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Amal and George Clooney enjoying a dinner with friends 19.08.2016


Amal and George Clooney enjoyed a dinner with Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber at Nobu restaurant in Malibu, Los Angeles, last Friday evening.


Style Files

Amal Clooney wore

with big thanks to Jill C. for the ID


Swan Print Rosetta trousers

$ 1,895
available here

 36899865CE_11_r 36899865CE_11_a 36899865CE_11_d (1)

with a compact clutch by


clutch1b-300x300 (1)

376D652A00000578-3750518-image-a-44_1471707938026 376D690E00000578-3750518-image-a-45_1471708307250 (1) 376D61D600000578-3750518-No_tux_tonight_George_kept_it_simple_in_a_brown_button_down_coll-m-59_1471708932800 376D637300000578-3750518-Swan_song_Amal_went_more_glamorous_in_a_black_sleeveless_tank_to-m-60_1471708948747 (1) 376D61C600000578-3750518-image-a-48_1471708333900

37 thoughts on “Amal and George Clooney enjoying a dinner with friends 19.08.2016

  1. Those pants…um, no, just no. How exciting to be at Nobu and have all of them walk in. Cindy never seems to glam up when she’s out with Amal. I wish she would.


  2. Cute graphic print on pants; nice with tank. Awesome classy clutch. And what’s not to love about friends, Rande & Cindy Gerber. Classy and fun hipsters. The ultimate super model, person, style enthusiast! Cindy is such a classy, wholesome, and down to earth person. Her outfit is sharp: navy denim/pant and dotted sheer cream top! So timeless and sophisticated. 🙂


  3. AC looks pretty, but her trousers are terribly ridiculous and ugly.
    How can a designer destroy this nice swan print? Not the best from Stella.


  4. The pants are not my taste but they would work so much better with different shoes. The shoes are too business like and far too heay to go with this look. Hippie flats or a strappy sander would of worked better. These pants are her quirkiness coming out.

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  5. I really love cindy’s style.. effortless, easy, something we could all pull for a dinner out. It may seem boring as opposed to Amal who is a fashion icon but sometimes simplicity is best.

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    1. For me there is a stark difference between Amal and Cindy. Cindy is like a French woman. She has a sense of style and knows her style. She carries herself well and projects vitality and feminine sexuality. I have seen her without make-up–she doesn’t appear to wear much in her day to day appearance-and she still has these qualities.

      Amal wears fashion and the details are always missing. In these photos, the pants do not fit properly-I think they are meant to sit on the top of the foot-rather they cover her entire shoe…she is even walking on the hem in one photo. She appears “done” with her styled hair and make-up.

      These are two different looks indeed.


  6. The pants look comfortable, but as already mentioned, the shoes are not right. Simple, flat sandals would be best. Some clothes are just an enigma when it comes to what shoe to wear. Chances are Amal was a little confused by what to put her on her feet that night.


  7. Yes I agree with Alessandra, look at Cindy Crawford’s profilo view…and look at Amal’s profile…of course sue is lovely but cannot compare with Cindy..

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  8. Alessandra… who is comparing them? You? Dont bother, these are two different ladies… no one is better or worse than another. Each give what they have and are.


  9. Like this kit and love her top, but would prefer the pants without their ‘cuffs’. It looks very relax, fun and comfortable. Cindy Crawford? I find her kit simple but not stylish at all.


  10. Sorry I dont like the clown pants. They look a bit silly. Amal does like to do the out there look with varying degrees of success. Not a winning style for me.


  11. Thanks for this blog! I love it. Love Amal I think she is the most stylish celebrity around these days. Just wondering….how do you ID the clothes?


  12. The ultra-palazzo harem-type pants fall in the category of “just because it’s free doesn’t mean it’s good for you” (as we say in the States). The swan print adds another level of ridiculousness.


  13. Amal is not a fashion icon, she is a hi profile fashion victim. I feel so sorry for her. Letting herself be used and paraded around in this manner.


  14. Let me jump into the fray here: I really like the cut and drape of Amal’s pants, but I am not terribly crazy about that print. Also, I think that simple, flat dress sandals would have looked amazing with those pants. Wedges just don’t do it for me (ever). Otherwise, it’s a cute and comfortable-looking outfit!


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