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Amal and George Clooney spotted in Portofino 25.07.2016


Amal and George Clooney spotted before they leave their hotel in Portofino on board of a Fiat 500 Abarth.

X17online reports

“Amal Clooney is expecting her first child with husband George, The National Enquirer reports. The mag claims that the human rights lawyer doesn’t want to announce her pregnancy until she is through her first trimester. ”

I am not sure if it is true, pregrant I will never drink wine ….


Style Files

Amal Clooney wore a short floral blue dress with black sunglasses.

I will update my post later 🙂

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 Pictures ASM-GSI

27 thoughts on “Amal and George Clooney spotted in Portofino 25.07.2016

  1. The National Enquirer is known for fabricating its stories. They just make them up to sell their paper. They have been reporting her “pregnancy” the last 2 years. I would not repeat anything that they say on this blog because it cannot be verified.

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    1. I don’t think that she’s pregnant. She’s drinking wine in several of the recent photos, and that’s extremely risky in early pregnancy.


  2. Jackson is correct. The National Enquirer is known for false reporting. Just like OK. They are tabloid magazines that are constantly being sued and taken to court for lies, false reporting, making up silly & goofy stories, and never reputable or respected. Not sometimes, but all of the time. Don’t believe anything they print; 100% of the time.


  3. And next week they will be headed for divorce it’s always the same ridiculous stories from the national liar. She has been drinking wine there is no way she would do that if pregnant.


    1. 1) Absolutely not true. 2) Just because plenty of people do it does not mean it is okay to do so.

      From the American Academy of Pediatrics: “First-trimester drinking, compared to no drinking, results in 12 times the odds of giving birth to a child with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASDs). First- and second-trimester drinking increased FASDs odds 61 times, and women who drink during all trimesters increased the likelihood of FASD odds by a factor of 65.”


      1. I have to side with Liz… alcohol is a strong substance.. it could totally make a strong effect on the fetus… i would not take any risk if i was pregnant.

        Now…maybe they were drinking just grape juice bottled as wine hehehe..or maybe she is not pregnant after all… she did fool me in one picture 🙂 I guess time will soon tell:) the next pictures we should find out…

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    1. you may be right donnie… George does not seems to be crazy for it and Amal… I cannot see Amal wanting to take the time to become a mother (even though with the kind of money they have that mother job would be easy)…but… with her career and all..who knows…

      hey.. not every woman must have a child! It is OK to opt out.


  4. The dress is cute and looks very appropriate for the circumstances, but looks like it would be a lot more comfortable without the belt (?), if I am seeing that correctly. At least it looks like a belt.


  5. Nati: I think all of us would be appreciative if you were to remove your statement from a tabloid that makes things up that Amal is pregnant. Your blog is a higher quality than this type of gossip. I am also concerned about the addition of two photos that appear to indicate that George Clooney does not appreciate being photograhed outside his hotel room. What is the purpose of this kind of photograph other than to illustrate the harassment by a photographer of a person on a vacation with his wife?


      1. Michelle- What exactly are you referring to in your comment? Nati removed the two photos where George was outside his hotel room looking very annoyed that someone was photographing him. That really is an invasion of privacy to follow someone to the room they are staying in and photograph them. That is not the price of celebrity. It is a clear invasion of privacy.


      2. Michelle- None of us know if either George or Amal love being photographed. Respecting privacy is what I am talking about.


      3. Jackson- The question is not whether we know if Amal loves to be photographed. The question is if Amal loves to be photographed, is that an invasion of privacy?

        When you say “none of us,” that is very assumptive for the millions who have visited this website.


  6. I love the bold print on the dress and how it’s belted. Not crazy about that short length. Seems like it would be difficult to sit in.


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