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Amal Clooney is seen wearing Gucci in Uptown on September 21 2016


Amal Clooney was spotted today in Uptown in New York today.


Style Files

Amal Clooney wore a

GUCCI crêpe de Chine dress


available here on Net-à-Porter

757429_in_xl 757429_fr_pp 757429_bk_pp 757429_ou_pp 757429_rw_pp


Mirrored pumps


DOLCE & GABBANA Last Minute bag

and finally (I have them:) )

GUCCI sunglasses

Etched Cat-Eye Sunglasses
Original: CAD 537.65 NOW: CAD 268.83

available here on sale


screenshot_2016-09-21-20-08-52 screenshot_2016-09-21-20-09-17 screenshot_2016-09-21-20-09-41 screenshot_2016-09-21-20-09-58 screenshot_2016-09-21-20-10-13 screenshot_2016-09-21-20-10-28 screenshot_2016-09-21-20-10-36

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29 thoughts on “Amal Clooney is seen wearing Gucci in Uptown on September 21 2016

  1. OMG. I don’t know how to explain. I think it’s one of the most terrific dress I’ve ever seen. I definetly love it. Amal’s professional outfits are always almost perfect for me but I’ve specially fallen in love this time

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  2. Amal is nailing it this week! The strong lines and high contrast of this dress suit her tall frame and dark hair perfectly. The accessories also speak to the timeless style if the dress. This is an iconic look, something that will stand the test of time and look just as stylish 50 years from now. Well played, Amal.

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  3. I’ll comment later on the dress but just want to say thank you SO much Nati for the amazing job you have done running the blog over the last week. Cannot believe how busy Amal has been (and therefore you, trying to source all her outfits!). And thank you for posting a variety of opinions in the comments – its interesting to hear different perspectives on the clothes.

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  4. This dress and the gray shift with the wide belt are the most professional ensembles she’s worn so far this week. However, I believe the expense and oft edginess of her outfits in professional settings may detract from her goal of seeking justice and intervention for victims of human atrocities. Sometimes, I just have a tough time taking her seriously, and I’m sure she’s an exceptional lawyer. Sometimes it appears, based on media coverage, that she leads a jet set life with a little lawyering on the side.

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    1. First I would like to congratulate Nadia for such amazing blog. I have been following it for some time and I find it quite inspiring. I am also a lawyer, but of course not a international human rights bright and talented lawyer as Amal Clooney. I love her style, I admire her work. The tough I have so many times is ” How does she do it?”. Being a lawyer at her level its really hard work, so I really dont know how she manage it. As a comum lawyer, I find myself strugguling with time frames, and despite all my effort I cant always keep up looking perfect and maintaining professional life.

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      1. How does she do it? She does not do it. She no longer practises law. She is a campaigner for human rights. A jet-setting life with some capaigning on the side.

        That much, if not apparent earlier, is certainly evident now. Which is why I have not commented on this blog for some time.


  5. I love this page and I love Amals style. This dress is interesting. I feel like at times though she should dress down, in terms of expense and overall style/look though for these events with Nadia murad. But then I’d have nothing to look at, lol. Loved the Alexander Maureen dress from the other day, with all the little prints all over it.


  6. Cute hair, sophisticated. Interesting dress: nice pop of red in the tie, nice flared sleeve @ the wrist, and pop of white for the hemline. Nice & flowy fabric. High fashion statement dress. 🙂

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  7. I don’t believe the people she meets are so shallow that they care what she wears. Does anyone care how much the president of the United States Suits are? No because they know the issues are what is important. No one would know the price of her clothes if tabloids did not print them, and let’s be real they print them because they know people will talk.

    If anyone is shallow enough to care more about the cost of her clothes that what she is saying, that is their personal problem not hers.


  8. Stunning. Just perfect. In so far as it is said that people sum other people up in the first five seconds of meeting them to decide whether they are worth listening to or not – I am definitely listening to this woman.


  9. Am I the only one who thinks Amal looks like Mary Poppins or a preschool teacher from the eighties? 😮 But hey, the eighties are back in trend now… The silhouette of the dress is beautiful but still, maybe it’s the form of the sunglasses but I can’t get over this nanny look… :-/ 😀 Still it’s quite cute anyway 😀

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  10. I like the sleeve and hem details. However, the collar and tie at the top, combined with the pleats on the dress, evoke “schoolgirl” style, so I’d probably never wear this.


    1. I agree with you Lady… a bit tooo scoolar-ish for me… it actually reminds me of that laywer robe she had at the Court of Human rights…..does not work for me this one 😦

      But, what i like About Amal’s style is that she breaks a lot of fashion “rules”…And most of the time, even here, instead of being uptight (especially on the neck, lol).. it is actually irreverent.


  11. Oh wow, I’m alone here. I don’t think this dress is flattering to her at all. All that dull black so close to her face really washes her out. She looks terribly thin. Maybe its high neck but her shoulders really seem to protrude. The patterned McQueen the other day was much better, but as much as I love McQueen’s iconic skulls (I love the enamelled rings) not sure they are the best choice on a week where genocide has been the major topic.


  12. Mikeal Aghal has a much cheaper version for $338 on The Outnet. As far as I can tell, the only difference is the price, and Gucci is 100% silk, Mikael is 95% Polyester. Definitely a Spend and Splurge though- save a couple of thousand dollars. I think the dress is so different from anything most celebrities would wear. I love it!

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