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Amal Clooney and Nadia Murad guests of honor at Credit Suisse Women of Impact Dinner at WEF in Davos 17.01.2017


Amal Clooney was among the most influential women in the world gathered at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Switzerland on Tuesday.

Along with her husband, George Clooney, Amal attended the Women of Impact dinner hosted by  Tina Brown (and co-hosted by Credit Suisse) in Davos, Switzerland, where the World Economic Forum is hosting its annual meeting.

The gathering hosts powerful men and women from around the globe, including Chinese president Xi Jinping, Nigeria’s female finance minister, Kemi Adeosun, and U.S. Vice President Joe Biden. The theme of the event, “Mastering the Fourth Industrial Revolution,” will examine the way technology is changing the world.

Amal Clooney and Nadia Murad, appeared as honored guests at Tina Brown’s Women of Impact dinner Tuesday night.

Nadia Murad’s plight and the terrible atrocities being committed by ISIS was a main topic of discussion for the evening.

Style Files

Amal Clooney wore



LOT SOLD. 8,125 EUR by Sotheby’s (2015)

part of the Didier Ludot collection

and the closet of Romy Schneider.

chanel-dress 5700e31ed3023e7888e5225d377fcfec c595159ebeec6e96a41bbc2a907d7cbb


This dress was sourced by William Vintage to Amal Clooney.

and was available here

102097_01 102097_03


Pumps in olive green on sale here

255359_d1-1 255359_d3-1 255359_m-2


Sofia velvet clutch in grey

here in emerald

494644_in_xl 494644_e1_xl

and Chinese knot earrings.

clooneys-in-davos-4 clooneys-in-davos-2 clooneys-in-davos-5 clooneys-in-davos-3 img_20170118_063211

3c3a753a00000578-0-image-m-114_1484723953175 3c3a747600000578-0-image-m-112_1484723753485-1 js118128733_david-biedert-davidbiedertcom-large_trans_nvbqzqnjv4bqytkw4dzbcpm_hy4t4hqwrdy5zygcnovvqxxhbnczilq-1 george-clooney-amal-clooney-christine-lagarde-pregnant-baby-793968


fb_img_1486194125804 fb_img_1486194137949 fb_img_1486194144309 fb_img_1486194150141

// Official pictures by David Biedert // Last four pics via Nadia Murad Facebook

72 thoughts on “Amal Clooney and Nadia Murad guests of honor at Credit Suisse Women of Impact Dinner at WEF in Davos 17.01.2017

  1. Not sure if I really like this dress for this particular event. I think it is a bit too showy and “look at me and my expensive taste” compared to what everyone else is wearing. An incredibly expensive full sequin ivory vintage gown at what looks like a business networking event. I know it’s not Amal’s “thing” to blend in – but real style is a whisper not a shout. That’s why I enjoy Princess Mary of Denmark’s approach. For her day events – she always looks beautifully put together – but not so much that every other women in the room feels underdressed or shabby. Great formal cocktail dress – but for DAVOS, I think its a bit too much. And why is Nadia not included in the photos – I think this is a shame as SHE is in fact the hero of the story. Amal only gains more fame and stature by association and the idea that Amal is “courageous” and fighting ISIS on her own is a bit of a stretch. Nadia is the brave survivor.

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    1. The dress was on loan, so it was no expense at all other than fee for the loan, which is normal for “celebrities.” I dislike the dress but it doesn’t or shouldn’t hide a bump. The jury is still out on baby bump or whatever and only time will tell.

      I don’t see the two tier nature of the dress. I wonder if it is just the pictures supplied or if the underskirt is removable to give it a more modern feel.

      The outfit is too stiff. It is vintage. Amal is known for mixing in vintage. The top is not flattering on the young model Nati used to find the Chanel, so it won’t do any favors for most anyone.

      I don’t like the cream paillettes with the light grey to silver grey accents and the bow or additional accent taffeta is just plain awful. I am not a fan of this outfit.

