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Amal Clooney “Free Speech in Repressive Regimes” Conclave 2016


Amal Clooney gave a speech at India Today Conclave 16 as latest topic of the evening with the title : “Free Speech in Repressive Regimes”

“Since 2010, there has been rise in assault on freedom of speech across the world — from Pakistan, which has witnessed most number of blasphemy cases, to Turkey whose government has seized Zamaan, the country’s largest daily, thus marking the end of democracy.”

And it did. When asked whether she would consider representing the JNU students charged with sedition, Amal Clooney said, “This is a completely hypothetical situation. It’s not happening here at all, is it? In any case, as my past cases show, I’m not one to shy away from controversy.

There has been no tradition of charging people on sedition in the country. And what’s happening now, with students who are protesting at campuses, is a step in the wrong direction.”

“It’s anachronistic. There should be no place for sedition in democracy. Line should not be drawn between freedom of speech and secession but between freedom of speech and inciting violence. There can be debates about changing governments and changing territories as long as they don’t call for violence.”

Amal Clooney also put her weight behind India’s claim for a permanent seat at the UN Security Council. She also hoped that young Indians would make “free speech their cause”.

While enumerating three highprofile cases she has fought to safeguard freedom of speech, including the one of former Maldives president Mohammed Nasheed, she said: “There are three Rs responsible for the crackdown on freedom of speech in today’s world — royalty, rulers and religion. The state needs to understand that stifling criticism can have serious repercussions.

Today, I see a lot of state squashing dissent by sending innocent men and women to prison.”

“Both of us (she and George Clooney) waited for a long time to make the ultimate plunge and get married. Even at our wedding, on both sides there were people who thought that we would never get married,” she said.

Amal Clooney also took questions on the upcoming US presidential elections, especially in the wake of the rise of Republican candidate Donald Trump, who has caused quite a ripples with his anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant statements.

“I read his anti-Muslim quotes. I just couldn’t believe what he said. He said ‘they’ a lot. Is Trump talking about Muslims who are part of the US army, those who are victims of extremist attacks?”

She added, “If it turns out to be Trump versus Hillary in the end, I’m hoping for the result to show the election of the first female president of the US.”

Source : DailyMail India

Some Amal’s quotes :

“Locking up dissenters does not stifle dissent”

“Being a human rights lawyer … I hope I will not meet any of you as clients”.

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Video – Interview after her speech

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18 thoughts on “Amal Clooney “Free Speech in Repressive Regimes” Conclave 2016

  1. Thanks for the update! I was kind of glad for you that there was some respite from Amal sightings, as it would be fairly time consuming keeping this blog. I thoroughly appreciate your effort and look forward to posts as a brain pause reward. I’m sure other people feel the same.

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  2. Ton travail est admirable Nati and I missed you! Amal est véritablement inspirante et cet ensemble est tout à fait ravissant! Merci Nati!


  3. Amal is beautiful, lovely and intelligent.
    However, her comments regarding the Presidential Candidates are not relevant as she is not an American citizen.

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    1. Janicia- People can make comments about leaders anywhere in the world and do so I am not clear what you mean that her comments are not relevant. Relevant to what?


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