Amal Clooney spotted in Proenza Schouler leaving the Carlyle Hotel in New York 22.09.2016

amal-clooney-red-wrap-dress-new-york-september-2016-1Amal Clooney was spotted leaving the Carlyle Hotel in New York Manhattan accompanied by her personal assistant and  Nadia Murad.


Style Files

Amal Clooney wore a


Geranium viscose crepe long sleeve asymmetric wrap dress with knot detail from the Pre Spring 2017

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78 thoughts on “Amal Clooney spotted in Proenza Schouler leaving the Carlyle Hotel in New York 22.09.2016

  1. WOW! I can’t even begin to tell you how mush better I like this style than the previous “nanny from the eighties”-look. Amal looks simply stunning, happy and stylish, she’s back to her usual self. And the colour looks gorgeous on her, it makes her look radiant. I just love this style!


  2. I simply have to make this comment, Nati I will leave it to you as to whether you feel comfortable publishing it. I understand if you don’t as it is your blog etc.

    I have seen the video of Amal departing her hotel and the moving pictures tell another story. Firstly, Amal could easily leave from the Hotel’s private exit (via the carpark that all hotels have) if she herself didn’t want to be on public display with yet another new outfit. So we know this is a deliberate choice to be seen, made up and prepared head to toe.

    However, my issue, is WHY she strides out in front with Nadia trailing behind her. Why can’t Amal walk WITH her client and politely allow her to go into the car first. The impression created here is Nadia is part of Amal’s entourage and trails behind Princess Amal in her glamorous new outfit. Which no doubt will be returned tomorrow to be replaced by another haute couture creation. Am I reading too much into this? I feel she upstaged Jodie Foster and Julia Roberts deliberately by wearing such a long unmanageable train on her gown. And standing with the cast when no other spouses did. However Julia and Jodie are grown women who can handle themselves. Nadia is a young women whose whole demeanour cries out for solace and comfort. When you see archive footage of Princess Diana with landmine victims – she stood with them, focussed on them – her rapport was human and humble, they did not trail behind her like servants.

    This entire UN Fashion Week performance has been utterly enjoyable from a fashion perspective, but from a humane one, my impression of Amal is she is an extremely self absorbed woman who must be the centre of attention. And I have seen this impression shared by thousands of other posts on line in the last week.

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    • I have the same impression after watching the video!!!! Exactly, why Amal is leaving hotel like if she goes on the catwalk, and her client, who is much more important in all this case, is far behind her?? I was also wondering why Amal went to the car first? Why didn’t she help her client, or simply wait for her, let her go first? Sorry, I am a lawyer as well, and I always go with my clients shoulder to shoulder, and let them go first to the car or to the room. It is about respect for them and their case.
      I totally agree with the last paragraph of Casual Observer post, and this “UN fashion week” stuff.
      To be honest, I watched several videos with Amal from previous week, and I have to assume that she is very, very girlish in her behaviour and somehow infantile. When she meets with men she always acts like a little girl… smiles, acts like she was confused, curtsying ect. For me it is strange and unprofessional. Frankly speaking, Amal is behaving in a way that… I do not feel her professionalism, some “life wisdom” or credibility. From my perspective she is a girl, who was amitious at school and wanted to earn a good money (she tried to work in well known lawyers firms), because of her family history she decided to take those humanitarian work, but she is like many other lawyers who knows how to read and write about law.
      Ant to be honest her work it is much easier than ordinary lawyers work- I mean being a regular barrister who meets with crimminals, goes to jails to speak to them, every day meets poor people, lonely mothers, alkoholics, drug dealers, people cheated by banks, people with diseases who can’t get financial support from goverment, people arguing about inheritance, very frustrated, who blames all the world for their troubles and they blamane even you if you want to help them…and much, much more… When thousands of lawyers every day stand in courts, agrue with the opponents, deals with very difficult clients and situations….meanwhile…Amal meets with prime ministres, with Obama or UN delegates….sits with her husband… have coffe, chats and smiles. But nobody cares about those people in lower courts and their overstreesed barristers. Compare to this hard and often unpleasant work – Amal is very comfort-seeking lawyer and very egocentric one.

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      • Although I haven’t watched the videos (or read beyond the first few sentences of the comments), I think too much is being read into these photos.

        Nice colour of dress. Meh on the sleeves.