      The woman in the tweet picture is the wife of a CS banker, Eric Marvel who is head of int’l wealth management. Shauna, Eric’s wife, is known in Greenwich for saddling up to celebs.

      I thought this Women Impact Dinner to celebrate women who made a difference and that should have been Nadia and her struggles as a victim and survivor. I think the CS contrast is a poor fit, but then again that is vintage Tina.

      Then there is Joe Biden. Now, that is a man who is one big hypocrite, but that is a story not for this blog.


    2. The dress doesn’t look good on her, makes wide and it’s not for the occasion. She still is a stunning elegant woman and there’s no hiding anything, for me she’s not pregnant at all. It’s just a bad dress.


  2. Beautiful dress, but yes might be a little out of place. Love the shoes. The bag and red earring really brave decision.
    I agree it could look like Nadia is being used as a fashion accessory or a photo op for the audience.

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  3. I love the dress (all sequins are embroidered by hand…) and AC looks beautiful.
    But she is definitely overdressed – what a pity!
    Maybe it was chosen to hide a little bump? 😉
    Or the dress was a Christmas present … 🙂

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  4. To all the above comments, she was actual a guest speaker on stage and then there seemed to be a networking event, so no, not inappropriate given she was speaking at a main event on stage.


  5. I like this dress it doesn’t seem out of place at all to me. Does anyone else see a baby bump or is it just me?! Remember she has a washboard stomach she can very. We’ll be in her second trimester and barely start to show that happened to me with my first child! Anyone see the bump?


    1. I see it typo…but she has fooled me in the on that blue night fawn in Italy last Summer… so ..but if she is pregnant then it wont due in March! But what do i know! But there is a bump for sure , lol


  6. Such an important cause and as usual Amal looked stunning. She is in her element and radiates a warmth you can even feel on the screen.


    1. How do you know that she radiated warmth at the event? Where is the proof? How can you be so sure? What evidence can you be procure that ensure that she was, in fact, radiating?


      1. DaleM: I want to answer your question in earnest and not assume that you are bullying me.

        Unlike in a quantitative experiment where you would report proof, a blog is something you read and look at if there are photos and reflect on. I felt that Amal looked stunning in her dress and given what she was there to do — a presentation on a topic near and dear to her — I felt her smiles in the photos depicted warmth and happiness and I felt she radiated a certain joie de vivre based on her smile when I looked at the photos. Of course I could be entirely wrong because I was not there but that is what I felt when I looked at the photos that Nati posted.


      2. Giselle- Actually, you are incorrect. It was not projection. I teach doctoral students in psychology. I made an observation and a comment about how I felt looking at the photo based on what I observed. Projection is a psychological defense mechanism that is used to justify unacceptable behavior.

        By the way, you mention in another post that she is in a room with some of the most corrupt people in the world. Who would they be? I am curious.


    2. Jackson,

      Since you claim that you teach doctoral students in psychology, I wanted to ask your opinion of George Clooney, and why he would marry someone like Amal. We are all grown-ups, and have seen enough life to not buy into the soul-mate fluff (at-least I don’t). I’d be really curious to see how you profile George Clooney.



      1. Snowy: What a cute name. Are you one of the dwarfs? Hee. Hee.

        You would have to ask George why he married Amal. I teach qualitative research to doctoral students in the School of Psychology.


    3. Correct. As I said. Projection.

      Presumably with your amazing research skills, you know exactly who these individuals are and what they’ve done.

      Nothing to be proud of. Much to be ashamed of.

      And this is where I exit this blog as I’ve lost all interest, respect, trust and faith in the Clooneys being good ppl.



    4. Oh that one is easy, Tina Brown. The way she has used the media it is legendary how corrupt she is. Biden is known for corruption and cover-up. Soros has an endless list of corruption.

      Just helping Giselle out on my personal knowledge of some of these people. Mine is not a subjective POV.


