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Amal Clooney on the red carpet of Cannes in Atelier Versace 12.05.2016


Tonight Amal Clooney just made her Cannes Film Festival debut wearing a light yellow silk one shoulder dress by Atelier Versace. She was like a goddess. Beautiful and radiant supporting George Clooney and Money Monster movie.

The make-up was made by Charlotte Tilbury  and hair by Rod Ortega.


Watch the video of the red carpet arrival

Here another video via Money Monster FB

Style Files :

Amal Clooney wore a dress


in silk chiffon

here a picture of





Haute Joaillerie

Platine, corail, perles fines, turquoises, onyx et diamants.

earrings and bracelet

1003177.png.scale.640.high (1)


with sandals by


Lang mirrored-leather sandals


available here

420404_e1_xl 420404_in_xl 420404_bk_xl 420404_ou_xl

34175DDD00000578-3587471-image-m-76_1463076681371 34175E0100000578-3587471-image-a-159_1463078417119 34175FBF00000578-3587471-Besotted_George_looked_handsome_as_ever_for_his_big_night_but_at-a-141_14630 34177B2700000578-3587471-Red_carpet_moment_From_2ndL_British_actor_Dominic_West_US_direct-a-142_14630 34177C2D00000578-3587471-image-a-70_1463076559824 34177EC300000578-3587471-image-a-132_1463077741786 34179A5D00000578-3587471-image-m-157_1463078396072 3417546E00000578-3587471-image-m-140_1463077857413 341758D800000578-3587471-image-a-24_1463074973543 1463078342-1463074740-amal-opener 3417622A00000578-3587471-image-a-44_1463075559400 341758EE00000578-3587471-image-m-139_1463077838716 341751DB00000578-3587471-Here_they_come_The_beautiful_barrister_looked_sensational_in_a_s-a-23_146307 3417693D00000578-3587471-image-a-55_1463075982559 3417725200000578-3587471-image-a-158_1463078408284 3417744200000578-3587471-image-m-63_1463076274155 3417841300000578-3587471-image-a-144_1463078322843 Screenshot_2016-05-12-19-43-56 Screenshot_2016-05-12-19-44-11 (1) Screenshot_2016-05-12-19-46-09 Screenshot_2016-05-12-19-46-37 Screenshot_2016-05-12-19-47-13 Screenshot_2016-05-12-19-47-34 Screenshot_2016-05-12-19-47-44 Screenshot_2016-05-12-19-52-04 Screenshot_2016-05-12-19-51-41 (1) Screenshot_2016-05-12-19-52-17 Screenshot_2016-05-12-19-52-27 Screenshot_2016-05-12-19-52-33


Screenshot_2016-05-12-22-11-25 Screenshot_2016-05-13-08-57-30 Screenshot_2016-05-13-08-57-47 Screenshot_2016-05-13-09-22-43 Screenshot_2016-05-13-09-23-45 Screenshot_2016-05-13-09-17-34 Screenshot_2016-05-13-08-57-35 Screenshot_2016-05-13-08-57-39 Screenshot_2016-05-13-08-57-43 Screenshot_2016-05-13-09-21-06 Screenshot_2016-05-13-09-21-31 Screenshot_2016-05-13-09-18-52

115 thoughts on “Amal Clooney on the red carpet of Cannes in Atelier Versace 12.05.2016

  1. I like the sweeping train on this dress even though it was an “obstacle”, “required attention” and a “focus” in every photograph. Each movement and turn required a new adjustment of the train. Nonetheless, I really like it on the dress no matter what. 🙂 It added a little “extra elegance” to an already pretty choice. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Je suis juste choquée de lire certains commentaires irrespectueux sur la personne de amal…mesdames ici on parle de style de beauté et d’élégance laissez les commérages les blabla et les rumeurs de caniveau au paparazzi c’est leur gagne pain mais pas le votre.
    Je suis ce blog depuis des mois suis surprise de lire ce que je vois…amal reste la femme la plus respectueuse belle et humble que notre temps à connu.


  3. I also don’t see where people say she tripped and George helped her back up?! Where did she trip???! I see it was hard for her to get up the stairs but she made it up with hand holding . Was that the part or did I miss it . It looked weird to see her have to stand at the button for not even 30 seconds and then make it back up – who made that silly call?! Lol


  4. Just watched their appearance again – she looks like a little girl who made her first dress to Disneyland and wearing her princess dress and in AWE! I love how George was so sweet and more worried about her and how she was seated – what a sweetheart – very cute


  5. Amal always in the other events we’ve seen disappears and leaves room for the actors .And think when they climbed the stairs that was his intention. But parecde organizers told to climb. Espializados sites siquieran film or her name it. Anyway on the red carpet of the festival many models that have even less connection with the cinema Amal pass. I think these so abrupt unfair comments about her


  6. Floaty lemon dress is very feminine however, the long slit and train detract from the elegance and comfort. I feel she is always trying to upstage everyone at these film premieres. A classier act would be to tone down the star appeal attraction when the event is for the actors and film crew. She does look very gorgeous for sure.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Do not fuss about clothe….clothing is not important. The most important harmony of their relationship. Love between them


  8. Nati, These B&W photos are just AMAZING!!! And the ones embracing George.. ahh so cute!! Thanks for doing the extra work to bring us THE BEST AMAL’s COVER ONLINE !!

    PS: I really am tired of seeing so many negative comments torwards Nati or accussing her of this and that!

    Why dont you negative persons try running a blog like Nati is doing, then you would be more gratefull for her hard work. Stop being such a neg, an antagonist!!! It is boring to read you!!! 😦

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  9. Oh my, the “Amal did this and that intentionally” brigade is out again. Who really knows? None of us for sure. Just enjoy the dress or don’t enjoy the dress.

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  10. Her loveliest look by far !!! way better even than her own wedding gown …But then again it’s MPO…I hardly believe that the crew was mad or even the slightest bit irritated by her posing next to them…people just want to nick pick lecture and criticize but if they were to be in her own shoes I bet they world have done the exact same thing…

    Liked by 1 person

  11. I don’t think Julia Roberts was looking beautiful and classy. She was looking like a farm girl. The dress was not nice to her upper body, as if her breasts were falling down and her hair, a mes. She is a lovely women, but for Cannes, she should have done better.


  12. Bonjour à tous

    Très belle robe mais pas très pratique. Une belle couleur qui lu va à ravir. Malheureusement pas pratique pour cet événement


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