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      • BerryBlue: You must be kidding (although what you said is not a joke). Amal’s work is much easier than an ordinary lawyer’s?? Have you actually read what she does, where she goes and what she does when she gets there? You have a complete misunderstanding of the role of barrister. You have confused it with the role of solicitor.


    • While I think that this dress and all of the clothing choices these past few days have been gorgeous and Amal looks spectacular, I agree with all you’ve said Casual Observer. The video speaks volumes about Amal and her need to be the center of attention. Having lived in NYC for over 3 decades, space is so limited and back and side entrances would be just as accessible to those “in the know”. The papz could easily be tipped off that she would be leaving through a back entrance and the scene would be only mildly less theatrical. It is Amal who makes it what it is. I think anyone who sees the video would agree that her stride and her demeanor belongs at a fashion show, not leading a young woman who has been through unimaginable misery. A quick slip out the side door, walking next to her client, head not held high, etc….could easily be captured on tape and give her an enviable look that would present her in a whole new light and we would still see the lovely clothes and beautiful style. Can be done but it’s a choice she would have to make. Hope this gets published 🙂

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    • There is another possibility. My impression is that Nadia Murad is likely very uncomfortable with the cameras and the flashes and all that this entails. My sense that she is tolerating this because it is important that her story be told and that her story remains in the public eye. So I lean towards the view that she is being selective about how much of this she takes head on. I suspect the placement of the exit from the hotel was very deliberate. On the other hand I believe that Amal’s wardrobe choices this past week, and her public presence including leaving from the front door of the hotel, were all designed with maximum publicity in mind. Very effectively I might add. Lots and lots of people who would otherwise have paid zero attention to the UN this past week have been watching, reading and listening. I haven’t checked but it would be interesting to see how many views there have been of Amal’s speech to the UN and her NBC interviews. Lots and lots of people now know the name Nadia Murad. Many of those people also know a lot more than they knew a week ago about the Yazidi people and the horrors they have and continue to endure.

      There is usually more than one way to interpret visual images. Unless we are sitting in the backroom and know the players it is literally impossible to accurately judge such images.

      My two cents.

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      • I am with you on that one. People realy need to understand who Amal is and accept what she is not. Take the good, leave the bad to the trols and contribute to what she is contributing to these causes, with her selcenteredness… at least she is putting it to a good cause. She has to walk in front indeed… for liability reaons, for many toehr valuable reasons… and yes,,, the attention needs to be on her because it is her that gets clicks and attention and though that attention her causes gets attention… though… it is a no brainer.. so people need to stop trying to see her in mother Teresa.. she aint it. But she is something else that is effective and is working!

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      • Although you could be right BallyCroy, I would have to take a moment to ponder why so much attention WOULD BE placed on clothes UNLESS one would want to make them important. Amal is Amal regardless of what she wears so why overkill? Caroline Kennedy is Caroline Kennedy regardless. She’s not going to put a heavy amount into what she is going to wear with the intent to “bring attention to the case” if she is going to go to court. The same goes for Amal. A big production is not necessary. I do understand & get what you are saying though.


    • I think I might have to agree with “Casual Observer returned”. Upon review of the video, the strutted cat walk was a bit much. BIG work can be done discreetly and often is. Unsung heroes tend to do their work and not thirst for attention & spotlight & photo ops. That particular clip was almost as if one said, “okay, on 3 start walking out” then this exaggerated pony catwalk started. It appears like this is about an opportunity to ‘spotlight’ herself, more so than spot lighting Nadia. You would never see Lady Diana, Princess Kate, John Kennedy Jr., Meb Keflezighi, (to name a few) would never do this—because they do not want it to be “about them”, but instead about the other person. Attorney’s, fantastic one’s, all over the world are doing humanity & rights cases like this all of the time, daily. And it’s what they do. “All in a day’s work”. They’re just not married to George Clooney to be able to spotlight themselves. If Amal & George want to really make an impression….completely fund this girl’s education, well-being, and direction in life. Ensure future success for Nadia. Create a safe haven for her. Auction the fancy designer clothes and use the $$$$$ to donate to victims like Nadia would be a wonderful option, too. $10,000 an outfit would go a long long way. I have to agree with Casual Observer Returned this go around. Especially after watching the video.

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    • Casual Observer Ret’d. Your post reminds me of a woman who has done tremendous work at the UN recently- EU High Representative, Federica Mogherini. She functioned as a press contact and was very visible in the process of negotiating the Nuclear Deal with Iran. Her dress and demeanor were always simple & subdued; she was always ‘in role’ as one would expect and handled her work with dignity and precision. I think she is a great role model for anyone doing sensitive work in a public venue.

