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George Clooney on Canal + interview confirms Amal’s pregnancy 19.02.2017


George Clooney confirms in a Canal + interview for the Césars that they will be parents and Amal’s pregnancy. The full video has been removed on Canal+ website. But, apparently you can watch it here.


23 thoughts on “George Clooney on Canal + interview confirms Amal’s pregnancy 19.02.2017

  1. That Elle magazine cover seems a bit off. It states the issue date as “October 2017.” That’s many months away. By October 2017, the twins should already by born, so the hoopla about Amal’s pregnancy should be over by that point and magazine/tabloid focus will likely be on the babies. Is this a fabricated cover?


  2. I wonder if they will choose to have them in the USA or the UK? Time will tell. They are sure to be cute & can’t wait to hear what names they will pick out. 🙂

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  3. I just want to say that I am so happy for them. From what I can hear in the interview he seems so excited about this, and I am smiling just watching him talk about it! I hope it’s a smooth pregnancy and that things go well for them.

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  4. Is it permissible (intellectual property) to change the cover of a magazine and present it by the magazine’s name? The words on the cover do not match the date. I would check with your lawyer Nati to see if this is possible.


    1. 😀 The internet is filled with fabricated fun covers of countless magazines, immediately recognisable as exactly that. And this one is plainly fabricated and is making no attempt to pretend otherwise, so absolutely no reason for anyone to call anyone’s lawyers! 😀

      Nati is just having a little bit of harmless, creative fun.

      You should try it sometime. 🙂


    2. Hi Jackson
      Allow me to answer your great question – since nati is not selling the magazine, nor attempting to pass it off as real and profit from it, and rather, runs an online fashion blog where she posted the digitally created image, she can most definitely do that. Just like I can go make a ton of fake vogue covers and post them all over my Facebook or blog, if I had either. Glad to help!


  5. Paris Match is reporting that they do not know the sex of the babies….They, apparently don’t want to know. I guess time will tell. Look forward to Friday to see them on the Red Carpet…..They will have a ton of press….


      1. George is receiving a Honorary Cesar award on Friday the 24th in France. These awards are the French version of the Oscars. George mentioned in his recent TV interview with French TV that Amal would be there to be his interpreter since she is fluent in French.

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      2. PHVDH and KATKAN2, check out the beautiful white form fitting gown with white fringe bolero that Amal wore to the “oscars” in France. Pretty dress. 🙂
        I saw it aired Friday evening of them attending. Nati will probably post the pics sometime soon. 🙂


    1. That’s interesting. I wonder what their source was. I thought that George’s mother said “one of each” but people can say anything to mislead the interviewer. I guess we will not know for months to come.


      1. Yes…..It is interesting. People magazine had that same article about Nina and that it was a boy and a girl. They now have also picked up this story about George saying that they don’t know the sex of the babies. So who knows……What I do know is that they will either have two boys, two girls, or one of each….Time will tell.😃

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  6. Might have been a huge mistake to give details of twins sex. Beyoncé had already done so. Making the news second hand. To freshen story up it would be wise to keep the public guessing. Like the Royal family do. Build the anticipation and distance the twins from the megawatt coverage of Beyoncé pregnancy. It is too late to change track now, with Nina talking to Vogue. They could try, but it would be a little crass and very transparent.

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  7. I heard 1 boy and 1 girl announced on two different TV shows. They stated, “the couple is rumored to be having 1 boy and 1 girl.” This was on the day after it was officially announced the couple was having twins. I, too, was surprised it was announced so early, but it was on 2 reputable networks, so I am believing 1 girl & 1 boy at this point. 🙂

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