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Amal and George Clooney spotted leaving Craig’s restaurant in LA 28.01.2017


Amal and George Clooney were spotted leaving Craig’s Restaurant in West Holywood yesterday evening.

Craig’s Restaurant is one of George Clooney’s favorite places in Los Angeles.

georgeatbar oscars2

Style Files

Amal Clooney wore a

Floral Applique Coat

Fall Winter 2016 collection

was available here on Moda Operandi

64c2c10bcf7a6a600d4abc3d1b386e89 fdae88ddc6a92c66d684a0be1396e6c7 8c8a3b02ca41ada2ce5f33df368933ac 0522270417053c1c5725c639a9771c96


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// DailyMail/Craig’s

41 thoughts on “Amal and George Clooney spotted leaving Craig’s restaurant in LA 28.01.2017

  1. These seem like silly photos to post. George seems like a conscientious driver. The coat seems nice but I am not clear what the purpose of the photos are. it is not unusual or out of the ordinary that they go out to dinner.


    1. What’s unclear is why you have a problem.
      If you don’t want to see pictures of Amal and George, there’s a very simple remedy. Don’t go to websites that feature Amal and George. You’re welcome.


  2. Jackson, I can only speak for myself, but here’s the answer to your question… after a stressful day, or after reading about all of the crap that’s going on in the world, I need a little release from reality, so I click onto a fashion blog that’s about a person I admire who just happens to wear fun, funky clothes, and then I sometimes read the comments which are usually positive and light hearted, and by then I feel relaxed and go about my day.

    So, I guess the purpose of these photos is for blogs like this and people like you and I who seem to frequent them.

    I understand what you’re saying — I feel uncomfortable looking at photos that seem too invasive, but these seem okay to me.

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    1. Anastasia- This is a time that I feel the camera(s) were intrusive. They are leaving a parking garage (evidenced by the concrete) and someone had the audacity to use a telephoto lens to take a photo of them in their car. That is intrusive and I imagine you would feel this way if it was you. People can say, “well, Amal is smiling. She wants her photo taken.” Perhaps she is listening to the radio or has just heard George say something. Someone else might say, “Amal called the photographer and told them to take a photo when they were exiting a parking garage.” I believe neither was the case and we are looking at photos that you or I would find intrusive. We have the collar of an outfit. I looked at the photos and thought they were silly. The photographer was so desperate he got lopsided photos. Trump is making a mess of our world. This photos were not a salve for me.


      1. Hi Jackson, this is the first time, that I agree to a part of your Comment:- This man is a danger for the peace of the whole world. Now he starts making Trouble in Europe – we need the European Union not only for prosperity, above all for peace.
        It is a shame, that Britain voted for Brexit and now this President is stiring up hatred between European countries. What a mess.

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      2. Trump has nothing to do with it. I can’t even believe you’ve gone there.
        The concrete you are seeing is right behind the restaurant. Again, you are making something out of nothing.
        If they did have his PR people call someone to photograph them, it’s status pro quo for celebrities. Nothing nefarious.
        Having read your diatribe below, I’d like to respond.
        I’ve read all of your comments, Jackson, and you have indeed been derogatory to not only other commenters but also toward Nati. Not directly, of course, but through your criticisms of what she posts. I don’t believe that you don’t see that.
        Don’t cry ‘cyber bullying’ now and play the victim. You can’t rewrite history. It’s all here in black and white.
        So, if you’d like to continue without others calling you out on your comments, I’d advise you to rein in your disapproval of what others say and of what Nati posts.
        I hope this helps.


    2. Soos/Anastasia – my thoughts exactly! Amal seems very happy being the target of the paps, so I don´t see any problem with these photos.


      1. They called the paps. There are so many bigger stars that go to Craig’s like Jo Lo and Beyounce.

        To many Jo Lo and Beyounce are not bigger but for mag sales and site traffic they are 10x bigger for ad sales. George wants to stay in the public eye. His last three films did abysmally. His production company hasn’t done anything good since a piece of Argo.

        So many celebs go to Craig’s, Cipriani’s and other place with no paps and no pics. They wanted it. They called. To me it is plain and simple but people can differ. It is only my opinion.

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  3. I have said it once and I will say it again. Amal and George are often out of the public eye for weeks and weeks at a time. THAT is when they choose NOT to be photographed. When you see them – it means they WANT to be seen. This is not an off guard moment. She is styled, smiling at the cameras and wearing a very expensive outfit. The lady wishes to be seen – and we are merely obliging her with this blog

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    1. Casual Observer

      Of course she wants to be seen. She married George Clooney and took his last name. 😉

      I applaud Amal for her humanitarian efforts, but let’s face it, there are people who have been toiling away in the trenches far longer and more effectively than she has, who are more deserving of the privileges she has been afforded due to her celebrity husband and his famous last name.

