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Amal and George Clooney going for a motorbike ride 19.08.2016


Amal and George Clooney went for a biker ride in Los Angeles on Friday.

They look both happy and stylish in navy and jeans.

Style Files

Amal Clooney wore


 Wood & Rubber-Platform Faux Leather Wedge Oxfords


available here

11473608_6950742_322 Stella-McCartney-Leana-lace-up-faux-leather-wedge-boots stella mccartney lace up 4 stella mccartney lace up 5

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All pictures via DailyMail and FAMEFLYNET pictures

25 thoughts on “Amal and George Clooney going for a motorbike ride 19.08.2016

    1. Agreed. She looks a bit silly trying to look stylish with “biker wedges”. And, pulling her hair to the side. Throw it in a low pony in the bike. Just quit for once.


    2. I suspect its the equivalent of a pap walk – they probably aren’t going far. Not that this is an excuse for wearing heels on a bike – or exposed knees. Sadly George had a small motorbike accident with a previous girlfriend. I think he broke his toe and she injured her arm. Nothing major…. but still you think he would have been more careful – esp if the rumours are true and baby is on board as well.


  1. I agree with you barbara. Amal likes to ‘overdress’.. Wearing wedges while sitting on a motorbike is a bit ridiculous. It looks like Amal does not feel comfortable in normal clothes and in shoes without heels.


  2. Why wear a helmet that won’t protect your head in the event of an accident? Barbara, I echo your remarks about the wedges. Hopefully, this was just a spin around the block to let all know that “we’re back”.


    1. SideEyeSally: If you go online to Mandatory Helmet Law State of California and read the requirements (California Vehicle Code, Division 12, Chapter 5, Article 7, Section 27803) it appears that what Amal is wearing meets the requirements. The DMV provides additional information about the three types of helmets that are permitted. I am assuming that the helmet meets CA requirements. I have no idea if wedges are considered sturdy shoes.


  3. I DISPISE the white part of these wedges with all my heart! Who would think of adding that to a shoe?? Like a tractor! Who would need a tractor once you can have one in your shoes! Hey Caterpillar… take note!! 🙂

    ha! In another hand…. i want a ride in a bikie like tha! looks so confy!


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  5. She looks great and is very pretty in this very simple attire. As for the lack of safety or not, it’s her business…biking is dangerous with or without the full safe biker gear.


  6. Huh, no, not the bike please. We’ve seen this pictures repeatedly with all his girlfriends of the moment. In her place I would have never accepted to sit on this clichéed place…


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