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Amal and George Clooney spotted walking in Berkshire 11.01.2017



Amal and George Clooney enjoyed a winter walk in Berkshire  countryside.

I don’t know if she is pregnant and if she would be pregnant she must be on the early stage.

I love the country casual look of Amal.


Style Files

Amal Clooney wore a khaki parka with a black knitted beret, grey jeans and

cable knit chunky jumper

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Pictures DailyMail/SplashNews/FameFlynet

49 thoughts on “Amal and George Clooney spotted walking in Berkshire 11.01.2017

  1. Definitely 10000 percent unusual for Amal to wear loose clothes back to back when u look at her previous winter wardrobe it’s tight or even inappropriate for the weathers. Ladies and gentlemen we have a pregnant Amal here! So happy!!! By the way the man strolling with them
    Is her brother Samir. :;)


    1. How do you know that the sweater is not outerwear and it is over other items of clothing?

      This poor couple cannot even take a walk without being bombarded by photographers who I imagine have been paid handsomely for the photos.


      1. Jackson- really? Has she ever done that before she wears Tank tops in New York city during breaking record lows. Simmer down. We are not idiots- she’s not wearing to over other items of clothing- that is what her jacket is for Jackson.

        And let’s not get ahead of ourselves- celebs themselves even stage paps to catch a picture of them. Amal herself has had paps show up at airports for PR.


      2. The irony and sad part every single comment you make is that —- you are part of the machine that generates the media frenzy around Amal and George. You’re a regular commenter on a blog devoted updated every single available photo of Amal. You are part of the problem so please get off your soapbox. If every single person stopped caring about Amal and her whereabouts (you included by proxy) then they can “take a walk without being bombarded by photographers.”

        Eat them apples and go back to your “ethics” classes.


      3. Soos- Your mean comments seem so out of place on this blog and more like what is present in the Daily Mail blog. Nati presents photos and you assert with 10,000% certainty that Amal is pregnant based on a sweater (and I suppose loose jeans she wears on a weekend stroll in the countryside and a comparison with what she wore in the summer in NY). I ask how you would know based on what I see as possible outerwear and you go on a rampage. I did not tell you you were wrong in your assessment. I asked a question.


  2. By the way the only cute thing about this ensemble to me are the boots- everything else is too big and frumpy looking my goodness the jeans fit terribly – so to spare her from the fashion police giving her a ticket I will say she gets a pass for trying to cover her bump lol!!!


  3. I really like both their outfits…George’s even more. He looks great in the scarf and hat. I think I might buy DH one.

    I think she’s pregnant. The sweater doesn’t concave in the way sweaters do when you have a flat tummy.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. George looks old. Very very old.

    I don’t see a bump. This seems like a staged photo, since it came right after the Netflix London Premiere of White Helmets.

    I like the sweater!


  5. He looks old like if he were her dad and she looks common. Guys this is to show you that good lighting is everything and bad lighting (like it was the case on that day under British sky) makes you look like any other average mortal.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Of course it is good lighting, stylist, makeup artists, hairstylists etc..But everyone should know that. He pictures previous to GC were unremarkable and so was her style.

      Oh and this was a PR stunt. It is normal for GC to call PR for these stunts. George looks old and pregnant. He looks like he gain a stone or two.


      1. @ Jackson It’s not acceptable for anyone else to be “a bit harsh” but it’s acceptable for you to rail on other commenters. How do you know (WITH AUTHORITY) that Amal and George do NOT call the press? We’re waiting …..

        Liked by 1 person

      2. @Jackson What do you mean know what things? That lighting, stylists, makeup and airbrushing does wonders? Well that is obvious or at least it should be.

        Amal prior to GC has pictures out in the media and to me they are unremarkable. Now, there are blogs with reputable plastic surgeons that said Amal went through surgery, botox, breast implants and nose job.

        However, in any light it is all perception. You have your feeling and I have my own. Phenotypic attributes on beauty are only in the eye of the beholder. But, that is a great thing we can agree to disagree.

        This is not to belittle you at all. You asked a question and aspired to answer it. This is a style blog. I like to link to the products and purchase them. I have purchased the boots and some of the pumps she has worn. I think they are great!

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  6. To me George looks like George the hat doesn’t help. George has said they often walk to town from their home . The daily fail after not reporting on them during the recent pregnancy rumors simply decided they needed to get some pics so stalked and got them.


  7. She may not be pregnant but she is sure leading us to think that with these on repeat loose clothes 🙂 George looks pregnant on these heavy clothes hehehe .. i bet he cant survive UK cold! Cold to the bones!!

    Even though these boots has an ill fitting i kind of like them.. or maybe i like its color. LOVE the beret and George’s hat ❤


  8. Perfect outfit for a cool day; slouchy hat, cable sweater, boots, and still looking stylish. I like George’s hat, too. It looks like a nice hiking/ running/ bike trail @ Berkshire. The winter months can be long and sometimes you just have to get outside & enjoy some fresh air and some exercise. 🙂

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  9. Bahaha!!! 😂😂😂 I LOVE it!! 😍

    …BIG. 😆
    …DRAMATIC. 🎉
    ….TALKED ABOUT!!!😭

    Exactly what was expected and predicted!!😍😍

    I am particularly loving the choice of going with a Jane Austen theme for alerting the neighbours as to one’s presence in town with wonderful news. The wintry English landscape, the leisurely stroll in the park…such camouflage for transparent intentions! Jane Austen would be proud!

    Go Amal! 👏👏👏

    Thou shalt be sighted on your own terms and conditions. Power to you my girl in having paparazzi on your husband’s pay roll! Ambitious, unique, formidable and a credit to your mother’s genius and control. A rich Caucasian celebrity male stands no chance against the artistry of the Middle Eastern bride and her mother, such a Bentley! It is brilliant!

    And Jackson my dear, you are the most aspy vixen I have ever come across!! Your naivety, cognitive rigidity and lack of social nuency are refreshing sources of hilarity!! I’ve shed 5 kilos laughing off my Christmas gain! Please do keep it coming!!😘

    We eagerly anticipate Valentine’s Day celebrations in the Clooney household. Surely, there has never been no greater or more perfectly executed celebrity love!

    Much love to all! And Jackson, do make some attempt to keep your claws at bay my child!😻


      1. I can imagine, I tried the same, but no success.
        Chapeau, Nati. Only a specialist like you can cope with Mrs. Clooney*s special style IDs. Applause!

        The sweater looks normal but shows extraordinary details: the sleeves are not really sewn but connected with tasseled icords. So cute, I love it.

        Liked by 1 person

  10. Hi and Happy new year to y’all!

    In totally randomly typing on smart phone as I lay on armchair awaiting for tb to fall asleep kind of order:

    A) Amal pregs, we are same age, I am starting to have fertility issues, comes with age doctors say, so if she really is all best to them for a healthy pregnancy. If not prego. Maybe for the best at this age it is hard on the body.. help or no help from nannies or what have you. All best in any case, to our fellow sister.

    B) George looks what old? He looks fine fine fine, I can only hope my hubs looks so serene at age 50 over. He is a handsome man of his age. I don’t see where all the mean comments come from, he is polite, handsome, has a humour, is not over the moon with himself, thumbs up to George. I would politely greet him if I crossed his path and thank him for his contribution to films I have and am enjoying watching. Get over yourselves on the mean comments.

    C) Her brother is that man? I thought he was the bodyguard jogging next to them or something. Any tag on the shorts? Just kidding!

    Cheers, Annie.


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