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Amal Clooney spent the International Women’s Day at the UN 08.03.2017

Amal Clooney spent the International Women’s Day at the United Nations in New York city where she spoke on behalf of Nadia Murad.



Style Files

Amal Clooney wore a DIOR suit in bouclette from 1959

furnished by WILLIAM VINTAGE

with VERSACE sunglasses

available here

with a large FENDI Peekaboo bag

available here



Farida pumps

available here on Farfetch on sale

A video



with Nikki Haley, US Ambassador to the United Nations

25 thoughts on “Amal Clooney spent the International Women’s Day at the UN 08.03.2017

  1. Stylish, chic and professional without being stark. The pockets of the suit add interest to tje suit and make the overall look that much more fun. Just elegant and classy; and no fur, haha 😉 Nice to see Nadia Murad smiling, maybe a sign there’s hope of her beginning to heal inside.

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  2. Stylish, chic and professional without being stark. The pockets of the suit add interest to the suit and make the overall look that much more fun. Just elegant and classy; and no fur, haha 😉 Nice to see Nadia Murad smiling, maybe a sign there’s hope of her beginning to heal inside.


  3. I recieved an email labeled “An Urgent Message From Amal Clooney”. It turns out it was an article written by Vogue magazine’s blog about how the media focuses more attention on her fashion choices and pregnancy than her U.N. work and her intelligence. The article by vogue fashion magazine further condemned the way women are judged based on their appearance. I thought it was interesting to see a magazine which portrays women as beautiful mainly because they are either youthful, thin, and not pregnant or if they are rich celebrities. Quite the hippocritical statement from Vogue. Of course Anna Wintour the editor of Vogue is friends with Amal Clooney and all of their comments about her on their blogs are extremely biased. If Amal was not so overfocused on her fashion choices for the cameras and dressed in a more low-key manner, at least while she is seen doing professional work, she would never make herself subject to this kind of media scrutiny. There are plenty of celebrities who are not so obsessed with using their clothes to draw media attention. If Amal used her intelligence and her causes to draw media attention, she would command more respect for her intelligence and her causes from a broader circle and she could easily change what that is what the media focuses on. Fashion and pregnancy do not interfere with intelligence unless you allow it to us. Speaking as an intelligent, professional and successful woman who Loooooves fashion but also deals with people’s lives, I can say that I know many other woman like me who know how to dress for the occasion and recognize when we should and should not use our clothing to draw attention to our job. Here is the article.


  4. Amal and her “people” definitely read the blogs and comments section. In the video, she tells Nadia to go in the car in front of her. She NEVER did that before. And, the video of her in the yellow dress she allows Nadia to go into the UN entrance before her. NEVER did that before. In that yellow dress video. Amal was so… rude… to the security guard and copped at attitude because he wasn’t letting them in. Ummm so be nasty to the minumum wage guy who is just trying to do his job. That doesn’t sound very humanitarian at all.


      1. She was embarrassed that the cameras were taping whilst someone ‘inferior’ to her questioned her authority/credentials/presence. She thrives on giving the impression she is powerful and omnipotent. A bit like Trump.


    1. And Peg, not to mention the security clearances in this day and age. This employee just has to be certain who enters. Just doing his job. It’s not up to him to roll out the red carpet.


  5. All the money in the world can’t buy you manners or class. I think she’s lived a very privileged life even before meeting GC, so not surprised that she treated Nadia in that manner. It’s good to see her modifying her behaviour.

    I love this outfit on her. Sophisticated, chic, strong and fits her pregnancy. On another note, has anyone noticed that she bobs up and down when she walks. Weird.


    1. She only bobs up and down when she walks in high heels. She doesn’t have the “bobbing” walk when she’s wearing low heels or flats. I work with teenage girls and young ladies and I see them “bobbing” when they’re first trying to walk in high heels.


    2. Donnie, yes, I am noticing the pop & bop, pop & bop, pony walk, pony walk. I also, noticed in this video the spotting of the cameras, then STOP, put on the sunglasses, then bop facing the cameras to enter the waiting SUV. This is not Fashion Week Runway in NYC. What’s the real focus here?? ISIS & Nadia or Sporting the collection for the high end designer.


  6. It has become increasingly evident that Amal Clooney is an attention whore. Did anyone else notice how her demeanor did a complete 360 when she saw the video cameras rolling on her way to the UN in the black suit? She looks very aloof and honestly, not humble at all. Tone it down Amal, even royalty doesn’t walk like that. Vert staged . I have lost all respect and interest in her. Beauty and brains has turned into Vanity and ego. The price of fame and fortune. As a wise person once said; very few can handle power without allowing it to infect their ego.


    1. Oh my, I went and watched the video after reading your comment, that prance is ridiculous, it is amusing, she puts on her sunglasses to prance 8 steps. Hahaha


    2. “Beauty” that is enhanced by repeated cosmetic surgeries and cosmetics, hair extensions, etc., you mean. You do need a certain amount of money if you plan to have so many procedures and a full team of assistants to make you camera-ready all of the time. Unfortunately, you can’t do plastic surgery in the womb, so her children stand to inherit her natural features. I’m guessing that they will also have the same surgeries, cosmetics, etc. over the spans of their lives.


    3. Masreya, I noticed it. She spotted the camera crew, STOPPED, turned to put on her sunglasses, then did a Project Runway walk in their direction as she got into the waiting SUV.


    4. Masreya, well said. My eyes are open to noticing this more & more & more also.
      What is Amal really doing? Is she representing Nadia or is Nadia just the ticket to putting Amal on the world stage to “fight Isis” and a decoy to have reason to write these big long camera moment recorded speeches that appear to go no where. Did she not say the same thing months ago? Who’s listening to her? Part of persuasive speech writing is to genuinely feel it yourself. And when you do, everyone else will fight the cause with you. Who are her friends, what colleagues is she working passionately with? I don’t see this. I listened to her speech–it was not persuasive to me. As someone else said–it just seemed staged. No A-HA moments or anything thought-provoking. It was as convincing & believable as a Melania Trump speech. Quite bland and trite. Like someone else said, “Very 5th grade”. Poor Nadia is like a decoy. I would like to see George & Amal give Nadia a full ride tuition paid education to a top university of her choice. And to continue paying for her higher education.This is a young woman who I believe would make a humanitarian difference in the world if she were given the means to do so.


  7. Does anyone know if there is a blog for Kate Middleton? I would enjoy following her. Her style, consistency, manner, class, soft nature, ambitions, and fun fit my style & nature a bit more. I love watching her participate in sports, her style is impeccable and she is so down to earth. She’s extremely relatable. Her hair, makeup, style: dress up & dress down is more of how I dress. I cannot say there is anything anymore that I would choose to wear from Amal’s fashion closet. Early on perhaps, but not so much now. Lots of Brady Bunch looking pieces and at times granny styles. Even the purses and clutches are very dated. At $7,000 for a purse and clothes with fur, I am losing interest. If anyone knows of a Kate Blog…..
    Or if the person on this blog who expressed an interest in starting a Meghan Merkel blog decides to create one….let me know. 🙂


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