11 thoughts on “Amal and George Clooney in Hello ! Middle East 03.03.2017

    1. Yeah I agree not good but they photoshopped the heck out of the one with her mouth open. Her nose goes through dramatic shifts from photoshop to none photoshop,


      1. 4 picture down. Sideways she does look like she is wearing a prosthetic. From the back of the dress it looks like some major scaffolding is going on inside. I hope this is not a charade.


      2. Sam — you mean the paneling? I think they did that because the design for the dress is not meant for a pregnant woman so they had to put paneling or something. I think on her back she has the portable radio or whatever for the microphone otherwise there is a huge design flaw.

        But, her nose is not attractive on many of the side profiles. I can see why she got it done several times.


  1. Amal at the UN today wearing high heels and a conservative, Black/gray suit. To me, she looks really tiny for almost seven months pregnant with twins.


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