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Amal and George Clooney at the Clooney Foundation for Justice Lunch WEF 18.01.2017


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Amal and George Clooney hosted a lunch to present the Clooney Foundation for Justice at the World Economic Forum and their work with Syrian refugees in Lebanon. This event was supported by Google.

Not a word about the event in the press.

Style Files

Amal Clooney wore a

Black, red & white dress, circa 1975

sourced by William Vintage

101161_01_9 101161_02_9 101161_04_9

Β with big thanks to Kerry for the ID πŸ™‚

28 thoughts on “Amal and George Clooney at the Clooney Foundation for Justice Lunch WEF 18.01.2017

  1. Alex Soros…George Soros’ son not a fan of either.

    But, I do like that outfit of Amal’s. Is it a dress or a two piece? Love the top and red skirt.


  2. What on Earth is she wearing?! And, her arm looks scary thin. Maybe it’s just the lighting.
    I was wondering about her sister, Tala is it? Could it be possible that she’s Amal and George’s surrogate? I don’t know why but that popped into my head the other day.


  3. Amal is a beautiful Woman, but this blouse shows the very thin Arms. To me it is not nice.
    But more important is their (Clooneys) work. Love It, because it is very important for all these poor People, who lost their homelands and now they have to Fear for their lifes again. the Numbers of nazis here in Germany is increasing and some of the refugees were already Beaten.
    And this happens here just some decades after World war II with it’s contemptuous
    After the speeches in Washington yesterday it is obvious, that nothing will get better for mankind. So it is good to know, that their are people with a lot of influence who Support Peace and freedom in our world. Hopefully they are Safe in England, so that they can Continue their important work.
    For all commenters here on the Blog, who do not like my opinion and my dislike for Trump and his supporters, especially the strange clerical speakers at the Inauguration Party, i have just one wish: please discuss in a polite and friendly way.

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  4. This is wonderful. Now, George, please run for POTUS. We need a like able person like yourself for the WIN in 2020. It’s going to be a LOOOOONG & MIIIISSSERABLE 4 years of drama and EMBARASSMENT. Cute outfits on both Amal and also George. Now start planning your campaign for 2020. NOW! πŸ™‚


    1. George will not even win California. He is too left wing and has no education, management expertise or political expertise through elected office.

      George was booted out of Uni after two years. He couldn’t do it.

      George does not run his production company. He is only a name and there are very few people, ergo, little to no management skills.

      It is self-evident that he has no political expertise through elected office. So, that one is a no brainer.

      I would never want nor would I ever vote for him as president, if he were on any ticket. He would never receive the Democratic nomination. IMO

      HRC will be running in 2020 and so will Bernie. A young set would be Cory Booker. George has no chance. He is not up to the caliber of what is need in the US or for that matter anywhere. The DNC has no even thrown his name around for office. This is already in the works in the DNC and is fact.


      1. George is an actor and he is fake. He has not even a university Γ©ducation so he has a complex and must play the smart intellectual. People who think that he is worth something on the political scene or that he will do something for the world are totally naΓ―ve. He only does things for his image. What did he solve with Not on our Watch??? He’ll do the same with his new fundation.


  5. Any other pics of this event? I can’t even make
    Out what she is wearing ! George we all know what he recycles in his closet so I’m ok there πŸ™‚


  6. As these comments have taken on a political bent – i am going to add my prediction. I don’t know about George for President of the USA – but I do think that Amal would be an amazing leader for Lebanon. And About time we get some female leadership in this part of the world. I think this would make Baria more happier than the Venetian celebrity wedding and frankly more suited to Amal’s background than that of trophy wife and celebrity barrister


      1. good god. ambassadorship? are you serious?

        maybe for monaco where the ruling family shares his ‘level’ of education and an ambassador’s duties consist of attending parties, boozing and pretending to be a real personality.

        otherwise: no chance.


      2. Sasha, you could very well be correct. πŸ™‚ Had Hillary won, she could have likely appointed Amal with some type of position, perhaps. Agree with you. Is Amal a citizen of USA, or only dual citizenship of Lebanon and England?

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    1. I do not believe that there would be an Ambassadorship for a non-US citizen. If Amal were to receive US citizenship and renounce UK then likely there might have been. However, HRC owed people with real money and power Ambassador positions. I know the Malouff’s were moving for that forever. Their combined wealth in US is 3.2B and they have been active in the DNC for 50 years. They even had two State Congressmen.

      U.S. is all George’s delusions of grandeur. It will never come to fruition.


  7. The top with the big sleeves is cute. This must be the latest style trend. Michelle Obama posted a picture the day before inauguration wearing a big sleeve top, I am seeing it in catalogs, and now Amal. It’s cute. πŸ™‚


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