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Amal Clooney and Nadia Murad meet UN Amb. Vitaly Churkin in New York 14.09.2016


Picture via Nadia Murad

Amal Clooney and Nadia Murad meet yesterday Vitaly Churkin, Russia’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations in New York.

The meeting was described as “positive” by Nadia Murad.


Picture via Nadia Murad



img_20161013_084623 img_20161013_083327


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Style Files

Amal Clooney wore a


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medium_dolce-gabbana-brown-lace-pencil-skirt medium_dolce-gabbana-brown-lace-pencil-skirt-1 medium_dolce-gabbana-brown-lace-pencil-skirt-2

with  DOLCE & GABBANA macrame pumps



Ortolan Tortoiseshell Gold Metal Arm sunglasses

images-3 images-2

Similar style sunglasses are available here $315

and yellow handbag and lace top.

34 thoughts on “Amal Clooney and Nadia Murad meet UN Amb. Vitaly Churkin in New York 14.09.2016

  1. As a female attorney, I have usually loved her wardrobe choices. Classy beautiful and always appropriate. Sadly,this outfit fails in a professional setting. She looks great and if she was at a dinner or a casual meeting it would be perfect, but a high level meeting with government officials and ambassadors to discuss a vital international humanitarian issues- it looks wrong


    1. I so agree. This wasn’t a splashy fashion show. It’s serious stuff. I don’t know how she could be so tone deaf regarding that. I usually love her choices in a professional setting, but this was way off base.


  2. How sad Nadia looks – she will never forget what happened to her and then you see AC smiling, perfect make up, wearing very expensive clothes. € 2,940 could feed at least 500 people a day in any disaster zones.
    Just my opinion


  3. At first, I thought that the skirt was a little too goofy for a business meeting, but in this case, I think it’s appropriate. It may help to lighten the mood a bit to have those colorful flowers on the skirt, which without the flowers, would likely be too sexy for the occasion (lace = sexy = cocktail hour). So, I like everything about the outfit. A little out-of-the-box for professional attire, but surprisingly appropriate.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Loving the pumps, just gorgeous! Aren’t they the same ones she wore when she was getting married, the striped dress and those pumps?

    You don’t happen to have any information on her earrings, do you? They seem to be some of her favourites, she seems to wear them quite often.

    I’m not a great fan of the skirt, the combination of appliquées and lace look a bit off somehow Anyway, she looks very appropriate and yet somehow relaxed at the same time.


  5. I just don’t like this look for this occasion. To me, she looks overdressed & attention-grabbing. Who knows, maybe that was her intent. Anyway, I tried to rationalize that maybe this was just a stop-off on the way to a more formal event. Still not loving the huge yellow bag, though.


  6. I love this skirt but don’t know if it’s right for this particular occasion. I mean this should be about her client and not what she is wearing.


  7. I love Amal but I think her clothes while promoting this issue are way too flashy. I would have preferred to see her in a demure and simple navy suit and white shirt to suit the seriousness of what is being discussed. Flowers are far too joyful and she is smiling far too much. It comes across badly like she is enjoying the attention and the cost of the clothes as well…why did she have to pick some of the most expensive designers?! Nadia on the other hand is very somber and appropriate in mood. Though the clothes she is wearing are almost the polar opposite of Amal’s – it looks like she had to forage for an outfit in a thrift store poor woman. It makes Amal look extra bad though!


  8. These last outfits – the lacy cocktail skirt, with wonderful yellow designer bag, the black and white floral dress with lace inserts, the red Giannibattista Valli dress are all perfect. Perfect for a summer party or spring wedding. Style does not mean overshadowing every other woman in the room and upstaging the bride. Style is also about dressing for the occasion and being elegant and appropriate. The context to these outfits are serious meetings about genocide, about rape and refugees and the focus should not be on Amal’s new attention grabbing hairstyles, but the dignity, simplicity and integrity of Nadia. After years in the spotlight, Amal is well aware of the attention she receives for her hair, make up and her clothes. She is not naive. This is not the time to be “expressing your fashion flair”. I feel very sorry for Nadia, who dresses very simply, no adornment and I hope she didn’t feel inadequate in Amal’s shadow. And Nati I really commend you, I stopped posting on this site because it felt you blocked negative comments. It’s not easy to be objective about someone you are obviously in awe of – and I can that you are truly inspired by her. Thanks for the openness and honesty.

    Badly done, Amal Clooney. Badly done. Time to buy a simple, elegant dark suit that does not scream the label from her button, but showcases your intelligence and your commitment to the cause of human rights.

    Please publish this Nati


    1. I agree. Well said. Especially the part about overshadowing every other woman in the room. It is very sad to think that Amal could be so thoughtless. I have a lot of respect for her continuing her career and the causes she is promoting….but to think she never once considered if her outfit was appropriate! I come from a conservative profession similar to law, and you can be sure even for smaller public events I think through my outfits very carefully and always sense check how something might be interpreted.


  9. By now i am hoping that Amal’s, often attention grabbing, is a part of her strategy to bring attention to such important issues. Otherwise, this yelow bag should be prosecuted hardly for be staning out where it does not belongs! I would say.. this skirt is guilty, and this bag needs to be CONVICTED of a fashion crime!!

    Now, trivia apart, BRAVO Nadia and Amal for tackling such cause. ❤


  10. Lovely make up, pretty hair with one side pulled up, and this outfit looks wonderful on her. It makes her body look great! Love the skirt and the style of the top. 🙂


  11. Wow! I just noticed the price of the skirt! Gulp! I didn’t notice before. $3,000 dollars is too steep for me. Especially if I plan to wear it for only 1 photograph. But then again, I’m not worth millions of dollars either. Cute skirt, but I could never afford that kind of price range nor would I want to spend that much if I could afford it. 🙂


  12. She looks ridiculously out of place. She’s not at a fashion show but a meeting about women forced to be sex slaves. She is making a spectacle of herself. What’s with the yellow handbag and why these constant over the top designer outfits when the focus is supposed to be on human trafficking and the sexual enslavement of women? What is she doing – is her ego that big she has to make it about her?


  13. She looks ridiculous. The clothes are wearing you here.

    “Amal, for once put the designer clothes aside and focus on what matters. You’re a beautiful women without the fancy and expensive threads”.


  14. Honestly, this isn’t the time to flaunt one’s femininity and sexuality. A much more low key attire would have been much more appropriate.


  15. Donnie, you have a great point. Amal is “beautiful without the expensive and fancy threads.” Perhaps, save the obvious signature Gucci stripe for personal attire and not for the courtroom. It screams pretentious whether or not she is or isn’t. The bags and sunglasses look too staged all the time. It’s like knowing you are going to be photographed so let’s go all out and dress to the 9’s. Everyone is right; these are sensitive and mature issues; delicate situations. Not a catwalk, not fashion week, not about designers, not about the runway. There’s a time and place for everything. Should a teacher walk into a classroom with a cocktail dress on? No, you dress accordingly for the appropriate environment.


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