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Amal and George Clooney attend the MPTF 95th anniversary celebration in Los Angeles 01.10.2016


Amal and George Clooney attend the MPTF 95th anniversary celebration with ‘Hollywood’s Night Under The Stars’ at MPTF Wasserman Campus on October 1, 2016 in Los Angeles, California.



Amal Clooney wore a




tibi-black-cutout-shoulder-top-product-2-674275999-normal tibi_fall2_viscose_crepe_cut_out_shoulder_top_black-1


vintage 70s pants

with a Celia Birtwell print

255ad118fc29ed45f62b42eff5023644 ossieclarkzzzzzzzzzzzzz_l ossieclarkzzzzzzzzzzzzzz_l

with black onyx and diamonds drop earrings.

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All pictures via Getty 

29 thoughts on “Amal and George Clooney attend the MPTF 95th anniversary celebration in Los Angeles 01.10.2016

    1. Hi Donnine:
      Your comment got me thinking about the variety of things that Amal wears…I agree that I prefer her in skirts/dresses–she’s worn some suits that are terrific–I do think that her ‘silhouette’ for lack of a better word presents her with some challenges style and fit wise–she has long arms and legs, but is quite thin. Another person here, Claudia Remm, shared that she is a trained dressmaker. It would be so interesting to hear her professional opinion on what designs would work well for Amals’ body type.


      1. You are so funny Amelie! I’m still laughing about your ethno nose. I got mine at the local discounter. 😀 😀 😀


  1. I have this theory about the Angelina & Brad split.

    I think it has a lot to do with George and Amal. The couple are the new darlings on the Human Rights Cause Celebrity circuit. Especially Amal. She is one of the most photographed women in the world. She is seen with world leaders, politicians, in the court, at glamours events, with entertainment celebrities and the list goes on…and the whole time she’s looking fabulous. She speaks four languages, looks like a movie star, has a posh accent, is a human rights lawyer, she’s young and she’s married to George Clooney. I bet this drives Angelina crazy. After all that was Angelina’s gig.

    Her reinvention does not include Brad. He isn’t posh enough. Not like George.

    She will move to London where the charity scene is, attach herself to a man that can elevate her status even higher. A Lord perhaps. Someone related to the royal family or dare I say a royal. Or a zillionaire that is very well connected. Someone to give real credibility. I think the work she does is admirable but this women is so obvious in terms of why she does it.

    Just my two cents


    1. Interesting theory. I’m not sure I agree it’s what caused their marriage to fail but certainly Angelina is a strange person and does indeed try to portray herself as a humanitarian – I’m sure some is genuine, and some is ego. It is very true that George and Amal are the darling celeb couple of the moment but one thing I am certain – nothing is ever as perfect as it may appear and images can only be maintained for so long.


    2. Thank you for your comment. At last somebody said it so cleary. It is obvious, isn’t it!
      I mean, hey, don’t give me that nonsense, that the cancer scare had any impact on Angelina J. or Brad Pitt and thus on their relationship. Never, ever! People like that don’t grieve and are not afraid, they are yellow with jealousy. I bet while she was having her breast gland tissue and later her ovaries removed, she was raging with anger that Amal and George got married and she didn’t think of anything else. And than these children, only to show them off. Such terrible people these two, whereas Angelina is clearly far worse than Brad Pitt. Brad P. is addicted to alcohol and grass. I mean, would Amal marry an alcoholic? There would be no way, that Amal would do something like that. No, not Amal!
      The way Angelina J. dresses when she visits these refugee camps. Jesus, can’t the woman get her head together? She is not a model and she is not on the red carpet. These refugees are poor so why does she put all these jewels on, looking like a christmas tree plus the expensive clothes she wears on these occasions. Good God! A woman who has a brain would never do that. Amal would definitely never do that.

      Brad Pitts acting is also very limited whereas George seems to have gotten his acting possibilities by heaven. Unbelievable!

      The sun is filled with ice and gives no warmth at all and the sky is never blue. The stars are raindrops looking for a place to fall …..


    3. What a ridiculous, illogical, petty, fact-deficient load of nonsense.

      Angie Jolie has 16 years of widely documented hands-on, financial and emotional commitment to her causes.

      Show me – I dare you – how Amal Clooney compares in any way, shape or form to that.


