6 thoughts on “Amal and George Clooney in Hello ! Magazine February 16th 2017

  1. I’m definitely surprised, I never thought he’d have kids for some reason, also after reading some of his old interviews. Definitely surprising to me (yes, I know I don’t know them), but wasn’t expecting to see them having kids


  2. I guess I’m surprised that she wouldn’t be bigger at 5 months, especially with twins & because she is so tiny I would have guessed she would show more. If they wouldn’t have officially announced it I would still be guessing.


  3. Very happy for them. The comment he made regarding having kids being “the most responsible thing you can do” is very odd to me and surprised that he would say it considering his involvement in worldwide calamities and horrors. Many would say, and I know this is going to get some heated responses, but many would say that having children (i.e. procreating with your very own DNA) is one of the most selfish things you can do. Maybe he meant having children would give you the most responsibility you will ever have, or something like that. Regardless, they will have beautiful children who will be impeccably raised and cared for and that is a good thing.


    1. @Isabel – The latter. He just didn’t express it very well so your confusion is perfectly understandable.

      What he meant, in his inarticulate way, is that having kids is a very serious business and not something that anyone should embark upon lightly because of the great responsibility you’re taking on.

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