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Some shopping today inspired by Amal Clooney !


Amal Clooney’s Balenciaga coat dress is to buy at William Vintage

Apparently she returned the dress.

available here $2000

101533_01 101533_02 101533_03_1 101533_05

A long version of Amal’s Versace jacket is available on Yoox

Full-length jacket
$ 1,990.00

available here



On Yoox you have the




available hereΒ 

11113102sd_14_e 11113102sd_14_r

And the surprise, I asked for a replica of the D&G striped dress and here the result.

You can purchase it hereΒ $130 + shipping

on Etsy / Zepherra shop

il_570xn-1178444275_rvv5 il_570xn-1178444051_ezy1

25 thoughts on “Some shopping today inspired by Amal Clooney !

  1. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again! The black and white stripped is my favorite outfit she’s worn. It’s classy and timeless. Her hair looked great, too. Amal at her most beautiful.

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  2. HI Nati – your work is appreciated – but I wonder if you are misdirecting your talents in the worship of Amal- a woman you have never met. You have a capacity to locate these fashion items online and all sorts all sorts of other information that even mainstream media don’t do – like the Lysa Heslov instagram. Seriously, Amal doesn’t need the attention – I wish you could find a way to translate your skills in a profit making enterprise. For yourself and your family. Take the lead from Amal – she has secured her financial stability – doesn’t even pay for the clothes you locate – find a way to earn a living from this and empower yourself and others. Every single time you post, tweet – SOMEONE else is making money because you are promoting them or their designs.


    1. I totally agree. There has to be publication, pr agencies, fashion houses etc that would love to have your skill set. I am sure sites like Gilt and Haute would love to have the similar pieces.

      I totally agree with above poster you should market your skills. You are very good at what you do.

      I don’t know if you have another fulltime career but even side projects can become profit centers. All you have to look to Martha Stewart on how she made a hobby into a business.


      1. Who says Nati needs to be empowered. Perhaps she has allready a job she really likes, or she is a devoted mother or perhaps both. I don’t care, as long as she does what she does by choice. I really appreciate what she does for our enjoyment ( or sometimes even annoyment), but why does it always has to be about money? We see everyday what money does to people….. Nati many thanks for your time and effort keeping this blog up-to-date. ( and your tweets on the side, often bringing attention to real important cases)

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      1. Lois,

        We are appreciating Nati. No one has expressed disrespect at all. We are praising her accomplishment in finding the clothes, who sells them and at times comparable products.

        Nati has a good merchandising skill set. Now, whether she wants to use it or not is her choice.


    2. Amal Clooney DOES NEED our ATTENTION – she is hungry – starving! – for attention! Speeches and interviews, which she does increasingly last months, are excellent for her, because she gets hundred percent attention without having to work hard, unlike appearing in court where she looks always stressed, strained and unwell. Cameras are always welcome, therefore she’s always camera ready. Also, she loves to show her new wardrobe and the media reporting on it, i.e. this blog, Vogue etc.
      A woman married with George Clooney has to expect a lot of attention, so better she loves it, unlike someone like Kennedy’s wife Carolyn Bessette who hated the cameras and constantly being scrutinized.
      Next we will get plenty of baby photos – even more attention for Amal … and more fun for us! 

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    3. I totally agree! I have suggested that to Nati many times before! She should monetize in all this time and effort she puts into this blog! We sure support you Nati! Go for it! You deserve the rewards of your hard work! ❀ These brands should at least be gifting you for the exposure you give them!


  3. Someone once mentioned that Amal gets some of her clothes on loan so perhaps the coatdress was one of those items. Who knows how many other outfits she receives from different venues or sources and then returns. She always looks splendid in them however they get to her.


  4. IT’S OFFICIAL….PREGNANT WITH TWINS and DUE IN JUNE. So Amal must be 5 months pregnant now. She & George did a great job keeping it quiet, concealed, and under the radar. Exciting! Huge anticipation for what these two will be. πŸ™‚


  5. Black Full-length jacket design is good, i love jackets i”m using jackets at winter time. you done a grate job. i’m looking your side more and more design style. once again congrats posting this different models posting.

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