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Amal and George Clooney step out together in Los Angeles / Lax 27.0.2017


Amal and George Clooney were spotted heading through LAX airport on Friday afternoon in Los Angeles.

Amal looked chic as always as she hurrried towards their waiting car.

Style Files

Amal Clooney wore a

fox fur collar coat

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 // Credits Pure People / Daily Mail

40 thoughts on “Amal and George Clooney step out together in Los Angeles / Lax 27.0.2017

  1. Stephen, Can you give me the dates of the Gross’s and anyone else that is coming during your out west trip please? cN

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  2. I am disappointed she is wearing fur. The outfit is common. I still see no sign of pregnancy, especially a 7.5 month twin pregnancy.

    They altered the press to their landing. LAX has a exit for celebs. They wanted a pap walk and people mag was waiting. George’s PR team is working overtime.

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      1. They were working a week ago. This is a pap walk. LAX has the exit functioning fine last week when I was there. We had two high level celebs on flight from NYC. They went right through the celeb exit. When you get out in business or first depending on airline and flight origination you see the deviation.

        This was a pap walk. Plus people mag was waiting. People is Georges’ fav.

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      1. Nati, would you consider not posting so many pictures of the coat (if any at all) to boycott this senseless designer?


      2. Although I wholeheartely agree Nadia, that fur should not be promoted in any way, I think by showing it here, we are given a chance to speak out ( loudly) against it. We would not be discussing this subject if the pictures were not shown.

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  3. Still no confirmation of a bump or not she’s been wearing loose clothes!!!! Looks like George is the one carrying lol! Anyone else notice since the pregnancy rumor has kicked off she has been more frumpy than usual??? Or maybe I mean to say more casual


  4. it is so silly to wear fur.. i dont understand how anyone can think is is prety to look or even suggest to look like a wild animal. Who was the idio who decided that was pretty?n n

    Amal really looks silly wearing it…. it places whatever intelligence she has very low.

    On the pregnancy: i really hope she is not one of those women who are so vain that they hide their pregnancy.. because, according to the,, would make them look ugly. I really hope she is not that vain… or is she?? that would be really sad!


  5. Interesting cut design on the coat. Great look on her since she is tall. Jeans appear to have a “shimmer” to them. Like those shoes! And great hat. 🙂 Lipstick color looks chic!

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  6. I still say she’s pregnant – since when does Amal dress weather appropriate ?!! She’s always in slinky stuff in cold weather! She’s been really wearing loose and warmer clothing hasn’t she. Hope she shows up to the screen guild awards today!!!!!!!


      1. i really dont understand why men dont tint their grey hair… we women we do it all the time, , we place color, all of them… and men… grey hair sure adds dozens of years to a person… not fair .. because he is still young and that grey hair does not need to make him look older. One thing is to not accept your age, and another is to add dozens of years just because of grey hair. But.. if he is happy with that i am happy too. I guess men are definitely less vain than women!

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      2. I so disagree here with you Nadia. I think a lot of men ( and woman) look awesome with grey hair ! And I know a lot of women who doesnot colour there hair either.

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  7. 100% sure she’s pregnant. George is in short sleeves and no one around them is in winter gear, and yet, Amal, the one usually wearing skimpy clothing in the middle of a cold blast is in a sweater and coat. Yup, yup yup.

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  8. i think Amal is indeed pregnant. As some here have pointed out, Amal would not be wearing these much warm and loose clothing this many times in a roll. I say baby (or babies) is under way..

    Now… WHY HIDE IT?? Shoulndt a happy and healthy women be proud to be pregnant ….. why is she hiding it???

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      1. Agree with you, Sasha.

        I’ll believe she’s pregnant when Gossip Cop confirms it. haha

        I wonder what happened to Stan, George’s PR mouthpiece ?. He hasn’t been seen since the marriage.

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  9. I can only imagine what Stella McCartney would think if she saw Amal pairing her boots with fox fur! The question is whether Amal really wants children. Is she really the type to give up the lavish lifestyle of homes in three countries (plus the one in NewYork), plus the constant travel and work commitments at conferences or by George’s side? Her work is challenging and very exciting she has a fully fledged career in a field Mr Clooney can’t even compete with. Why can’t this be enough? Personally, I don’t see a tactile, nurturing person in her body language – even with her husband that “za zing” just doesn’t seem real. It looks posed and staged to an inch of its life. Even the wedding images – I didn’t see photos of affection with her sister or her cuddling her niece – and I don’t think I have ever seen a candid photo of Amal engaging with her own friends in a natural manner.

    Perhaps this is what makes her so enigmatic – the sense that you can’t really tell what sort of human being she is. Is she kind? Is she arrogant? Is she fun? Does she think she is pretty? Or is she insecure? She has maintained an air of mystery about her.

    Finally No one would be putting this much speculation or “pressure” on a 38 year old man to become a father. It really is unfair. On one hand it implies couples without children aren’t complete and it’s also so sexist. I don’t care is she is or isn’t or if she never does – but somehow I feel the constant scrutiny of a woman’s reproduction is demeaning to everyone.

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    1. Well, perhaps it was your intention, but I think your final points about the sexism of the speculation/scrutiny of women’s reproductive choices is in contrast with much of the rest of what you said.

      Yes, women of childbearing age are subjected to questions about when and whether they intend to have children in a way that men generally aren’t (though George has certainly been asked about having children many times over the years). Likewise, all the questions you asked about Amal – would the same be asked of George? E.g.: Does he really want children? How will they fit into his career and his peripatetic lifestyle? Is he nurturing or affectionate enough?

      Amal has indeed maintained an air of mystery, which I think makes her more interesting in many ways (especially in this era of so much oversharing). We see a lot of Amal, but I have no sense of really “knowing” her at all. If she’s pregnant (and I certainly think she is), I find that to be an interesting development, mostly because she and George have both avoided giving any indication of whether or not they’ve wanted to have children. If they’re starting a family, I assume it’s because they do indeed want to have children (or at least I’d hope so!), and that sort of fills in another piece of the puzzle regarding Amal (while also highlighting how little we really know).

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    2. Casual Observer, to add to your points and to the conversation, that could be why they got dogs too, to nurture. And perhaps might be why they have created foundations, too. A nice way to help animals and also charity causes as “your baby”, in place of having a baby. Foundations/charities and animals to nurture. 🙂

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  10. THOSE BOOTS, though! 🙂 I would seriously feel like thee coolest person in the world if I owned those boots. 🙂 I like them so much! Funky cool & surprisingly seem to fit in casual, dressy, funky, and just about every category, yet it’s all right. 🙂

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