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    • I think you are right in one point, Nadia should walk by her side, not going around behind her, thats not dven professional. By the other hand regarding Amal wardrobe despite the case she has in hand she is still Amal, so I dont see anything wrong keeping her own style. Is it taking the attention from the human rights discussion in UN? Of course not, if someone style could do it would just mean everybody has gone crazy! Anyway love the dress. Thanks Nati for your good work.

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    • Dear Casual Observer returned, the woman behind AC is not Nadia Murad, maybe her assistant or so.
      Nadia Murad is not to be seen on the pictures, so what?


    • I am amazed how long it took you to know she is self absorbed. I have been folllowing this blog for over a year now and i knew that about Amal on the first pic i saw of her. I come here not because she is a role model to me. I come for other reasons and not because i waish to find Mother Teresa in her. She is no mother Teresa, please get that for once and for all! Each give what they have… at least she is doing soemthing great with her selcentredness. That is the point. She could had choce to just seat around and enjoy her husbands tequila all day long and go shopping…. but she indeed has a career, she is indeed doing something really relevant… leave it at that! Focus on the positive side of her centerednesss… if she did not use it that way, mostlikellt she would not be getting this much attention on such causes. Focus on the good and leave the bad to the trolls.

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    • Aro you kidding ? You want her to walk behind that poor girl that doesn’t know where she is going and know nothing or anybody!! And thats true she can leave from the back door but why she should do that!??


    • and why should she leave from the Hotel’s private exit ??? amal has not committed any crime, she does not have to hide from anyone, if there are paparazzi at the gate of the hotel is not her problem.
      I do not understand the comparison with julia roberts, Jodie Foster and less with Diana, makes no sense.

      No human being should live hidden

      No human being should live repressed

      Many women in the world can not live in freedom so that women who live in democratic countries must live lives as pleases us, with total freedom

      Nati, congrat for your great work !!!!!!!

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    • Watching the video, I get the impression that it is just Amal’s confidence in front of the camera showing. Nadia seems shy, which is likely because she is not so used to paparazzi. Amal is now used to paparazzi, so she takes their presence in stride, and even uses it to her advantage.

      I see no reason for Amal and Nadia et al. to leave through a rear exit. They don’t need to hide. It would be ridiculous if they did.

      I do think that Amal is including these shots in a PR campaign to gain more coverage for her client. That seems to be her MO. So be it – there are pros and cons to that strategy, and not every lawyer will try that.


      • I think she has a plastic nose of different sizes and she puts them on at different times because she knows that this blog and Daily Mail will comment on the size of her nose.

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      • Ok. I came back. Now going again 🙂 Truly a mistake to post here. Paperlines – I was responding to one post in particular not generally. Only because it is nasty to throw around the “troll” label. So much unnecessarily sniping. I regret that you took this the wrong way – hoping that your day improves.

        Nati – thank you so much for your coverage of Amal and her work. I enjoy it immensely.

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    • It could be that the nose is still settling from a prior surgery. After rhinoplasty,the nose continues to shrink and change over many years until it stabilizes.


      • Ballycroy: Yes, of course. Thank you for shedding light on what constitutes irony and humor – almost missed that one without you and Jackson; we’d all be utterly lost!


  3. I Also agree with you totaly Casual Obsever! Infact it is very unsettling that DM posts Amal’s headlines at the UN under “Show business and Fashion”! We are talking about genocide here people…this is no joke…and defintely noto supposed to be a fashion show!

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  4. I have to agree with ‘Casual Observer’. My feeling after watching this short clip of her leaving the hotel was one sorrow for Nadia. She seems and is I’m sure so damaged and to trail around after Amal like a trained monkey is so very sad. ‘CO’ is correct in saying that “Nadia should be the first one stepping into the car” Even the way she walks is contrived.

    On a purely fashion note: Amal’s dress is a knock out. One of her best looks. I love how she holds her left hand. I tried it but my fingers are to short and stubby 🙂

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  5. Don’t know where she’s headed, so hesitate to comment on the appropriateness of the dress, but it is ill-fitting/too tight in the bust. Shows the outline of her bra cups. Lovely color on her, though.


