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Amal Clooney spotted in Akris and Altuzarra in New York 30.03.2016

Amal Clooney was spotted yesterday evening in New York City after an appointment with Joseph Altuzzara.

Amal Clooney wore an orange dress


Orange cashmere ribbed dress

from the Fall/Winter 2016/2017



Amal Clooney’s Akris Ribbed Orange Knit Tunic Dress is available at Saks Fith Avenue  

téléchargement11 téléchargement12 téléchargement

Tote by


Leather Tote

Margiela5AC in cracked print leather

£ 1,895

a similar style available here

245412 245412_detail02 053113_1

With ALTAZURRA boots

Fall 2016/2017 collection



and sunnies


similar styles here


32B8E00300000578-3518377-image-m-20_1459475871697 32B8DFEA00000578-3518377-Peek_a_boo_The_beautiful_38_year_old_appeared_to_step_back_in_ti-a-2_1459477714322 32B8E0C300000578-3518377-image-a-21_1459475885458 32B8E0A300000578-3518377-Oh_yeah_baby_Amal_Clooney_was_all_about_1960s_chic_as_she_was_sp-m-24_1459476648596 32B8E09C00000578-3518377-image-m-23_1459476257375

Amal-Clooney-captivante-en-rouge-et-plus-amoureuse-que-jamais_portrait_w674 Amal-Clooney-captivante-en-rouge-et-plus-amoureuse-que-jamais_portrait_w674-1 image_portrait_w674-9 image_portrait_w674-8 image_portrait_w674-7 image_portrait_w674-10 image_portrait_w674-6 image_portrait_w674-14 image_portrait_w674-12 Amal-Clooney-captivante-en-rouge-et-plus-amoureuse-que-jamais.-A-la-visite-de-Soho_portrait_w674 image_portrait_w674-15

50 thoughts on “Amal Clooney spotted in Akris and Altuzarra in New York 30.03.2016

      1. I think the boots look to have the same snugness on the model and Amal. Perhaps that close-up of the boots was taken at a different angle, but on the full photo of the model, the top of the boots look loose on her, as well.

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      1. @Ginger @Mary, because it’s always in and out from car to restaurants, to functions, to meetings, to airports, to shopping, to home, to anything.. and back. No walking around or staying outside enough to feel cold !

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      2. Hyperthyroid? Like what other symptoms: brittle hair? Tremor, nervousness? Enlarged thyroid gland? I don’t see it. I think she’s just supergirl in disguise!

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      3. Masreya, might also be (?off label use of) Thyroxine, or a number of other similar medications…?

        Her BMI would be prepubertal. There appears to be issues of perfectionism and body image ideal.

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      1. Ginger, brittle hair is not usually associated with hyper but may occur with hypo and hyper also doesn’t always cause an enlarged thyroid which again is more common with hypothyroid . The other symptoms are NOT present in everyone. I would hope that she is not on thyroxine for weight loss. That would be very dangerous to take and I don’t see Amal Being that kind of risk taker; she’s too much into self preservation. I just think she has some clinical symptoms of an overactive thyroid ( heat intolerance, weight loss due to an overactive metabolism since se see her dining out all the time, mild exophthalmos appearance to her eyes ) and we all know genes are very strong and neither one of her parents are that thin , so unless she’s starving herself or puking every night, I’m putting my money on an overactive thyroid.


  1. Nice to be able to get a glimpse of Amal in casual. The dress looks great on her, the colour really suits her. She looks happy and cheerful and stylish as always. She obviously loves New York. The only negative thing is her bra showing through the sleeve opening. She really should have forseen that and got it sorted before she left the house. But as said above: otherwise just loving her style!
    And PS. Thank you, Nati, for providing these news to all us fans of Amal’s. I really look forward to every new post with the same amount of enthusiasm. 🙂

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  2. New York has been in the 70’s this week She also simply gets in and out of a car she is not outside very long. I like the dress no to the boots.


  3. Sorry I don’t like the dress at all. It looks like an orange ribbed sack on her.Very boring & unflattering. I am sure she has other more stylish outfits than this $$$ dress.

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  4. The whole outfit is great. I wonder if Amal owns the orange cape–it must be hard not to buy the whole ensemble. The boots are perfect for spring but I’d probably paint the heels black. I bet the tabloids are clamouring for these photos, there are so many possibilities for stories!

    a) AMAL PREGNANT! [Photo of dress billowing out at her stomach] or

    b) THESE BOOTS WERE MADE FOR WALKING… RIGHT OUT OF HER MARRIAGE! [Photo where Amal’s not smiling; photoshop ring off finger] or

    c) AMAL CAUGHT IN ALLEY WITH MYSTERY MAN! [Photo with stylist, photoshop bags out of hand, enlarge figure and bring him closer]


  5. Never mind if you don’t like the boots – they were probably lent to her by her stylist (who convinced her she looked fabulous) and have already been returned! What a life

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  6. Oh my, these boots are so cool! And it looks like another designer has grabbed her to meet & arrange to wear the brand; Altazurra..
    Nice pop of red/orange. Vibrant & eye catching. I really like these cute boots. 🙂
    I wonder where she is at with the graffiti background. It appears like a staged photo opp.


  7. Just noticed the boots are Fall 2016/2017. Designer definitely wants to bring attention to the brand and upcoming collection. What better person to use for that, than Amal?

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  8. Oui c est bizarre elle est toujours en tenue très découverte elle ne semble pas à our froid même si elle est dans la voiture elle n est pas suffisemment habillée
    Mais pour le printemps la robe et la couleur sont gais


  9. J ai lu que le coût de l entretien de ses cheveux lui coûte 500 euros chez John frida
    C est énorme sans compter en moyenne 2 tenues par jour différentes tous les jours en general imaginez le budget consacré à son image

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    1. Mahina, il s’agit de son argent avant tout. J’apprécie la mode colorée qu’elle choisit et dans ce sens elle a un style unique, original et sophistiqué.


  10. I really love this outfit. The colour is perfect on her, the boots are a fun compliment and the ensemble is a delightful nod at the 60s. Nailed it, Amal.


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