      Amal Alamuddin sounded so much nicer and smoother, than Amal Clooney, just saying.

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  4. Jackson
    You are just a hypocrite; and might I add you behave as an internet troll with the nature of your posts. Your posts are often rude and condescending, and show hypocrisy as you complain about pics of them around their car/restaurant, when other times in similar pics you have likely deeply scanned and enjoy as we all do. If you find these pictures pointless, which are similar to many others that you have equally likely admired, then maybe this isn’t the page for you. But I can tell you are lonely and make an attempt to intentionally be rude and disrespecrful to people (which I often see on almost every posting on this site) who have done nothing to you, making you truly pathetic. I like these pics because it’s what we have for now to try to piece together the outfit. Not nati’s fault that there aren’t better pictures of this evening.


    1. Amanda and all of those who keep commenting on the “rudeness” or “condescension” of Jackson’s comments. You are all overreacting. There is very little that has been said by Jackson that is either rude or condescending. It’s almost like you are baiting the blog for people to agree with you so maybe you can get some satisfaction and attention. Sorry but it is the responses to Jackson’s comments that have turned me off. Still visit the site to look at the clothes but get very annoyed at the pettiness and analysis of Jackson’s wholly benign comments.

      Coat is pretty 🙂


      1. To everyone who is engaging in cyberbullying: This needs to stop. I appreciated what Isabel said. I am amazed that the blog moderator permits what several of you say in your blog entries toward me. What is happening is crowd cyberbullying and it is dangerous. If you are a mother or an aunt and your child(ren) or nieces or nephews came to you with what several of you continue to say to me I hope you would find it reprehensible and call an end to it. To tell me I am rude and condescending in today’s blog with no evidence whatsoever or to tell me I am pathetic and lonely or a hypocrite is ridiculous and savage. Maybe because Trump does it it seems okay. He mocked a disabled reporter, he makes fun of people, he calls them names. There is a fine line between that and what several of you are doing. It has to stop. It concerns me that the blog moderator finds this acceptable. So what if I like some photos and do not like others and think it is silly that they are posted. I did not call the blog moderator a name for posting them. My comments are benign and it is amazing to me that they would stir such anger and vitriol. We have a President whose support base now feels it is acceptable to do what several of you are doing. This has got to stop.


      2. I stand by my statement- I’ve seen tons of her rude and condescending, provoking-type comments. I’m not baiting anything. In fact I have been noticing her comments for months now. You’re probably just her anyway. Either way, she’s rude and seems to want to intentionally bother people, which is contemptible.

        Love the coat too though!


      3. Isabel, if many People feel the same regarding Jackson`s comments, why should you are right? You seem to be the only Person here, who likes Jackson`s comments and calls them “polite”….. sorry that you get very annoyed at the pettiness…….sorry, I have to laugh.


      4. Jackson & Isabel —

        A comedy unfolding: Jackson bullies other folks on this blog for about a year, decries how Nati choses to manage her blog and now she’s going on a tirade about how she’s bullied.

        For your sake and for ours, PLEASE stop coming to this blog if you are so bullied, harassed … and have issue with the way Nati runs her blog. Or better yet start your own blog and you can run it the way you choose and remove commenters that you find to be offensive!!!


    2. So manipulative! Using Trump as an anchor for comparison. Shame on you for those actual victims. Shame on you.

      I used to think you were harmless and just an annoyance. Now I see that you are just as dangerous as Trump.


  5. The coat is gorgeous! I don’t care what anyone says. It is such a fun coat.

    But Craig’s???? No one dress up there but old school Mafia that still go to the place. I have been there many times. The food is American Italian meets steakhouse. The food is terrible. You only go there to be seen. Even the stars go there to be seen. It is such a dump area too.

    Such a beautiful coat at Craig’s. Clooney loves that dump. Ick!

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  6. Unique coat, I almost thought it was a dress on the model. Appears to be light weight, funky, and fun. 🙂 Botanicals, florals, and blooms seem to be a popular look for this year. On point. It’s definitely her style & suits her. Make up is very pretty. I would love to know what she is using on her hair in these photos: her hair looks so shiny & healthy.

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  7. The 2017 ADP ReThink Global HCM conference:

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  8. I do believe she is pregnant. There are some photos on. French fan site that show Amal at a conference in Barcelona. She was speaking with Nick Clooney….George was in the audience. Amal was wearing black. Also it says on same site that George is receiving an honorary Cesaer Award in Paris. (The French Oscars). Maybe an opportunity for a Red Carpet walk on February 24. Maybe Amal in some kind of Maternity gown showing off a Baby bump????

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