  6. Well, well, well, a day has 24 hours and we see here about 3-5 minutes in the life of Amal Clooney on that day. When she got together with George they both knew that she would be photographed a lot and so she maybe had the idea, hey, why should I run as advertisement for these designers and haute couture houses for nothing? So maybe she, or other people got in contact with several designers and they made a contract that she is a walking product placement. Both sides profit from this, Amal not only get’s the clothes for free, no, she also get’s paid for wearing them, and the haute couture houses get a cheaper advertisement. So of course she has to leave through the front door and of course she has to go alone. Some money has to pay the hotel and Nadia will not cover the cost.
    And this from me! 😀 Who would have guessed that I defend her. 😀
    Ahh, I don’t like this dress, too much going on. Yes, I can judge this, I’m a trained dressmaker with exam.


  7. Amal is all about fashion and uses her cases to highlight her clothes. Why the designer clothes when she is supposed to be supporting and helping in these high level cases. Holding hands with George in court while addressing the UN. That was too much.

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  8. My mulling over of the UN activities this past week-including the fashion extravaganza has led me in a different direction. I preface this with saying that I have read Amal’s speech given to the UN this past week.

    One thing I wonder about is the (private) reaction of folks at the UN to not just her speech which criticized the UN, but to her ‘fashion show’ & excessive media coverage that accompanied her UN activities. Looking at things from their perspective re: the speech, I imagine that there is a process for getting this kind of platform and I wonder if the folks granting this access knew that it would be used to criticize them?

    Given this platform, Amal was bluntly critical of the UN in her speech. She stated:

    “I am ashamed as a supporter of the United Nations that states are failing to prevent or even punish genocide because they find that their own interests get in the way.”

    “I am ashamed as a lawyer that there is no justice being done and barely a complaint being made about it.”

    In her own words, she’s frankly separated herself from the group she is talking to and assumed the role of judge with regard to the UN and the individuals who come there daily with good intentions, trying to make a difference. Her statement lumps everyone together and they are found wanting.

    I think this kind of approach could work for someone with impeccable bone fides. As an example, St. Theresa of Calcutta had an extensive record of working with the poorest of the poor for many years. She would have had a platform to say things that might be critical of entities not responding to the needs of the poor (She would IMO have used more charitable language in any call to action she made). But a junior barrister who is quite new to the human rights area (2010) and who has a record of representing clients with records of mistreatment of others, not victims themselves doesn’t have this platform IMO.

    There is also a quote in media where Amal states that she ‘she would be ‘delighted’ to work on a prosecution of Syrian president Bashar Assad over crimes against humanity and war crimes.”

    I have to say that from the perspective of ‘emotional intelligence’ and business savvy. I think that Amal’s multiple statements could well backfire on her. Given her criticism of UN representatives and staff, would they nominate her for the role of prosecuting Assad? Would they look at her credentials and think that she has the skills and experience to handle this? These are good questions. Time will tell what happens, but in the meantime, I think that Amal may want to read the book, “Emotional Intelligence”…

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    • Amelie – you are so right. I am ashamed of her behaviour. Really I am. She does not need to wear clothes like our chancellor Merkel, but this is so exaggarated and I feel so sorry for the poor Girl Nadia to be surrounded by such a narcistic, self-regarding Person

      Look at this pic please – 5 years ago. Only my opinion – she Looks like a normal woman:


      • How can you be ashamed of someone you do not even know? What behavior are you ashamed of? She put on a dress and walked outside.


      • Phvdh:
        I too have seen “earlier” pictures of Amal and agree with your conclusion. Amal was fine just as she was. As a woman, I wonder how much women have accomplished in terms of equality, when we-not men-still seem to think we need to change ourselves to some ideal of beauty. Amal studied hard, entered a profession and is making her way… If she were a man that would be enough, but it still isn’t. Sigh.

        Re: another poster here and his/her pattern of negative comments..others have posted feedback and this person persists with their behavior. It makes it difficult for the others and adds nothing to the blog.

        Thanks for your posts. I enjoy reading them.


    • Anne, if they are not new (done over the summer) they are padded. Either way, they are too much and unnatural looking for her skinny frame. Unbelievable too, as breasts don’t get bigger as you diminish in size, Just sayin’. 😉


      • Jackson, i do not know you, but you give me the feeling that you are a fanatic, aggressive person. Frankly your comments are not only nasty, they are sometimes offensive. Where are you from? People in Germany tell their opinion. This is so called democracy, Freedom of speech. We are proud of our
        Amal had been a very beautiful woman before George Clooney. All the operations were not neccesary and her clothes were also top. When i think, that it is getting too much and everything feels for me exaggerated it is my right to say it here. The only Person who can avoid to publishing my comment is Nati.
        Perhaps you should think over your behaviour.


