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Amal Clooney spotted in a Monse striped dress in Rome, Italy 29.05.2016


Amal and George Clooney have been  spotted dinning out in Rome yesterday evening. Amal Clooney looked beautiful in silver tones.

Style Files

Amal Clooney wore a dress


from Fall 2016 collection


and a metallic box clutch



Silver and Gold Metallic Mix Clutch Bag

950.00 €

available here

151boxmmz_silvergold_back 151boxmmz_silvergold_front1 151boxmmz_silvergold_model

For the silver pumps, they are these ones



diorsongepumps1 diorsongepumps

34C2D97800000578-3615674-Ever_the_gentleman_George_55_looked_dapper_in_a_dark_suit_with_a-m-7_14 34C2DB6900000578-3615674-image-m-47_1464568894023 34C2DB4300000578-3615674-image-a-42_1464567567113 34C2DB7000000578-3615674-image-m-39_1464567158996 34C2DBBA00000578-3615674-Versatile_The_38_year_old_human_rights_lawyer_stunned_in_a_silk_-m-6_14

george-amal-clooney-event-with-pope-01 (1) george-amal-clooney-event-with-pope-06 (1) george-amal-clooney-event-with-pope-07 (1) george-amal-clooney-event-with-pope-08 (1) george-amal-clooney-event-with-pope-09 (1) (1) The-beauty-s-look-featured-a-knotted-hemline-552311

2351470-george-clooney-et-sa-femme-amal-alamuddi-950x0-1 2351473-george-clooney-et-sa-femme-amal-alamuddi-950x0-1 2351476-george-clooney-et-sa-femme-amal-alamuddi-950x0-2 (1) 2351482-george-clooney-et-sa-femme-amal-alamuddi-950x0-1 2351485-george-clooney-et-sa-femme-amal-alamuddi-950x0-1 (1) 2351488-george-clooney-et-sa-femme-amal-alamuddi-950x0-1 (1) 2351500-george-clooney-et-sa-femme-amal-alamuddi-950x0-2 (1) 2351506-george-clooney-et-sa-femme-amal-alamuddi-950x0-1 (1) 3

16 thoughts on “Amal Clooney spotted in a Monse striped dress in Rome, Italy 29.05.2016

  1. Amal looks fantastic in off the shoulder (Grecian style) dresses/tops. Great color combo in this dress! 🙂 It looks wonderful with a tan, which she has. Season appropriate dress. 🙂

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  2. I love the dress and shoes and hair and everything about it – when I see this dress I imagine someone with more curves wearing it because it can alppear like bedsheets wrapped around if not enough curves – she did pull this off I must say regardless !!!!!! George gets a high five by not killing it with his work tshirt and mom jeans 🙂


  3. The material of the dress is beautiful but in my opinion is wasted on the design of the dress. Why someone would want to look like they are doing the walk of shame the morning after in a man’s shirt wrapped around their body is beyond me. Or maybe I don’t understand this style. Sorry, for me this one is an ugly no-no


  4. While I think she looks great as usual, I don’t care for the dress. The stripes look to me like they belong on a tie and the knot/bow at the bottom looks awkward and uncomfortable. You’ve got to be really beautiful to pull this off and she can do it


  5. Really funny dress – looks like an over-sized man’s shirt wrapped around the wrong way. Even has cuff links on the “sleeves” hanging down. Very sexy look!


  6. Wow stunning the tan, those diagonal stripes ,that silver gray shiny color satin fabric and that bow tie !!! Simply Nailed it !!!
    I love the pointed pumps, and the make up is flawless
    I can see she has really stepped up her fashion game no more errors see through garments or odd combinations.
    We should all learn from her experience sereiously even if we don’t have her budget.


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