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Amal Clooney in Monse on the set of Suburbicon 04.10.2016


Amal and George Clooney looked extremely happy together on Tuesday while on the set of the actor’s latest project in Los Angeles.

George Clooney is directing upcoming comedy movie Suburbicon,

Amal was radiant with their dog Millie.


Amal Clooney wore a

MONSE dress

from the Resort 2017 collection



Leather-paneled canvas ankle boots


available here on Net-à-Porter

715395_in_xl 715395_fr_xl 715395_bk_xl

With big thanks to Jill for her IDs and support.

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50 thoughts on “Amal Clooney in Monse on the set of Suburbicon 04.10.2016

  1. She may be experimental with her outfits, but she’s definitely a one-act show with her hair. She always parts her hair to cover her left side or left ear, even when she pulls it back. Its always the same look: blown own with loose waves.

    My fave look was her hair in her natural state in curls in Ibiza. It was fresh and made her look younger. The blow-outs age her.


  2. This whole look speaks fashion victim and trying too hard to me – especially with the rope lead for the dog?! Is this part of the “look”? Do they not own a proper leash? Much preferred her outfits on the money monster set – had an air of natural cool – ‘led French to me.


    1. Anne: That is a lead for a dog. If you go into a variety of well stocked pet stores you will see the exact lead she is using. I own one of them and several others.


  3. OK…..this outfit is just silly. From the dress down to the boots. I don’t know where to look next. Walking your dog and hanging on set does not require one to get all dolled up. This outfit does look comfortable nor does it look effortless. Disappointed.


  4. OK, definitely not feeling any part of this outfit. For the price, it’s blah, and the single sleeve just seems kind of clumsy here, like someone was interrupted when he/she was assembling the top and just forgot to go back to the top to add a second sleeve. Or, like maybe an adoring fan came along and accidentally yanked one sleeve off, in his/her excitement, while shaking hands with Amal. The white boots stand out, and not in a good way. I don’t even like the outfit on the model.


  5. No, no, no. All kinds of wrong here. The hair, the glasses, the clothes, the shoes. Too much and too complicated.

    I suspect she’s on her way to, or coming from, a more formal affair, and stopped by to see George. If not, she’s way overdressed just to visit a movie set, and walk the dog.

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  6. Nati I m sorry
    you may not want to publish this comment and I can understand, but as much as I like following Amal in her outfit adventures, this time I m very disappointed.
    To me, she looks cheap 😦

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  7. I like her dress: the very classic boring fabric needs to be broken by a special design – and it worked. Nice relaxed look. her hair too.
    Only the boots make me sigh.

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  8. I prefer the tucked top into the skirt than the loose top. I think it’s not her best outfit at all but one of the things I particularly like of Amal’s style is her uniqueness and her sense of fun with clothes. Even when she fails I love it. PS I agree with Anne about the rope. What kind of leash is that?

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    1. Sarah: As I commented to Anne, it is a dog leash. Go into any well stocked pet store and you will see them. I own one and several others.


  9. First time poster, reading here since some time.

    I cannot help but state it: George looks awful, worn out, like a bully, overweight, not ageing in a good way. Not to mention his outfit. He is an incredibly far cry from even handsome and a solar system away from the sexiest man alive that he once was. He looks like any average guy from the smalltown suburbs. He’s not exactly a good catch these days.


      1. ‘Jackson’, you are right, i should have expressed myself in a more precise manner. He wouldn’t exactly be a good catch these days if he was unmarried because he seems to be rapidly loosing his formerly good looks resp. what is still left of them.

        (and no, i am not jealous, i am happily married to a guy whose looks are not going south ;-). )


      2. My reply Should have been under what Jackson stated, that George is not a good catch these days ” because he is married!”
        Amen to that! He looks good no matter what he wears or how he is feeling!


    1. So true, Caroline s.

      It’s like he aged overnight. He was still handsome and youthful-looking right up to his engagement. And it has been downhill since then,. He still does look good in a suit though. 🙂


      1. Maybe Amal isn’t a great person or wife and that’s why you people think he’/s not such a great catch. Personally I think he needs to dump his wife and realize Amal isn’t the woman of his dreams
        George Clooney looks like a million bucks when Amal isn’t around!🙂


  10. I love the casual look of Amal. They are bold and fun. not everyone is CapAd use. And I like that Amal (knowing that the look with a magnifying glass) dares. To me this whole set I find it unfortunate. But the skirt with a white basic shirt and boots can be ok. And the shirt with jeans or red pants or brown can work. I like that Amal surprised us.