  9. My dear Jackson,
    Help me to understand – why do you mock the observations of others when they notice aspects of Amal’s appearance?
    Being a very high maintenance and vain woman myself, I can tell you Amal has invested lots of time and money in her self-care and appearance and wants to be noticed for her attractiveness, style and choice of fashion.
    Her facial appearance, from her eyebrows, to her nose, to the lack of wrinkles, to the choice of makeup etc, have had enormous input from specialists in skin and makeup. The same applies to her hair and much time and deliberation is spent in deciding when to up-style, bob-style, blow-out style.
    The average professional woman does not focus on her appearance to the extent Amal does; when she spends money on displays of conspicuous consumption – it is, to be conspicuous.
    The fact a discourse eventuates thereafter on the size of her nose, the fact her chin has been brought forward, that her ears have been pinned back, that she wears extensions, has inflated her breasts etc – surely the irony cannot be missed by you that there is a contrast between presenting oneself as a humanitarian and advocating for human rights in minority groups, when Amal’s excessive high fashion consumption acts to fuel the divide between the haves and the have nots on this planet.
    Again, I am a vain woman and well maintained. It is easy for me to recognise the same in other beautiful women.
    I can assure you it is a choice, and it is an investment, and part of it is related to self esteem, narcissism and the need to be noticed by others and to be given feedback about our glamorous appearance.
    Kindly allow the discourse to continue without the belittling remarks towards those who have noticed what Amal herself has painstakingly addressed as perceived insufficiencies or deficiencies in her personal appearance.
    Yours in style,


    • Thank you for your incredibly insightful comment Giselle. I admire the effort Amal puts into her look (I make an effort myself but have no where near the funds she has at her disposal). Certainly though, I enjoy our ability to objectively analyse the looks, the clothes and its interaction with her career in human rights.

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    • Men with money use to have expensive cars and watches, yatches, lovers, big houses with a lot of technology (home cinema etc), so why to be so nasty with Amal ? To love fashion is not a crime and it is her own money.

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      • I agree with Nati. Thank you for your comment.
        Hazel: How do you know the WORLD is starting to laugh at her? I would venture to say the WORLD does not even know who she is.


  10. I don’t have a problem with Amal owning or wearing expensive clothing. However, it would have been a great opportunity for Amal to wear something she has already worn in public so that this didn’t become about her clothes, but about the case. Her fashion parade has been in stark contrast to her client’s demure clothing. I know Amal loves fashion and attention, but timing is everything.

    May I also add that bit with her and George holding hands at the meeting was incredibly annoying. I get that they are in love and all that but that’s not the place to demonstrate it. It was a professional setting and they should behave as such.


  11. Hazel and Nati

    It’s true that Amal’s love of haute couture has exposed her to some serious online abuse in the last day or so. The comments in the Daily Mail are quite vile. Having said that, the story in the Daily Mail underpriced the true cost of her UN “Fashion Week” It’s not just dresses, but shoes, handbags, professional make up, hair etc that needs to be added to the cost. In fairness, Amal does repeat her shoes and bags. I think the issue is that she is a different kind of celebrity – in fact I would call her a hybrid celebrity. And because she doesn’t fit the celebrity mould, I think people are both fascinated and repelled by the amount of media coverage she receives. She did not, and would not have become this famous in her own right. She became famous through marriage. When I say famous – I don’t mean successful or outstanding in her field. She is bright, she is attractive, she is slim, she has outstanding qualifications in her chosen profession. I agree with all this – yet fans and foes alike let us be realistic. Would she really be interviewed on prime time NBC, or have the authority to criticise UN with so much coverage as an unknown from Doughty St?. Would she really have given her name to a scholarship, be invited to speak in Australia, or be on a Vanity Fair best dressed list or …..have a style blog…. if she was Amal Alamuddin. The answer is NO. She would be respected in her field, but not known internationally.

    Is she a private person married to a public one? Is she a public figure whose face is on gossip websites and magazines but who never gives personal interviews or comments on her private life? Is she a quasi royal that does appearances that appear media managed in every respect? A humanitarian with four mansions and the capacity to wear a different outfit every time she is seen?. Or is she a working woman who enjoys playing dress up with a wardrobe full of freebies? (who wouldn’t?) Does her style come from wearing the latest clothes handed to her on a platter and chosen by a stylist? Does she wear the clothes? Or are the labels wearing her? Is it strange, that she is hounded by paparazzi when dressed in designer clothes, but I have yet to see her relaxing in a cafe, casually attired, laughing her 38 year old head off with a bunch of girlfriends. Is she i a possible future President of her beloved Lebanon – Or just a nice Lebanese girl under pressure from her family to marry -and being an over achiever snagged the bachelor of the century.

