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Amal Clooney and Nadia Murad meet Italy Prime Minister Matteo Renzi 20.09.2016

Amal Clooney and Nadia Murad meet Italy Prime Minister Matteo Renzi for a discussion about the Yazidi genocide on September 20th 2016 (morning) in New York

Here the video of the meeting :


Style Files :

Amal Clooney wore

A PIERRE CARDIN  futuristic grey crêpe dinner dress, 1980s, woven ivory label

This dress was sold on June 14th by Kerry Auctions



A Pierre Cardin futuristic grey crêpe dinner dress, 1980s, woven ivory label, with steel-grey patent leather circlet to waist and matching belt which threads through, bust 92cm, 36in (2) CONDITION REPORT: good condition

screenshot_2016-09-22-21-16-45 screenshot_2016-09-22-21-16-55 screenshot_2016-09-22-21-17-20 screenshot_2016-09-22-21-17-28 screenshot_2016-09-22-21-17-40 screenshot_2016-09-22-21-17-48

With DOLCE & GABBANA macramé pumps


and her DOLCE & GABBANA Last Minute tote bag

Hair Styling by Rod Ortega


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captureamalrenzi3 captureamalrenzi8 captureamalrenzi7 captureamalrenzi6 captureamalrenzi9 maxresdefault celebrity-style-amal-clooney


15 thoughts on “Amal Clooney and Nadia Murad meet Italy Prime Minister Matteo Renzi 20.09.2016

  1. my heart goes out to Nadia, she looks so fragile and almost overwhelmed by this media attention. I hope she finds her own peace away from the glare of the spotlight.

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  2. Love the simplicity of this dress – the big belt hole is a bit distracting/frivolous for the occasion but lace detail on shoes lovely and feminine and just the right touch.


  3. Love the belt. Was it part of the dress or added separately? If separate, do you know where it is available? Thank you for the wonderful job you do. Love your blog. I know you probably have your hands full but a “look for less” for each piece when possible would elevate the blog even more.

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    1. My guess, Erika, is the belt is part of the dress. It was common in ’80s styling for belts to be attached to the dress or pantsuit or romper. 🙂


  4. my heart goes out to Nadia- God Bless her and her courage. She is a beautiful young lady. Amal is so kind and looks so supportive of this brave woman. Amal is SO classy elegant and a great human. I love her

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  5. I hope Nadia has a safe haven to go to and a safe place to live. I find it scary that ISIS has already threatened to harm her. I hope she remains safe and never alone at any time. Wouldn’t it be nice if Amal & George would “adopt” her, pay for her schooling, and offer aid and safety for her? How old is Nadia?


  6. I just watched the video. Terrible to say but it seems to be the Amal show and Nadia is tagging along behind her. I guess their celebrity is the vehicle that makes things happen. I feel for this young women. I hope she finds happiness in her life.

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