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Amal Clooney dazzled in stripes at Tegel Airport in Berlin 13.02.2016


Amal and George Clooney  departed Berlin Tegel Airport Friday night .

Amal Clooney was flawless as usual and wore a purple grey striped dress with a one button coat, pointed booties, Prada sunglasses and her Altuzurra black bag.


Style Files :

With thanks to Marisa we have an ID for the dress

Amal Clooney wore following

Gray Striped Wool Sweater Dress

Grey and multicolor Sonia by Sonia Rykiel sweater dress with three-quarter length sleeve, ruffle at hip and stripes throughout.

was available here




soniarykiel dress2


PRADA  sunglasses  SPR 14N 1AB-3M1 2N Black

Prada-SPR-14N-1AB3M1-Sunglasses-SDL564046321-2-5bc88 Prada-SPR-14N-1AB3M1-Sunglasses-SDL564046321-1-f7154

her gorgeous bag by

Ghianda Bullrope Small Saddle Bag
Available here at Barney’s

504052429_1_bagfront 504052429_7_bagmodel 504052429_2_bagfrontqtr 504052429_3_bagback 504052429_4_bagopen



was $450.00 now $299.99
Color: BLACK
Style #RT04604LE

available here

RT04604LE_001_MAIN RT04604LE_001_ALT2 RT04604LE_001_ALT1

BRIC’S Bellagio Collection

available here



The post will updated later.

312BA3C400000578-3445785-image-a-48_1455387060362 312BA23B00000578-3445785-image-m-50_1455388841412 312BA38100000578-3445785-image-a-38_1455386798998 312BA21B00000578-3445785-image-m-43_1455386832655 312BA07800000578-3445785-image-m-44_1455386904693

george-and-amal-clooney-fly_5131439 george-and-amal-clooney-fly_5131444 george-and-amal-clooney-fly_5131442

Pcitures DailyMail/SplashNews

34 thoughts on “Amal Clooney dazzled in stripes at Tegel Airport in Berlin 13.02.2016

  1. Is that 3 different black coats on this trip? Stripes are IN. Love this on trend dress with purple, black, & grey stripes. Cute with the sheer satin finish tight’s also. 🙂 Sunglasses at night?


    1. Surely, they brought more than one carry-on bag (with the amount of clothing and accessories that she has worn). On the other hand, the garment bag seems about right for George’s attire. *clears throat*


  2. Perfect. I haven’t liked most of what she has worn in Berlin but this is totally my style. Can’t wait until you update us on what she’s wearing Nati.


  3. I love to see Amal’s casual styles! It’s so refreshing and inspiring to see what she wears outside of work or the red carpet. Her casual outfits bring inspiration everyone can adopt and be inspird by regardless of what their line of work or how thick their wallet is. Her casual style is something enyone can adapt to one’s own taste, style and figure. This dress would probably blow normal people’s whole month’s budjet but still this is a style anyone can be inspired by and could easily replicate by following the dress for less principles. Take a deep breath, look in the mirror, give a minute to the thought that you look lovely, pull your shoulders back and you’re good to go with some of that glamour provided by Amal but still looking like yourself.

    As to George’s outfit; what a disappointment to see him going back to that dated granddad style with his old Casamigos T-shirt! Gone is the stylish coat and the groomed look it provided. He’s back to cosy and shabby. What a shame! He could be cosy but still stylish; he’s got such charm the clothes wouldn’t wear him instead of him wearing the clothes. Even the T-shirt could look good if the other elements were upgraded a bit. I think it would be better publicity for his beloved tequila too.


  4. I love this combo! Her lips are looking lovely too. Plu pier than usual. Must be a new lipstick hue. I think the sunglasses are to protect their eyes from the paparazzi flashes. It would be pretty daunting to go from a quiet car to chaos stepping out with hundreds of flashes trusted upon you.

    I also loved seeing the couple doing activism publicly for the first time with Merkel and Milleband. I guess that’s what their lunch was about with Milleband awhile ago. It’s great that they are trying to use the excessive celebrity profile on them for good.


    1. Me too i love her lipstick.. actually would love to know all her lipsticks are most of the time great.. would be interesting to find out about this one:)


  5. There are actually two carry on’s and a garment bag. George carried a black suit case when they arrived. As for Georges clothes he will never change he likes to be comfortable .


  6. My goodness, ordinary dress on the model – gorgeous dress on Amal . and I’m all about her lipstick she always wear perfect colors .


      1. Thanks! You are right, the “buttons” are snap fasteners.
        I like these boots very much because of the “cool” flaps and they seem to be from very soft leather (good for hallux people like me :-)).


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