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Amal and George Clooney arrived at Barcelona airport 01.02.2016


Amal and George Clooney arrived on Wednseday at Barcelona airport accompanied by Nick Clooney.

The pictures have been relased only on Friday.


Style Files

Amal Clooney carried


Ghianda Bullrope Small Hobo

available here at Barney’s

504052410_1_bagfront 504052410_2_bagfrontqtr 504052410_3_bagback 504052410_4_bagopen 504052410_7_bagmodel

You can buy a similar knit beret hat here :


new-2016-winter-women-hat-luxury-knitted-hats-female-soft-high-elastic-warm-caps-beanies-headgear-1 new-2016-winter-women-hat-luxury-knitted-hats-female-soft-high-elastic-warm-caps-beanies-headgear

I will update this part later.


img_20170203_171849 rs_634x1024-170203134959-634-george-clooney-amal-clooney-barcelona-kg-020317 screenshot_20170203-223459 george-et-amal-clooney-sont-alles-diner-avec-les-parents-de-george-ce-jeudi-2-fevrier-a-barcelone_portrait_w674 3ccd5a0a00000578-4188588-image-a-20_1486133542659 3ccd5a5a00000578-4188588-image-a-18_1486133535920 3ccd5a8e00000578-4188588-image-a-17_1486133532572 3ccd5a0100000578-4188588-image-a-14_1486133453574 3ccd5a1800000578-4188588-image-a-19_1486133539323 3ccd5a2200000578-4188588-image-a-16_1486133520412 3ccd58b200000578-4188588-image-a-23_1486133554675 3ccd59cc00000578-4188588-image-a-12_1486133441265 3ccd596b00000578-4188588-image-a-15_1486133461530 img_5p7h9p-1

11 thoughts on “Amal and George Clooney arrived at Barcelona airport 01.02.2016

      1. These boots remind of going to the Saks shoe salon as the new season was unveiled and within the sea of gorgeous Italian craftsmanship there always lived “that” tacky pair of shoes. You can put Chanel lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig.


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