      1. Soos- I said this before. You go on a rampage about nothing. I have not bashed anyone. Calm down. We already have one thin-skinned person in the world to deal with and do not need another.


      2. To Jackson – you throw down “bully” and “mean” for comments directed at you. But, you easily call someone out as being “thin-skinned” … how ironic. From reading your comments, you can dish it out but you can’t take it. I believe you’re rather manipulative, you shield yourself from criticism and accuse people of being mean and bullying you. Once you don’t like someone’s commentary you make snarky, snide and rather mean comments yourself. For someone who loves to proclaim s/he “teaches” doctoral level psychology you sure utilize basic psychological pettiness for your gain.


      3. @Jackson Can’t take the heat so you deflect to passive aggression. Poor communication skills for a “doctoral-level professor.”


  7. I have mixed feelings on this outfit….maybe the shoes doesn’t go with it….especially that color…

    Love the bag…earrings are great but not with this dress, both struggling for attention.

    Hey! I still see a baby bump there!!!

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  8. I think the dress is unique and beautiful. The accenting pale blue tones down the glittery effect a bit. So that being said, it may not be the most appropriate for the occasion, and more like opening night at the opera, cocktail party, or wedding attire, but it’s not terribly wrong IMO. People go to big events wearing varying levels of formality. Glad I don’t have to dress for these things because would surely get it wrong most of the time. Anyway, love the dress, looks nice on her, and yes, I think there is a pound or two around the middle 🙂 we will see…..

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  9. Why is joe Biden putting her face in his hands like an aunt greeting a child?! I’d be like “don’t ruin my makeup!!) I think the outfit hides the bump well with the 2 layers – deceptive, I hope they announce it publicly soon!

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  10. PS. She is clearly not drinking alcohol – looks like a glass of coke in the last pick and George looks like he’S drinking water or lemonade – maybe suppprting her?! Usually at these events they are drinking wine based on last photos.


  11. I’m not a fan of this outfit for this occasion – maybe it would be better suited for another function (pun intended!). I tend to prefer it when people dress more business formal for these kinds of events, especially if they are speaking. Most of the people in the photos are dressed business formal. Anyway, I wonder what she talked about?


  12. What I love about her, don’t ask me why, I love when I see something on her she has worn before and reaching into her own wardrobe- the earrings are fro Cannes right Nat?

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      1. Lagarde is the MD of IMF. Cour de Justice de la République in France found Lagarde guilty of misuse of public funds. Basically, she misrepresented and embezzled public funds which is a Criminal action against her.

        However, Lagarde is not the worst offender in the room. The worst is anything Soros related. Soros is a global criminalist. He has been trying to break US sovereign rights since 1989. Soros is a huge supporter of Lagarde and got her job at the IMF.

        In 1998 George Soros stated the following, “Insofar as there are collective interests that transcend state boundaries, the sovereignty of states must be subordinated to international law and international institutions.” Soros’ statement directly infringes the US Constitution under the Supremacy Clause Art VI, Clause 2 with precedent starting with Marbury v. Madison.

        Further, Soros wants US gov’t to pay for everyone else. This is a direct infringement of the Art 1 Sect 8 Clause 1 the Tax and Spend Powers, since he directly references subordination of the US citizen rights of the Tax and Spend power or General Welfare Clause of the US constitution.

        No US treaty acknowledges International Law over the Supremacy Clause. In fact, it can never be due to the Supremacy Clause and affirmed with the Federalist Papers under The Federalist number 33 by Alexander Hamilton.

        Treaties are part of the Supremacy Clause however there is never an acknowledgement of subservience to ephemeral International Law above the US Constitution or US courts. US is not a member of ICC nor will it ever be in the current subordination of rights under the Rome Statute. Moreover, Paquete Habana statement of “federal common law” is limited by Swift v. Tyson since general common law was not binding on federal Cts creating a sham.

