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Are Amal and George Clooney expecting twins? 03.01.2017


The Lebanese magazine DailyStar pubished yesterday following news :

“Amal Clooney and her husband George are expecting twins later this year (in March), a source close to Amal’s family in Beirut told The Daily Star.”

For March ? Really ? At the Texas Conference Amal must be pregnant with twins in the 5th month of pregnancy.
What do you think ?
GossipCop didn’t deny the news until now.
Here a twins pregnancy in pictures via :

41 thoughts on “Are Amal and George Clooney expecting twins? 03.01.2017

  1. It would make sense if that was why she has been out of the limelight for so long…I am certain this is the longest we have not seen any photos whatsoever. HOWEVER i really don’t think she looks pregnant at all in November so surely it cannot be twins.


  2. Lol Nati you are so cute๐Ÿ˜˜ I did look at the same picture as you posted late last night, counted the months back (on my fingers๐Ÿ˜œ) and came to the same conclusion!!! I do wish them the best!

    Good to have a blog entry from you (even tongue in cheek)!
    Thank you for your wonderful year of posting for us all and I wish you and yours truly a Happy New Year๐ŸŽ‡๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป from Canada๐Ÿ’•

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  3. Actually that would be her six month since it was in November. She is supposedly giving birth the beginning of March.

    Further, on the 17th of November she was even skinnier in a red pants suit in NC. It is all specious. Twins make you gain rapidly, so as to allow for normal growth cycle for not one but two babies.


  4. The Daily Star is the equivalent to the National Enquirer. I’m not clear why this is posted. We have enough problems with fake news. These speculations — pregnancy, divorce — are born out of desperateness by spurious news media. This blog site is more dignified than that.

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    1. Jackson, you have serious control issues.
      You’re constantly criticising other commenters, in a very nasty tone, I might add, for their opinions and now you’re telling Nati how to run her blog, what she should or shouldn’t report on and in essence telling her that her posting this harmless item is undignified?
      Seriously, you need to back off.


    2. Jackson, like I said to you on another thread… take a rest, gladiator !

      This time I’m going to be ‘undignified’ and say (in a new york accent) … shaddup already !

      Gawd, what’s your problem? Why don’t you create an Amal blog of your own, and stop dictating to Nati how to run hers. Sheesh.


      1. @Sasha & Tack, ditto to everything you’ve so rawly and beautifully, in your no-nonsense NY way, said.

        Happy New Year, Nati, and all the lovely, reasonable ๐Ÿ˜‰ people who post on here. Thanks for a lovely blog and here’s to a great 2017 for all of us.

        And if it includes Clooney twins, so much the better! โค

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      2. New York accent???? Shaddup…which accent is that?

        I think you watch too many “good feller” films. I think that is very derogatory towards New Yorkers. We happen to be extremely cosmopolitan.


      3. Arianna

        Whether you live in the city or not, as a fellow New Yorker, I would think you would have gotten the gist of my ‘shut up already’ … joke. .

        i was going for an obnoxious Staten Island accent there. Get it ? ๐Ÿ˜‰


      4. @Arianna
        I live in NY and find it hard to believe that you live here yet are completely oblivious to our accents and, shall I say, euphemisms. We don’t usually suffer fools easily but I see that ‘Tack’ was graciously employing tact with her response.
        Cosmopolitan, my eye.

        Isn’t it wonderful that AMAL IS HAVING TWINS!
        Partay in da house! WOOT WOOT!


    3. Daily Star was originally created from founders of Al-Hayat, I believe and have read. Amal’s mother worked for Al-Hayat for a significant period of time. It seems specious, IMO.


  5. there’s no way she was 5 months pregnant in Texas and due in March unless it’s through a surrogate. maybe she is expecting twins but not in March.


  6. I don’t know if its true or not- if YES thats great if no.. oh well she’s still awesome. But I wanted to remind everyone she did the same last year when it was around the holidays her and George just vanish and enjoy time with friends and family. plus her house is complete in the UK she may be enjoying that paradise away from eyes. What do you think Nat? lets hear it lol ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy New Year all!


