would be the day that I would purchase, promote, model, a $7,000 purse, clutch, tote, briefcase for a designer. FREE or not. On LOAN or not. Some of these designers make her look a bit “granny” at times. This round….I have to agree with the majority of you. The haute couture for the courtroom or UN, extreme high end $$$$$, the sunglasses + handbag pairing presence, whether you need them, or not. This constant preparatory behavior reminds me of KELLYANNE CONWAY ! Note: I’m not comparing her to Kellyanne Conway. I am comparing her BEHAVIOR to KellyAnne Conway. Clothes, hair, makeup, sunglasses, shoes, purse/clutch. Parade parade parade. Pop & Bop, Pop & Bop, Pony Walk Pony Walk.
    Be yourself, stick to the heart of the matter, stop padding the pockets of the designers for their 2018, 2019, 2020 upcoming collections. Amal is a “test market” for the designers as well as a “pre-order market” for upcoming launch collections for them. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.


  7. I love how Hillary Rodham Clinton (HRC) has such a laser like passion & compassion for real issues. Her desire is her work. Not how she should do her hair for her work, not how she should dress for her work, not what bag + sunglass pairing she should select to be photographed in for her work, not what shoes she should wear for her work, but rather IT IS HER WORK that she invests her heart and soul in. THIS is far “richer” than padding the pockets of the designers, bringing light & focus to their upcoming collections, keeping their names in the forefront of fashion. These distractions are not important for her. Pretentious & superficial she is not. HRC is steadfast & true. My oh my, how easily influenced one can be by simply marrying a celebrity actor. I thought Amal was tougher than this & above reducing herself to make these designers rich rich rich. If she was supporting these new hardworking newbie unknown/no name designers or college kid fashion designers…..then that’s great, but to support the already established WEALTHY BEYOND BELIEF designers? No way. No Way. The action in itself says a lot. Perhaps for special occasions, but EVERYDAY?


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