      1. This is 100% sarcasm guys. That was the whole point that while Angelina actually dresses and acts appropriately for humanitarian work, Amal does not. Jesus!!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. @Kayaks – My response was to Donnie, not Claudia (who quite clearly is taking the pee out of Donnie’s petty nonsense).


      3. Hi morna so sorry i clickes the wrong reply button. My response was to everyone else that was reaponding. I actually fully agree with your comments


    4. Donnine and others: Last I looked this was a blog about Amal (Amal Clooney Style named by Nati) and not Angelina, Brad, and others. I don’t get why you care about Angelina and Brad’s split. It sounds like you have you been reading too many tabloids/gossip magazines. Perhaps there is another blog about Angelina you can turn to or send e-mails to gossip mags like US, Star, etc.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Don’t worry Jackson, we know this blog is about Amal and fashion. Donnine does not seem to be aware of this. It surprises me, that Nati published Donnines comment at all and so I thought that Nati agreed to me answering Donnine. Now she likes your comment, so she seems to be in disagreement with her own doing. Confusing!
        Anyhow, Jackson, whether you like it or not, you will not dictate to which comment I answer and what I answer.


  2. Love the pants. Love the top. I’m not so sure I really like the combination of the two but it’s not bad. Would love to see those pants with a cropped top in blue or gold or even pink or red.


  3. Anne, Claudia & Morna,

    If you read my post carefully I’m not comparing Amal to Angelina. I am not saying one is better than the other. That is not my point. What I said was Angelina is very calculating when it comes to her image/brand. Amal and George have somewhat taken that spotlight away from her. I’m sure it must annoy Saint Angelina to see this women bopping around being labeled a ‘human rights star’ when she has been doing it for over 15 years. I also said that I admire her (Angelina’s) efforts but hope her motives are pure. And I’m sure they are. But she can still be pissed. In the end it does come down reinvention. That’s what these people do. They create and re-create their image – they are brands. They must stay RELEVANT.

    For example: George knew he had to settle down with a women. Here is this movie star in his mid fifties hanging out with numerous women half his age. He was becoming a parody of himself. Yes I’m sure he loves Amal but these people don’t do anything without a lot of image planning. Amal was the perfect candidate. She’s educated. She fits in well with his causes while looking stunning the whole time. She’s in her mid thirties (so not too young) She’s no bimbo and she makes him look good.

    Only time will tell.

    BTW….Angelina has a known history of splitting up relationships – where’s the compassion there.


  4. Angelina Jolie has been called so many things and so much dirt has been poured over her, and she never reacted. Not only that, she still fights for womens rights especially in the field of war rape.
    You are hinting at her “history of splitting up relationships”, funny enough nobody ever says something nasty about Brad Pitt. Strange isn’t it? He left Jennifer Aninston!!! Not Angelina Jolie broke up the happy marriage between Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. But, and this time in capitals: BRAD PITT LEFT JENNIFER ANISTON! This was 12 years ago and that is History! I wish people would really start to move on, because Pitt and Jolie have and I hope Aniston as well.
    Who are you to judge Angelina Jolie? Did you walk a mile in her shoes?

    Amal is 38 years old and Angelina is 41 = only 3 years difference.

    I don’t know any of these people personally and yes quite a lot of these actors are mainly concerned with their image. If, as you say, George married Amal for image reasons, I feel a little bit sorry for them.


    1. Just to add, Claudia, Jolie’s international profile is solely down to her own hard work and commitment to the causes she champions. Amal, on the other hand, only has the proifle she has courtesy of her marriage to Clooney. Prior to that, she was unknown.

      Jolie’s earned her stripes because she walks the walk. Amal, for the most part, talks the talk while walking the catwalk.


      1. Completely agree. I’ve always thought it was sooo incredibly distasteful when she workme $10,000 outfits to areas where people don’t even make $1,000 per year . I also do humanitarian work (obviously not on the same scale as Amal and Jolie) and despite driving luxury cars and living in quite an expensive house. When I travel abroad I stick with jeans and tshirt or cutoffs and tshirt. And I get that she couldn’t do this given her work but less extravagance would make the contrast between her and the people she “defends” less strikingly obvious. She reminds me of the filthy rich girls I knew in college who did charity for their sororities. They 100% had no idea what true altruism and charity was but it looked good and was something to talk about at parties. Either way her “charity” is helping the less fortunate so while it is disingenuine it benefits the needy and I certainly can be behind that


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