    Who knows. She actually nothing special. Lots of barristers around. She attractive, but she’s not a beauty in the mode of a Grace Kelly. She has an awesome wardrobe, but she doesn’t really set trends. Great hair – but extensions and blow outs help and has had her nose, teeth and mostly likely her breasts enhanced. She is nothing special – but there is no one playing the fame game quite like her. That’s what makes her stand out. And that’s why its great to have this forum to discuss the frivolous aspect of her fame and fortune as well as the more deeper meanings and significance attached to it.

    PS the article from Hazel was very interesting. Focussed on her professional credentials not her style ones.


  12. To respond to posts written by Giselle and Nati:

    Thank you for your honesty and self disclosure…

    While I agree on the surface that there is nothing wrong with having ‘great means’, the larger issue for me is the two public messages/personas that Amal and her people (PR professionals) are fostering thru use of media. They don’t complement each other; they contradict each other. As I understand PR,it is about shaping, changing, controlling perception of a person, event etc. IN THE PUBLIC (people) venue. A strategy with goals/objectives is put in place to accomplish this. And, feedback (from the public, who are the recipients of the PR message) on how the strategy is working is obtained in order to fine tune it. What the public perceives is reality and PR folks work with that–The same process takes place in political campaigns.

    I’ve written elsewhere on this blog on the two public personas/messages being fostered about Amal and how confusing it is. Yet, the same strategy has continued… I frankly see an escalation of the articles that Hazel mentioned in her post given what appears to be a “deaf ear” to public feedback.


  13. Its just her demenour & how she walks. I replayed it too because it bothered me so much for the exact claims you ladies made. I had to give up and say its just her Lebanese demeanor and classy attitude


  14. Ladies,

    Who gives a rat’s ass if she has a new nose, chin, vajayjay or boobs. Many of you are being so dam catty. Shame on you. As women we MUST SUPPORT EACH OTHER. Ya she loves the spot light. Ya she is behaving a bit like a diva, but at least she is out there doing something. She will grow and mature and hopefully be more comfortable with her place in the world. I could not agree more that her public behaviour needs work – let’s all give her some space shall we. Until then let’s just enjoy her style.

    Nati – keep up the great work. Appreciate your efforts.


  15. I agree with the line of thinking expressed here that Amal is joining two worlds: the professional/ philanthropist to the very high octane world of fashion. In he process of creating a new role for herself, part fashion model, part humanitarian, there are glitches in her presentation of self, so that on occasion she plays up the fashion in a situation that calls for more somber attire and she gets called for it. It will be interesting to see how she develops this role in the future. I take Giselle’s point that being beautiful takes a lot of time, effort and money, and I wonder if that will consume Amal’s energy to the detriment of her other activities. The culture of celebrity may snare her in the end.
    Thanks you Nati for this wonderful blog.

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  16. C’ est intéressant de lire ces réactions variées au sujet d’ une personne qu’ aucune d’ entre nous ne connaît personnellement me semble-t-il.
    Merci à Nati de laisser passer ainsi les posts plus ou moins critiques , c’ est une source de fun et aussi de réflexion .
    Quant à Amal, qu’ elle vive sa vie selon ses choix !


  17. I posted a variation of these comments earlier in the week but want to say it again after viewing the video where Amal struts out wearing an outfit worth thousands of dollars and Nadia follows mouse-like and waits to get in the van. The look of pain and sadness of the young woman always in plain black contrasted with her rich, flamboyant celebrity lawyer is difficult for me to watch. But it speak volumes about the gulf between the desperate lives of women like Nadia and the lives of privilege of women like Amal. I have spent time working among those women and always think it was the luck of draw that I am not one of them. It is humbling to realize the strength and courage they must have just to survive their lives. I’m not sure the way Amal has dressed or behaved towards her client on these occasions honours that.

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    • These are very astute observations. One can fight the great fight for their clients, and at the same time honour and empower them. It is hard to say from a few video clips, but at present it seems Amal has not learned that lesson. Cases such as Nadia’s are more than a barrister’s tokens or trophies.

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