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Amal Clooney in Atelier Versace at “Un Muro Un Ponte” Seminary with Pope Francis in Rome 29.05.2016


ROME: Pope Francis on Sunday awarded medals to American actors Richard Gere and George Clooney and actress Salma Hayek at an event held at the Vatican to promote the work of a foundation inspired by the pontiff, Scholas Occurrentes.

Amal Clooney attended the event with George Clooney. He received the medal of the “Ulivo della Pace”.

The foundation, whose name means “schools that meet” in Spanish, links technology with the arts, aiming at social integration and a cultural of peace.

Francis had created a similar organisation when he was Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio in Buenos Aires, but Scholas has now become an international foundation working out of the Vatican.

“Important values can be transmitted by celebrities,” said one of the organisers, Lorena Bianchetti, adding that the actors had agreed to be ambassadors for one of the foundation’s arts projects.

Style Files :

Amal Clooney wore a

lace dress by


with a white clutch, suede pumps

and a structured turban hat with pleats




34BF2ABF00000578-3615139-image-a-33_1464533852610 34BF297200000578-3615139-image-a-35_1464533870141 34BF299200000578-3615139-image-a-34_1464533864263 Amal-Clooney-Black-Lace-Dress-Seminary-Pope-Francis (2) Amal-Clooney-Black-Lace-Dress-Seminary-Pope-Francis (3) Amal-Clooney-Black-Lace-Dress-Seminary-Pope-Francis (4) Amal-Clooney-Black-Lace-Dress-Seminary-Pope-Francis (5) Amal-Clooney-Black-Lace-Dress-Seminary-Pope-Francis (6) Amal-Clooney-Black-Lace-Dress-Seminary-Pope-Francis (7) Amal-Clooney-Black-Lace-Dress-Seminary-Pope-Francis (9) clooneypapa2 Screenshot_2016-05-29-19-58-03 2016-05-29 17.48.07 2016-05-29 17.48.56 34BFA82F00000578-0-image-a-2_1464540094513 2016-05-29 17.47.07 3072 2016-05-29 17.51.04 13339438_813363348807055_6214284980577705042_n CjpROPJXIAAWLCC CjpUZQtVAAAOXkS image (2) image (3) image (6) image (7) image (9) image (10) pzpope30 Screenshot_2016-05-29-17-39-37 Screenshot_2016-05-29-17-41-08 Screenshot_2016-05-29-17-41-30 Screenshot_2016-05-29-17-42-01

34C0DEA300000578-3615295-image-a-68_1464547623608 CjqeJMuWsAATwKW (1) CjqjfKuXAAAQub1 CjqjgQrXAAESzjj IMG_20160530_061523 34C1FD4200000578-3615295-image-m-141_1464554730259

Screenshot_2016-05-30-07-07-16 Screenshot_2016-05-30-07-07-37 Screenshot_2016-05-30-07-07-46 Screenshot_2016-05-30-07-08-06 Screenshot_2016-05-30-07-07-59 Screenshot_2016-05-30-07-08-32 Screenshot_2016-05-30-07-08-45 Screenshot_2016-05-30-07-09-16 Screenshot_2016-05-30-07-09-36 Screenshot_2016-05-30-07-09-41 Screenshot_2016-05-30-07-09-49 Screenshot_2016-05-30-07-11-08 Screenshot_2016-05-30-07-11-29 Screenshot_2016-05-30-07-11-43 Screenshot_2016-05-30-07-11-59

1774093-amal-clooney-radieuse-en-robe-atelier-v-950x0-2 34BF2ABF00000578-3615139-image-a-33_1464533852610


2351509-george-clooney-et-sa-femme-amal-alamuddi-950x0-1 (1) 2351512-george-clooney-et-sa-femme-amal-alamuddi-950x0-1 (1) 2351518-george-clooney-et-sa-femme-amal-alamuddi-950x0-1 2351521-george-clooney-et-sa-femme-amal-alamuddi-950x0-1 (1) 2351527-george-clooney-et-sa-femme-amal-alamuddi-950x0-1 (1) 2351530-george-clooney-et-sa-femme-amal-alamuddi-950x0-1 (1) 2351536-george-clooney-et-sa-femme-amal-alamuddi-950x0-1 (1) 2351539-george-clooney-et-sa-femme-amal-alamuddi-950x0-1 (1)

IMG_20160530_164035 IMG_20160530_164037 IMG_20160530_164040 IMG_20160530_164043 IMG_20160601_034801 Tyf_5n3uASM (1)

Credits : Popsugar/Osservatore Romano/Daily Mail

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33 thoughts on “Amal Clooney in Atelier Versace at “Un Muro Un Ponte” Seminary with Pope Francis in Rome 29.05.2016

  1. Wonderful photos Nati! I love Amal’s dress but I’m still deciding about the headwear. A hat would be nice and from the front this looked pretty but from the side it looked like a turban. Not sure if that is the best accessory for the style of her dress. What are your thoughts about her choice of hat?


    1. Turban-style hats for women have gone in and out of style in the U.S. since at least the 1920’s (for instance, flappers wore them). For instance, they were also popular in fashion magazines in the 1960’s. In the Mid East, HRH Sheikha Mozah wears them, and she always looks extremely beautiful and elegant in them.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. The whole outfit is just amazing, but I agree – the hair up would be much more elegant and nicer. Perhaps she should cut her hair a little bit, there seem to be a lot of split ends.
        No wonder, when they are styled so often.


  2. Ce couple me rappelle les Kennedy , classe élégance et engage pour les bonnes causes , cela prouve que tout n’est pas trop tard , il y a encore des gens qui donnent de l’espoir pour un meilleur monde , salut les artistes .


      1. Moi c’est plutôt la Callas. Et je la trouve overdressed la plupart du temps. Ce serait plutôt une tenue pour Rania de Jordanie en mission officielle.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Does it get any lovelier than this?! The intricate detail on this dress is fabulous; it appears to be a floral overlay or lace pattern. I like the subdued makeup for the occasion & in the presence of the pontiff. The hat is crazy cute! And George hasn’t looked THIS great since his wedding day! They both look super radiant with their Mediterranean suntans! 🙂


  4. LADIES ITS OFFICAL AMAL IS ROYALTY:) can’t get enough of this look on her. What an amazing moment this must be engraved in their lives forever !!! I hope the Pope gave them their blessings !!!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. La robe dentelle est absolument magnifique et très bien portée.
    En revanche, je suis plus réticente sur le turban et par ailleurs, il me semble qu’ un doux chignon sur la nuque aurait ajouté à touch of class et de la féminité.


  6. Oui, Amal est tout simplement royale et présidentielle à la fois. Il faut le faire! La robe est sublime avec cet encolure 50-60′ et le chapeau, génial et discret. Une capeline comme elle en a portée une pour son arrivée à Venise à l’occasion de son mariage aurait aussi été très jolie avec sa robe, mais peut-être ‘m’as-tu-vu’ pour une rencontre avec le Pape. Adorable!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. How nice, where has this Photo be taken?
      And there are People still convinced the two would lead a shame marriage. What a Nonsense.


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