8 thoughts on “Amal Clooney on the cover of Avenue magazine March 2017

  1. I’m assuming that’s a photoshop and not an actual photoshoot and this is just the magazine building an article around their purchase of NY property.

    I have numerous issues with Amal’s integrity (the fur-wearing in particular) but I doubt even she could be ‘misguided’ enough to believe this would be a good look for someone who wants to be seen as a serious human rights defender.


    1. You are right that it is clearly photoshopped. Pretty bad photoshop. Arms and hands are strange. Head at an odd angle, as if slapped on. To me it is a caricature.


      1. Haha, Vero! 🙂

        No, what I meant (and should have clarified earlier) was that I hope it’s not actually a cover/story endorsed by Amal and that it’s just the magazine using her (hilariously badly photoshopped) image to sell itself.


  2. Great cover shoot! And Nati, today there was TV coverage of Amal & George & his parents out for her birthday. She wore an Alta Zarra purse $3,295. Cute leopard wedge knee high boots and chic black beret. Check it out. 🙂


  3. I am struck by the Amal takes Midtown headline juxtaposed by the Advice for New Immigrants headline. Perhaps the advice is to marry a very rich movie star.


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