  7. If she is having twins it is via a surrogate 11/17/2016 on the 6th month of so called pregnancy she would have been easily showing. Pregnancy for older women having multiple birth is to keep the birth weight up.

    Amal was in NC wearing a red pantsuit. She looked very thin. No noticeable sign of a belly.

    I hope she isn’t trying to make people believe that this was a natural pregnancy becAuse no one would. Women use surrogates all the time for a variety of reasons there is no shame in it.


  8. If you follow them they usually disappear around the holidays, this is nothing new. George has said he can do his charity work in Britain. His movie is being finished in Britain so I think they are there enjoying their time while Amal does her work.
    As for the article that stated the pregnancy with twins, they reprinted it with the date removed.
    I don’t think she is pregnant this is the same story that has been out, only before she was pregnant and George was divorcing her.


      1. Not like her to cancel an appearance at something so serious! I am hopeful the story is true! They would be wonderful parents I think. I remember a while ago someone posted that the building Amal was going into in NYC had an IVF clinic.


      2. It would surprise me to see Amal back at the UN in the foreseeable future.

        It’s more likely that the UN themselves cancelled Amal’s appointment, given the notoriety her last appearance there caused and the fact that quite a few people felt insulted by her behaviour. They may simply regard her as persona non grata by now who dislikes sticking to the house’s rules (like bringing her own camera team without permission, not even excusing for her rant etc.).


      3. She had to cancel. In September she all but squashed the Yadzi’s case on Iraq helping to stop the genocide. Iraq is not recognize ICJ as having subject matter jurisdiction over issue or personal jurisdiction over their country.

        This camera at the Iraqi mission was in the NYT and Daily News. It had personal quotes.


    1. I was thinking the same thing G!! See my post above– she does have her vanishing acts and lays low and did the same last year either around the holidays or another period of time. I heard through grapevine that she was actually laying low from that Security meeting for security purposes. her vanishing (temporarily) means nothing as far as pregnancy is concerned in my eyes. Her family takes long and intimate vacations all the time. I feel she is enjoying her UK paradise they built up.


  9. Also remember how she cancelled her trip to Australia in October? Makes sense if her Dr said not to fly that far. Plus the outfit she wore in November in Texas with the vertical pinstripe – certainly slimming and would help disguise any minor bump.


  10. Regarding Amal’s no show at the Security Council – months before Amal cancelled her visit to Australia saying she has to be in the Hague but that did not appear to eventuate either. Having Amal Clooney represent you is a double edge sword. On one hand it does shine a light on the issue – but on the other the light focuses on Amal’s eye catching outfits, her hair, her figure and her marriage. And to be perfect honest she herself encourages this with high profile interviews and the “pap walks” with poor Nadia trailing behind her. As we now can see – when the Clooney’s want privacy they easily manage it. Unless some readers actually believe they have been staying indoors all this time???? I wonder if Nadia Murad was upset by the coverage and decided to go it alone. This must be equally frustrating for Amal to be constantly seen through the prism of quasi-celebrity rather than her qualifications. As always women in this sphere are judged by different standards to men


  11. Happy New Year, Nati! I agree: if Amal really was as far along as the news report would make her alleged pregnancy in November (5 months), she would be “showing” a lot more in those photos (at least if she wished to maintain a healthy pregnancy). Perhaps they have enlisted a surrogate who was 5 months along with twins at the time. No shame in that. Or, maybe she is pregnant, but the “source” got the timing wrong.

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  12. Perhaps she has this pregnancy disease like Kate Middleton. Then she is happy to stay at home. That Must ne terrible.

    All the best for her and for all of you for the NEW year. Hopefully a year with more peace and freedom for the whole World


    1. Yes, Jacklyn, this is how fake news get circulated and how rumors take over. If anyone bothered to go on the Wikipedia site for the magazine they would see the libel suits against them. Seeing what is happening in the US should dissuade anyone from even reading, let alone repeating, what is in a tabloid already known for its fabrications and lies.


      1. Jackson, there you go again.
        “If anyone bothered…“?
        “let alone repeating…?
        Nati has infinitely more patience than I would have with your condescending attitude.
        Let me ask you something, Jackson. Would Amal having a baby (or twins) with George displease you for some reason?


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