        US no longer acknowledges ICJ jurisdiction. US is no longer under compulsory jurisdiction of the ICJ.

        Soros wishes to change all of this and of course it is always to his benefit. Soros is not an American patriot he looks to directly subvert US integrity and for that matter the integrity of individual nations. Therefore, Soros is not only a global criminalist, but also a dangerous person IMO.


      2. @Phvdh: you don’t know madame lagarde?! but you heard of her predecessor, the infamous strauss-kahn? hard to image, unless you didn’t read papers in recent years – for months and months and months.


  13. I love how this is ALSO honoring Nadia Murad for her courage … but it’s ALL ABOUT AMAL. Lights, camera action … it’s AMAL and her show.


    1. I think your criticism needs to be aimed at the photographers who I imagine are paid handsomely for the photos you are interpreting. None of us were there so we have no idea what else was gong on. Photos of Amal sell so even if she was in a room with 1,000 people the photographer would single her out.


      1. I wonder why that’s the case? It definitely is not George and Baria who created the media frenzy. It’s also qualitatively not you and others who bring the demand up for Amal photos. No that can’t be true.


  14. Nadia should be in the centre of the event, not Amal. Because Amal actually hasn’t achieved much yet; she is only a junior lawyer. But unfortunately thanks to all the PR, now everyone believes she is the most influential human rights lawyer in the world. And she is also corrupt-she talks about helping refugee children but spends millions of dollars on her luxury lifestyle.


    1. Yes…I am sure she is an excellent lawyer….bit just thinl of alla them social status she and her husband are gaining from their “humanity work”…..ummmmm makes you think.

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  15. Very unique styling and beautiful post holiday season color. I especially like the fabric and the way this fits her. I give it a “WIN” rating and like it. 🙂

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  16. And as a bonus….you just can’t lose by being in a room with a guy like Joe Biden! 🙂 Honest. Dignified. Integrity. Intellect. Class. Gentleman. Enough said! 🙂 Quality guy who has served his country and then some! Fact. 🙂


  17. Ariane and Giselle, if you are right, that the Clooneys deal, discuss with and are surrounded by more or less shady characters. If this is all true, why do we admire them here in the blog?
    I do not like People who are corrupt, but the Logical consequence is, that they are all corrupt including the Clooneys??? Or did I understand it wrong?


    1. “If this is all true, why do we admire them here in the blog?”

      Somw certainly do. Others are more critical. Decide yourself which group you belong to: flunkies or observers.


    2. I love the clothes. This is a style blog not a political blog.

      I can like clothes and not the politics of any person.

      On the US constitutions on am right. I have been practicing it for far more years than most. I also know how Soros is sought of in DC.

      The website is listed as Style. If it were Amal politics well then I would not venture here. She hasn’t written much as an attorney. She is no longer active in NYC Bar for over a decade. I don’t think much of her as an attorney. But, her style I like a lot.

      Does that answer your question?

      Liked by 1 person

  18. Really you cynics. Don’t you know we need famous/rich people to bring attention to humanitarian causes? Would you know about Nadia and what she has endured were it not for Amal’s fame???? You sound like a bunch of bitter, nasty people.


    1. Is that tongue and cheek? I mean this is a “Style” blog. We are not picking part cases. We are looking at clothes.

      We are debating if it is at Bergdorf’s or not. This is supposed to be fun.

      Liked by 1 person

  19. Jackson, i have read all your comments. If Students are taught by such characters like you, it is no wonder, that our world geht’s rougher and more harshy


      1. Nati, you already added that photo to your blog and it’s widely available online. It still doesn’t counter the well-established understanding that AMAL is the STAHHHHHH of the show. It’s obvious and one sweet photo doesn’t dispel that. Thank you though.


  20. WoW! I didn’t realize she is 5 months pregnant here in this photo. 🙂 Is it possible to hardly show with twins @ 5 months? I assumed she would be bigger and showing a lot more. She’s over half way now. 🙂


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