  11. Dear Nati:

    I don’t know where exactly to put this post, so I’ll just include it in the most recent thread and leave it to your judgement.

    I want to compliment you on your wonderful skills in identifying Amal’s designer clothing. As someone with an ongoing interest in fashion, I have found myself thinking multiple times when I’ve seen a beautiful gown etc somewhere (not necessarily Amal), that I wished I could have posted a photo of it on a blog like this, so that I could learn the name of the designer. I mention this because if you ever wanted to expand into a blog about fashion in general, I would certainly sign up for it and welcome it.

    Another thought that has occurred to me as I have visited this blog, is whether you ever considered posting some of the things that frequently are included in other blogs. Very often, there will be a bio of the blog owner with the history of why they started the blog, who they are, where they live etc. I always find it interesting to read this information. Then-almost always-there will be a set of posting (commentary) guidelines. The guidelines state which commentary is considered appropriate and inappropriate. This is also very helpful to anyone coming to a particular site.

    I just wanted to include my thoughts/suggestions here and would appreciate hearing your thoughts.

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    1. Frankly, i cannot understand this purchase. A less costly accomodation would have done, even for a celebrity like Clooney who holds C/D-level celeb status these days (at best, his A-level days being loooong gone).

      Why not donate this incredible (inclined to say: insane) amount of money to charitable causes, like building an apartment block for the refugees stranded in Como (google is your friend, in case this matter escaped your attention), not far from George’s villa over there? This smart move would silence all this critics who accuse him of being a hypocrite AND support the charitable causes both Clooneys like to advocate in the media, demanding ‘average’ taxpayers all over Europe to pay more and more for refugees while he spends his money on luxury toys. It’s all about the water-preaching, wine-drinking issue.


  12. This blog on Amal’s style has given me the courage to buy and wear a few things outside of my usual comfort zone which has been liberating and fun! Thanks Nati, for your relentless passion in keeping this blog updated😍

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  13. @Helraiser: I did in no way relate my observation of George Clooney’s rapidly waning looks to his wife or his marriage, thus stating any connection between both factors. Unlike you, i don’t think he looks like a million when his wife is not around – unfortunately, his appearance is a rather mediocre one these days 24/365 (resp. what of it is publicly covered by the media).

    I do find his often shaggy attires add to his poor looks and do clash significantly with Amal’s opposite manner of presenting herself in public in constantly unseen garbs and made up to the nines any given time. Unfortunately, this adds to make the age gap and other differences between these two even more visible.

    @Nati: Nati, do you plan to report on the Iran/UN-incident from 3 days ago? It was all over the media. I believe it would be worth an entry in the non-fashion/carreer part of your blog.


    1. It was not Iran but Iraq’s representatives. The TV crew was NBC news. It would be better to have both sides statement. Amal is a strong woman and she has an assistant who is responsible for the meeting’s organization.


      1. Oh, i am sorry, you are right about the country, of course! It was Iraq, as you stated correctly.

        More entries in the non-fashion part of your blog would make it more balanced, as the fashion takes an overwhelming majority (you are getting it right if you assume i am more interested in professional issues). Afraid there won’t be an official statement from the Clooney’s side, so waiting for one in order to start a thread based means an opportunity missed, IMHO.

        I have no knowledge of any of Amal’s asststants’ chores, hence only can take for granted what’s reported in the media (those who do 🙂 ). And of course i would like to know about her attire for this meeting.


    2. Hi Nati:
      I am just wondering at your identifying the camera crew as from NBC News as none of the media reports have this information. It seems that Amal has a special relationship with NBC News as she has done multiple exclusives with them in the past. Can you provide additional information? Thanks.


      1. Nati:
        Thanks for your reply. Other media outlets have covered Amal. I mention this because I am wondering if your comment that NBC News was the crew sited in the reports concerning the meeting with the Iraqi UN ambassador is per specific information.

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